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  1. TheCynicalest

    WTB Metal Farmer Models

    Title says it all. I want to get into the Farmer's but I really dislike the plastics, I'll buy them if I have too but I would prefer any metal figures that I can get. I think the only ones are Millstone and Tater? If anyone has these and is willing to sell, I will be very grateful. Thank you
  2. TheCynicalest

    New player, Looking for Opponents

    Where can I join that group, I looked for it and couldn't find it. Can someone give me a link?
  3. I have been looking at getting into the game ever since season 3 started, but I failed to bite the bullet. Now I have taken the plunge into brewer's just in time for season 4. Is there anyone in Walla Walla, WA, USA that is willing to play? Or did I waste my money? If it's the latter, does anyone have tips on building a community? There is a game shop in town here but it seems to be strictly Warhammer 40k, Magic the Gathering, or board games.