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  1. TheKing

    Errata thoughts?

    Wow... I was on my mobile and on the move. I missed that completely! Thanks Mako!
  2. TheKing

    Errata thoughts?

    So, with the errata coming up in March I'm expecting some form of love for the Falconers. What do you guys think it'll be? I've seen a lot of comparisons with S2 Hunters im how they play now, but I'm too new in the game to know what that means... Hopefully we'll get boosted to match our major guild a bit.
  3. TheKing

    Ball retrieval issues

    With the (very!) limited amount of games with them, I kind of agree with both statements about Mataagi. He can be very useful if used correctly, and opening with him has opened up some interesting possibilities. I'm definitely going to put a stack of 3 or 4 on him if I want to do this (buy harrier, Far Strike and maybe a Snap Fire), because I tried using him very conservatively with only 1 influence to Far Strike to get that momentous harrier down. But depending on the target, that resulted in just wasted influence, because I had a bad roll. Coming back to the topic of this post: against scory teams I think Ikaros is almost an auto-include because he can kill the ball really well with his flexible movement, while still threatening a sneaky goal. Mataagi en Rundaas both bring very useful tricks (or ticks @Warpstoned 😁) to the team. So who do you drop if you want to include vHearne or Egret? Currently, I'm leaning towards vHearne over Egret because of the extra 2" melee, low Tackle/KD and Last Light.
  4. TheKing

    Wrapping and harriers

    Ah right, thanks for the examples - got it now!
  5. Hi guys, I'm 90% sure I know how this works, but I just thought I'd verify it here. (And I couldn't find a topic that matched my question) On page 19 of the S4 rulebook it says this about wrapping: "The controlling player must resolve all results generated but may do so in any order. All results generated from a single attack are considered to be simultaneous events but are individually subject to any applicable modifiers." I think it means that if I wrap with Mataagi (for example), I can momentously place a harrier and do dmg on the wrap. But since I can decide the order in which these two happen, I can place the harrier first, which would mean that the damage result on the wrap would benefit from the +1 DMG. Is this correct? Or do they happen simultaneously (as the rule specifies), which would mean the +1 DMG modifier isn't applied? I'm thrown off a bit by the uses of 'simultaeous' and 'deciding the order' in the same sentence.
  6. TheKing

    Ball retrieval issues

    Wow, that sounds like a blast! I really have to try that! I'm hoping my vHearne and Egret will arrive in the mail tomorrow! I'm planning on fielding vHearne, but I'm not sure who to leave at home. I'm kind of having issues getting Mataagi and Rundaas to get anything more done than jogging up and placing a harrier. Usually Devana gets a full stack, Minerva gets a full stack, and that's 8 influence gone. I might give Mataagi one or two, just to have him stand in cover, 6" away from someone, taking shots and hoping for a harrier, but at least a 1dmg + bleed result. If I give him two, I usually just buy the harrier.
  7. TheKing

    Ball retrieval issues

    Thanks for the tips! I'll up my ball-killing game next time. Yeah, Devana's Air mail was the plan - unfortunately I rolled terribly when I attacked Miasma... only 3 net hits is not enough to tackle 🤦‍♂️. And the bad news was that I had to pull the harrier off of Bonesaw to try and get it. So Not only didn't I tackle Miasma, I also didn't kill Bonesaw. Yay for me 😂🤣
  8. TheKing

    No news of Black Friday Order

    I tried contacting them through the website by filling in the contact form a few times and also tried to call them - no response, not even an automated mail. I got an automated response AND a real one when I mailed their support mailaddress directly, maybe that helps.
  9. TheKing

    Ball retrieval issues

    Hey guys, I just picked up my Falconers team and (besides some playtesting against myself with my Alchemists), I played my first game this weekend. I had Ratcatchers on the other side of the pitch, with a Piper-Bonesaw combo. When Bonesaw gets going, especially with a Reverie by Piper, he is almost unstoppable. So I usually have to concede the first goal if I'm kicking. My question is this: how do you get the ball back from scoring teams? I tried actively killing it at first, but then I got an easy goal in, which gave the Rats the ball again. I had killed Piper by then, and Bonesaw was surrounded, under a harrier and had Eye Spy on him, so I thought I had negated the next goal... But Piper walked back onto the pitch, somehow the ball ended up on Miasma, and piper just Reveried Miasma for another goal. I find that the setup that Falconers need to retrieve the ball (or prevent scoring), is kind of slow. I had fully commited to removing Bonesaw, but because I had to focus so hard on him, he just went around and scored with Miasma. What are your thoughts on fighting scory teams?
  10. Hi, I'm looking for an Egret model to complete my Falconers lineup. Obviously, I highly prefer the LE Falconers sculpt. I'm located in the Netherlands. Send me a PM! Cheers, Tom Edit: No longer necessary, thanks!
  11. TheKing

    New to Steamforged

    Welcome to the dark side and our cookies 😁
  12. TheKing

    Turn 1 Tactics

    I've been trying these tactics in the last few games now, and I've gotten a lot better at setting up during the first turn. Thanks for the tips! In general, my setup is (based on all your advice and my personal experience): - Smoke gets 6 for a kick-ass last-to-first activation - Flask gets 0, just jogs around and gives his Beaker keeper to oCalc (or Mercury if something juicy presents itself) - Venin gets 1 to sprint into cover (and poison himself most of the time) - oCalc gets 0 or 1, depending on if she needs to sprint. - Mercury gets 3 to sprint + Fire Blast (usually I don't have a target to get my Fire Balls off - pun intended) - Crucible gets 3 if kicking with her for pressure, 1 to sprint into position if receiving. Something like that, anyway. Getting better every game, and that's the point!
  13. That's good to hear! And that makes sense. It also just occurred to me that the store might not list 'out of stock' items, which would actually mean the Alchemists' Guild is really popular, shown by the lack of merchandise in stock 🤭
  14. Maybe it's just me, but I wanted to check if any of you have noticed this; It seems that Alchemists' merchandise is rare in the Steamforged store; no mug, no pitch, no foldable dice tray, only the season 1 Midas/Flask Chibi pin... I've seen pictures of the new Smoke and Naja pins, so I expect that they'll soon turn up on the store, but still... The newer (minor) Guilds all have more shiney stuff 😀 Maybe we're a less popular Guild, so it's not that interesting to focus on the merchandise? What are your thoughts?
  15. TheKing

    Compson's Painting...

    Wow, those are incredible! Amazing.... I really like the contrast between the highlights and the shadows, and the smoooooooooooth transition between the two extremes.