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  1. New Ratcatcher Condition Tokens are Confusing

    Just to add a little more confusion, I think the Poison condition tokens in the Kick off box use the same art as the Disease tokens in the Ratcatchers box but they are printed the other way up so the Skull is towards a flat side rather than the point. It is more than a little odd to choose that as the artwork and really isn't friendly for new or experienced players.
  2. Haunting Melody

    Correctly answered, the knocked-down model is still a valid target for Haunting Melody but is unable to make a Jog.
  3. Snack Break

    Correctly answered.
  4. Pipers road to the winter cup

    Looking forward to seeing how you get one. I'm running the same lists in most cases with vGraves, Scourge and Miasma with a Pelage/Skulk flex depending on opponents.
  5. Theron Forest placement near goal post

    Correctly answered.
  6. Snow

  7. Farris - Give it a Whack

    Correctly answered.
  8. When to vet graves?

    vGraves comes every time for me unless I really need Skulk to shut someone down. My usual 6 is Piper Squeak Pelage Miasma Scourge and vGraves/Skulk. I find his 2" melee, access to Bleed, Gravedigger and KD (with some help) to be the main draws. The back of his card is not to be sniffed at either.
  9. Into Butchers...

    Skulk makes Brisket very sad.
  10. Unsnapping "Directly Away" vs Lure

    Correctly answered.
  11. Minor guild are friendly guild models?

    Correctly answered.
  12. Blacksmiths Iron heroic play

    Yes, Tap In and Tryhard would stack to give a [-2] TN.