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  1. Mr_Fantastic

    S4 cards revealed

    They mentioned in the podcast that because of all the changes they’re making to bump up underused models, everyone they haven’t touched/ left the same basically received a pseudo nerf.
  2. Mr_Fantastic

    My Union Conundrum

    Just thought i’d provide an update since the S4 cards have dropped. I’ve decided to stick it out with Union, I’m pretty happy with where vrage is at and the buff to oRage is enough at least for me to expand fully into the guild. The only change which I don’t quite understand is the loss of “hit that one!” On Avarrise. I thought he was a middling squadie after the last nerf with his low defence but now? I dont see a reason to pick him over say Fangtooth.
  3. Mr_Fantastic

    My Union Conundrum

    It’s a fair point. Bene seems to be seen as almost a must with vrage to get the scrum set up properly, but when you consider you also need gutter (maybe decimate?) for vrage which forces you to buy the other box the costs equal out. That is unless you can source her blister for a reasonable price elsewhere.
  4. Mr_Fantastic

    My Union Conundrum

    I’m still relatively new player but solthecius have sold me with their ascetic and their ball heavy playstyle. I wanted to also go with a union vrage murder ball team to complement them but with the union/solthecius split happening soon, is there much point going with a vrage union team when you have a whole guild like butchers which are all about beating people up? Blackheart doesn’t really appeal to me that much, so is there anything that a union vrage lineup can do that butchers can’t? Or are butchers just a vrage team with more options to play that type of game?