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  1. DrunkTexan

    Free cities update

    Ive been dropping every game I can get into Knuckles. I really don't want to get stuck with Cutlass if the Farmers end up getting Amber.
  2. DrunkTexan

    Free Cities Draft [Poll]

    Here me out, I love Amber and I love her backstory, but with the new Free Cities story that came out I dont feel like it makes much sense to try and immediately draft Amber back into the guild so soon after the exile. It seems even if the Brewers wanted her back, she wouldn't want to play for them anyway. Maybe the best thing is to let Amber shine on another team. Now Knuckles sounds like he would fit right in with the rest of the gang. He is a street rat, he is from Maldriven, and he can dish out a punch or two but can also take hits like every true Brewer can. I think it might be better to #letambergo and instead go for #bareknucklebrewers. This is just my thoughts.