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  1. Darryl @ Nerdvana

    Boss Painting progress and some advice needed

    I'm hoping mine isn't too far away so I can get cracking on painting it up.
  2. Darryl @ Nerdvana

    Boss Painting progress and some advice needed

    They all look fantastic, did you free hand the design on the Winged Knight ?
  3. Darryl @ Nerdvana

    Journey into the painted world.

    Really nicely done, the freehand details on the cloth parts of the Herald are the best Ive seen so far fantastic job all round. I will be using you pics for inspiration (ie stealing)
  4. Darryl @ Nerdvana

    Tiles Explanation Please?

    something like this but specific to DS would be boss http://shop.battlesystems.co.uk/fantasy-dungeon-set-19-p.asp
  5. Darryl @ Nerdvana

    Will the PVC minis be un-paintable?

    You might need to wash them in warm soapy water before priming to remove the mold release agent, once they dry use a good primer and you will be golden
  6. Darryl @ Nerdvana

    New Rage

    push him close to one of his own players with Jac or Kraken and siren him up
  7. Darryl @ Nerdvana

    Brewer's Veteran Player?

    clean Spigot, new ability, snap pass (wish listing haha)
  8. Darryl @ Nerdvana

    Sacrificial Puppet and Venomous Strike

    I'm with Tim on this one Vennin isn't the source of the damage so venomous strike wont apply
  9. Darryl @ Nerdvana


    That's going to be a LOT of tartan to paint
  10. Darryl @ Nerdvana

    Who's your kicker?

    Stave! gets him up field early and in range for barrel lobbing hilarity
  11. Darryl @ Nerdvana

    My Brewer lessons from Capital Slam

    always charge with Friday where possible its the same as swinging twice but she gets the extra movement (8 tac vs 4 tac twice) With the brewers play books being so short charging can generate some very good wraparounds for that extra damage/KD but isn't always required
  12. Darryl @ Nerdvana

    Perth, Western Australia calls

    South Aussie player here, the game is exploding everywhere from what Ive experienced. I know the Canberra boys are getting into it in a big way as well
  13. Darryl @ Nerdvana

    "The Kick Off" - Australia's first Guild Ball Tournament

    Only 3 more days before the awesome happens Prize pool is massive, plenty of swag for everyone
  14. Darryl @ Nerdvana

    first unoffical 3rd party gadgets spoted for Guild Ball

    might need to change that thanks for spotting something bad in something awesome, keeps me on my toes
  15. Darryl @ Nerdvana

    first unoffical 3rd party gadgets spoted for Guild Ball

    This is how we keep track of things in Adelaide