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  1. Best move steppers?

    Another alternative: http://www.bendyboards.co.uk/store/p355/Movement_Chains_.html
  2. Attacking for Nonexistant Plays

    In that case, you could reapply the debuff. See:
  3. Health bubbles on cards

    There is no mandated way to mark damage, although the recommended way is to put the cards in protective sleeves and mark it with a dry erase marker. By the Regional Cup OPD, apps may be used at your opponents discretion. Dice and wound dials may also be used but do keep in mind the following Convention: "Players are obliged to allow full access to all game information to their opponent at any time (e.g. specific model details, attributes or current effects)."
  4. Red Fury - Gluttonous Mass

    Red Fury doesn't trigger Fear as the Attack is made without spending Influence. The Attack made with Red Fury is still an Attack and does not ignore Gluttonous Mass.
  5. Berserk Vs KD

    Correctly answered. Boar retains his Berserk attack even when knocked down.
  6. Good sportsmanship or hurting your chances to win.

    This is my usual stance too.
  7. GIC Game Feedback Thread

    I think if the intention is that they are used as a way of balancing then they need to be core.
  8. Requesting Tips and tricks for bonus VP lineup

    That's how it works at the moment. It may change with feedback. Until then knock yourselves out. I'm enjoying vGraves at the moment.
  9. Death comes for us All

    Yes, all models. Yes, taking out your own models also still counts. Memory also counts towards the quota needed.
  10. GIC Game Feedback Thread

    Managed another GIC game over the weekend: Mortician's (Obulus, Dirge, vGraves, Casket, Brainpan & Memory, Avarisse & Greede) - GIC: Death Comes for All vs Farmer's Grange, Peck, Bushel, Tater, Jack Straw, Harrow - GIC: Spirit of Cooperation Mortician's kicked. Result - 12 (1 Gravedigger Casket Time, 1 Gravedigger Take Out 1 Take Out) vs 5 (2 Take Outs - only one with bonus VP) One turn saw a Gravediggered Bushel go in the Casket and Tater take out Brainpan and Memory within 2" of Harrow - end of turn Morticians gained an additional +1 VP to make it 6 - 3 to the Morticians The next saw a Gravediggered Tater taken out as well as a Harrow taken out before Greede was taken out in return - score was therefore 11-5 before the additional +1VP. The game felt really quick, the Gravedigger take outs took a little set up but not too much. It was interesting getting vGraves on the pitch. The Farmer player was in two minds about taking players out as it would have benefited the Morticians. As both teams were using HR4 GICs there was no difference in healing usage.
  11. Hunters being swept under the rug?

    If Hunters are viewed as mid tier isn't that where all Guilds should be?
  12. Controlling a jog

    Correct, the distance moved would be up to the amount stated. In the cases above the move is controlled by the player using puppet master/ lure.
  13. Pundit application question

    Generally , yes.