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  1. LastWalter

    Spoiler Consolidation Thread

    Thank you!
  2. Hello all! I wasn't sure if I should make a thread for each asset we've seen, but I decided for now to consolidate. First up: Keera: (new champion) https://i.imgur.com/ZerlhJu.png and her banner: https://i.imgur.com/XNDvOJG.png Ragnaruffs (??) https://i.imgur.com/kMmDWt9.png There was art for a female dwarf going around at one point, but I haven't located that yet. Unclear if that was another champion, or something else (Rhodri follower art?)
  3. As the title says! Let's hear who your favorites are and talk about them in the comments! Favorites: Rangosh, Sneeki Pete, Grimgut, Rattlebone - I love playing Rangosh and Sneeki Pete. For the other two it's just the great models, but don't have much table time with them yet! Least Favorites: Blackjaw, Raith Marid, Nia - Blackjaw has frustrated me in game all the way through Early Access! I always miss all his attacks. I love Raith Marid's rules, but his model isn't my favorite. Nia just feels bland to me.
  4. LastWalter

    Godtear - Who is it for?

    Oh boy. So I guess first off, this is an ugly way to start a new section of the forums, and it makes me kinda sad I asked for it, because now I feel sort of responsible. Context: I know who Botts is, I listen to his podcast, and enjoy it. I consider myself a semi-competitive Guild Ball player in the sense that I feel I am substantially better than most locals and have a fine record against people who travel to play Guild Ball (including those who meet Botts in the top 8 of SCUS), but I travel to play other games. I used to travel to play Warmachine, and was an X-1 or X-2ish player for a couple years. I thought about responding to each point, but I've decided against. Dice pools seem larger than when Botts played, and I'm not as against actions failing to work as he is. In fact, I quite enjoy a certain WW2 miniatures game because actions fail so often. It's exciting for the person BEING attacked, instead of the person doing the attacking. One of the most cutting criticisms of a certain Sci-Fi miniatures game is that every attack is TOO effective, and it's just picking up piles of very expensive models whenever your opponent looks at them unless there's terrain EVERYWHERE. I think the small numbers/campaign mode criticism is potentially valid, but with literally no context on campaign mode I can't comment.
  5. LastWalter

    Godtear Forums

    Hype intensifying.
  6. LastWalter

    Godtear Forums

    I am excited!
  7. LastWalter

    Godtear Forums

    I know there is some secret EA kit only forums, but any chance we can get a Godtear forum for us normal folk soon? Need to wildly conjecture about spoilers!
  8. LastWalter

    Free Cities Draft Results

    Tackle, Knockdown on 1...? Knuckles was something like my fourth or fifth pick, and we picked him with the 7th, so it's not like a disaster. I remain cautiously optimistic!
  9. LastWalter

    A Plea for Champ!

    Brave Fishermen! (and women) Our third place and trending up is Champ! Alchemists look poised to scoop Kami, but the Butchers are in disarray between Kami and Layne. We should vote for Champ, and have Cutlass as our backup in case one of the other guilds changes to Champ! She is the perfect midfielder to tie our goal scoring/fighting together and is advertised as the best player in the draft! Let's do this!
  10. LastWalter

    A Case for Layne

    I mean, dunno if you read the latest fiction but that dude died. Also, he gets high and sucks. Champ 4 lyfe.
  11. LastWalter

    Status Update: Free Cities

    I think Champ has the best chance to be a little good at both, which might be nice.
  12. LastWalter

    Status Update: Free Cities

    I know this is a duplicate, but I didn't know how to refund votes, and I wanted to know how people are thinking differently now.
  13. LastWalter

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    I also like the idea of picking Champ. I worry Layne is going to be super good at Football to the detriment of other things.
  14. LastWalter

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    I think Layne is probably 1", but Midas-y playbook. Edge probably has close control. Champ is an all-rounder so decent kick-y stuff. No idea about others. All these are just guesses.
  15. LastWalter

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    How are people feeling? Anyone changing their mind? Cutlass still on my mind, but Champ making a surge. Still not feeling Kami in Fish.