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  1. I see, I just found that line and came here to correct myself.
  2. Does this mean that vKat will knock himself down, deal 2 damage to himself, and push himself 2" in any direction any time he uses Ground Pound?
  3. ScarycrowJack

    Loved Creature vs Sweeping Charge

    Yeah, that's right. Loved Creature is attack, not playbook. So yes, the Sweeping Charge would trigger it.
  4. ScarycrowJack

    Loved Creature vs Sweeping Charge

    If Quarf was the charge target, Loved Creature triggers. If Quarf was just in the area and hit by Swerpjng Charge, no Loved Creature.
  5. ScarycrowJack

    Minefield and failed charge

    You could also declare a counter attack with less reach than your opponent's model if you know they're going to push you closer, trying to get gang ups or pull you out of cover for example.
  6. ScarycrowJack

    Don’t get cocky and countercharges

    The answer is yes to all of the above. There are no restrictions to when a counter charge may happen as long as the conditions are met. Counter charges are standard attacks and generate momentum, as opposed to a counter attack which specifies that you do not generate momentum. Counter charge is always made on the controlling player's clock as far as I'm aware. The maintenance phase is at the beginning of the turn, which is still part of that turn, so it is used up. I believe the answer to the final question is also yes, but it would need further confirmation I think because the sections under Maintenance Phase and Recovery Levels don't seem to indicate when you move from removing taken out and marching people back on to allocating influence. This also coincides with a question that came up for me in a game recently. Do models returning to the pitch all get placed simultaneously, or do you place one and job it then place the next and jog it until you run out of returning models?
  7. ScarycrowJack

    Multiple Instances or Conditions

    Thanks for the clarification.
  8. ScarycrowJack

    Voodoo strings and escaping fate

    I believe the dodge happens first because Escape the Fates puts Siren as the active character.
  9. Death From Above states that Devana may make an attack within 6" and LOS if the target is in a Harrier aoe, then remove the aoe. This attack comes at +4 TAC. Can this attack be made in melee? If so, can it be used during a charge?
  10. ScarycrowJack

    Resolving results for an Attack

    This has already been answered recently in another topic, but the short answer is yes. As the controlling player, you can choose the order that the results occur in because a Playbook result is one event with all of the things stacked together.
  11. ScarycrowJack

    Multiple Instances or Conditions

    Alright, so that clears KD as a possibility. What about snare/burn/poison/disease?
  12. If a character is already suffering a condition and is hit by something that inflicts the same condition, does it suffer the condition again? I know you can swing at a KD model with a KD attack over and over for MP or whatever reason, but does it inflicts an extra KD on the target per hit? The situation in question is if a model has a condition, you place Cocksure on them, and they are targeted by that same condition again. Does it remove Cocksure? The rulebook doesn't specify if you can or can't suffer a given condition multiple times. "During a game of Guild Ball, models may suffer conditions. Conditions remain on a model until removed."
  13. ScarycrowJack

    Influence Allocation Clarification

    Alright, thanks for the clarification.
  14. So I was reading the S4 rulebook, and the section on Influence Allocation left me with a question. What happens if a model loses/spends influence and is then allocated more? I didn't see a faq that might answer this, but it's relevant to models such as Honour, Obulus, Blackheart, Windle, Tapper, and likely others. Can you only be allocated up to your max at any given moment, or only allocated your max in a single turn?
  15. Is Honest Land still available?