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  1. PirateCaptain

    A Case for Layne

    Angel is a pure striker, there's no where written that he will be a bland striker without new abilities. Also, we have 3 strikers, and are supposed to be the best goal scoring faction, and I don't think we are right now. I think having a new good striker option would really really help bring us back up. I think if 4 of our 16 models (we'll have 16 when this new model joins up) is a solid place to be in, since one of those is Shark. It gives us some more options and I think having another striker would really open up Corsair quite a bit, and give him more angles for goal scoring.
  2. PirateCaptain

    A Case for Layne

    I posted this on facebook as well, but figured I should here as well. A case for Layne. So, looking over all the faction I think we’re kind of falling behind in the goal scoring side of the game, which is disappointing, but alas it is what it is. Here’s the short version, feel free to ask for the long version: Between Skatha and the Alchemist buffs, I don’t think we’re the number 1 slot anymore for a 3-0 game. With our deserved nerf’s to the take-out game that Fish had, we didn’t get as much of a buff in the goal scoring aspect as I’d hoped, especially since they want Fish to play the goal scoring game more than anyone else. Angel’s change is okay, but she still isn’t that good, and arguably not worth taking. oSiren’s change puts her in a much worse position when she tries to take the ball away. Our kick stats didn’t really get a good buff. We have some interesting options for getting the ball back still, and some good choices for keeping possession (funnily I think with Kraken and Corsair we can kill the ball well… not something we really needed…) Additionally, everything got softer across the board, it’s tougher to rely on Shark surviving after a turn 1 goal to be able to put in a turn 2 goal. I think if we want to reclaim our spot as top dog for goal scoring then picking up a player who can score well fits with the theme SFG is going for of a “glass cannon” goal scoring faction. We should be able to aggressively score the ball and aggressively threaten a ball kill better than most. I think a case for Kami could be made as a means of adding to our ability to threaten a ball kill, but I think we have enough tools for that. I think an honestly strong striker would help Corsair’s game a lot, and give Shark’s game a legitimate 1-2 punch for the strongest alpha-goal scoring in the game. So, to make Fish the goal scoring king again, we should take Layne. Not only does it help us, but it also prevents our footballing competitors from getting a top striker and knocking us further down from top dog.
  3. PirateCaptain

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    I agree in re-evaluating our pick, but who would you suggest? Layne?
  4. PirateCaptain

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    With Kraken changes, do we change Kami to our primary vote?
  5. PirateCaptain

    Free Cities Draft

    If the game is more football-centric then I would expect Goalie's to be getting significant bump up. If that happens, I really think Fish are going to want a good Goalie to help really perfect every aspect of their footballing game. Cutlass just seems like an excellent choice.