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  1. TheKing

    Turn 1 Tactics

    I've been trying these tactics in the last few games now, and I've gotten a lot better at setting up during the first turn. Thanks for the tips! In general, my setup is (based on all your advice and my personal experience): - Smoke gets 6 for a kick-ass last-to-first activation - Flask gets 0, just jogs around and gives his Beaker keeper to oCalc (or Mercury if something juicy presents itself) - Venin gets 1 to sprint into cover (and poison himself most of the time) - oCalc gets 0 or 1, depending on if she needs to sprint. - Mercury gets 3 to sprint + Fire Blast (usually I don't have a target to get my Fire Balls off - pun intended) - Crucible gets 3 if kicking with her for pressure, 1 to sprint into position if receiving. Something like that, anyway. Getting better every game, and that's the point!
  2. That's good to hear! And that makes sense. It also just occurred to me that the store might not list 'out of stock' items, which would actually mean the Alchemists' Guild is really popular, shown by the lack of merchandise in stock 🤭
  3. Maybe it's just me, but I wanted to check if any of you have noticed this; It seems that Alchemists' merchandise is rare in the Steamforged store; no mug, no pitch, no foldable dice tray, only the season 1 Midas/Flask Chibi pin... I've seen pictures of the new Smoke and Naja pins, so I expect that they'll soon turn up on the store, but still... The newer (minor) Guilds all have more shiney stuff 😀 Maybe we're a less popular Guild, so it's not that interesting to focus on the merchandise? What are your thoughts?
  4. TheKing

    Compson's Painting...

    Wow, those are incredible! Amazing.... I really like the contrast between the highlights and the shadows, and the smoooooooooooth transition between the two extremes.
  5. That's the exact image I had in mind 😁
  6. I've also heard some speculation about 'Light vs. Dark' abilities, triggering on area's/AOE's that mark something as light or dark. That sounds really interesting and leaves me wondering who would fit into that playstyle... Mercury really sounds like a good fit by default, because I suspect fire to be part of the minor Guild anyway. Personally, I thought the Lamplighters might have some 'Oil' based mechanics, with slippery lamp oil being spilled onto the pitch. Wouldn't it be very cool that only the Lamplighters would benefit from this (by treating it as fast ground), while everybody else falls over when they enter it... (maybe some knockdown mechanic, I don't know). Also: spilling oil first, and setting it on fire later might also be a cool way of using oil. And ofcourse, since an oil fire is harder to put out, you need two MP to clear it, instead of one. Which makes Crucible a logical crossover model, since she already has that ability baked into her card.
  7. TheKing

    Turn 1 Tactics

    Yes, thanks! I usually remember those (unfortunately not all the time). I've even forgotten to play Smoke's Legendary the last two games 🤦‍♂️... But in the first turn I'm usually not sure what the right plays are, let alone how to divide my influence. But the general tips are a nice guideline to ease along the learning curve.
  8. TheKing

    Turn 1 Tactics

    Thanks! This is gold for a starter like me - just some general directions to follow. Great stuff!
  9. TheKing

    Turn 1 Tactics

    Hey all, I've seen some great advice on (Season 4 ) tactics for a lot of things, but my question is at a more basic level than that. I have a good amount of games under my belt, but I really consider myself to be a beginner player. I usually struggle with what to do on turn one. Once the engagements start happening, I have a good idea of what my options are (I might not always make the right choices yet, but at least I see opportunities to make plays. Are there any general tips you can give a newbie?
  10. TheKing

    S4 Line ups

    I'm still a rookie player, with only a few games under my belt. I've played Smoke almost exclusively in S3, but liked the more 'hands-on' game that a Midas team brought. So I'm really happy with the S4 changes to Alchemists as a whole. I find Crucible to be almost an auto-include now. I've had a lot of fun with her by using Reactive Solution to trigger Great Balls of Fire, and still having her full stack of influence to play around with. Having Beaker Keeper on her makes her extra slippery since you get the Acrobatic for free as well. I really like the style. I also really like Venin now as a realiable source of damage. Picking the right target is crucial, but he reliably poisons everyone around him through Acid Rain, which combo's nicely into Coagulation. My opponents also love to hate Melting Body.... 4/2 is a bitch My usual lineup is Smoke/Flask/Crucible/Venin/Mercury/Flex (with the flex usually being VetCalculus) I also struggle to use Midas effectively. I agree that Smoke does the same job more smoothly... I might just be using him wrongly, which got me thinking that he's not the super solo striker anymore (note: I have never played him when he was, I'm too new to the game). Now he seems to be more of a team player, by which I mean that he needs a bit more setup to succeed. This is probably why I still struggle to use him, because positioning and setup are still tricky for me. Anyway, just my two cents.
  11. TheKing

    My Falconers (:

    +1 For the Monty Python reference 😁 Looks great!
  12. TheKing

    Alchemists Season 4

    All the cards can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_6-lJF6sv8PwqoIv4X_S8v3CNPcRUiZ0
  13. TheKing

    Engineers S4

    I believe you can find them here:
  14. TheKing

    New to Alchemists

    I believe you are correct, sir. I'll take note of that in my grammar book
  15. TheKing

    Full Guild Reveal - Major and Minor - October 11

    Hmmm... Some of the other posts already mention the Major & Minor Guilds, like this one: Saturday 6th of October – Mortician’s Guild & Ratcatcher’s Guild – Reviewed by the Beard Minis YouTube channel & Beardpod podcast featuring Jamie Perkins & Steve Margetson I think that it's a full reveal for the entire guild up until now - so no new minor Guild reveal unless you already have one. Too bad though, would've been nice!