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  1. Sun Strike and reapplying Singled Out

    Correctly answered. The original ruling is here but the situation has changed slightly as Hearne's is now momentous.
  2. Puppet Master triggering OPT plays

    As per the Definitions in the rulebook, page 13: "Each individual model’s once per turn actions may be used once per turn per player" In your example, Hearne would be able to use Skewered in the Hunter Player's turn even if it had been used in the Mortician Player's turn.
  3. G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Vileswarm is showing as a 30mm model but it's 40mm.
  4. Farris rules question

  5. Farris rules question

    That ruling is also valid for Give It a Whack. Farris may make a kick whilst knocked down.
  6. Stamina and Gliding

    Correctly answered.
  7. Engineers Kicks

    Hello, your questions are mostly answered in the Collected Clarifications thread Briefly, both breach and remote control can be used to make a Shot and you have to pay 1 MP. You do gain MP from remote control passes and Locus can not pass to himself as he is deemed to be in possession of the ball already.
  8. We've seen a few discussions about how to resolve the interaction between Second Wind and Cloak of Rats. Situation: Scalpel has previous given Pelage Second Wind and Pelage's activation ends. In what order are Cloak of Rats and Second Wind resolved? Ruling: Both Second Wind and Cloak of Rats trigger at the end of an activation (the beginning of step 3 of the activation sequence). As they both occur at the same timing step they may be resolved in any order the Controlling Player chooses. However, the Enemy models in the Cloak of Rats's aura at the time the Trait is triggered are the ones who will be affected. The Controlling Player is able to resolve the Second Wind Jog first, but when Cloak of Rats is resolved it would be from where Pelage was originally positioned. In this situation you should measure the 2" aura to see which models will be affected, move Pelage, then resolve the Cloak of Rats. In most cases we would suggest resolving the Cloak of Rats first, but in some cases you may not want to e.g. if a model with Overheat or Noxious Death was in the 2" aura and taking 3 damage would cause them to suffer the taken-out condition, you could Jog Pelage away and then resolve Cloak of Rats to avoid Pelage taking the resulting damage. Conversely, should an enemy model engaging Pelage suffer the taken-out condition due to Cloak of Rats damage first, Pelage could Jog away using Second Wind without suffering a parting blow.
  9. Starting out resources

    There's a heap of good stuff here: http://guild-ball.wikia.com/wiki/Guild_Ball_Wikia
  10. Damage Trackers

    I use these for counting wound in other games, would work here too: http://www.woolwarehouse.co.uk/pony-row-counter-set-of-2?gclid=CjwKCAiAweXTBRAhEiwAmb3XuyetPOo_6yYXdiHhyRdNwVZa4fIGIEs7S9Ip0oMQatUJE-fxnnc0ExoCSIgQAvD_BwE
  11. Skulk - Poised & Lightning Reflexes

    Correctly answered, although note that Lightning Reflexes allows Skulk to make a Jog not a Dodge.
  12. It's in there... https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/meme
  13. Pelage - Choosing snared and snared again

    The reason you can't select a playbook result if the target is already knocked down is because in the description of the result it says: "If the target model is already suffering the knocked-down condition, this effect is invalid and therefore may not be chosen unless as part of a result with additional valid effects."
  14. LE Gutter in Butchers

    The Limited Edition Rage model was specifically stated as being usable as both the original and veteran version, but this is not true of all limited edition models. The Limited Edition Solthecian version of Gutter is an alternative sculpt of her original Union version.