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  1. Notsib

    Gone fishing

    Hoping people play lots of games and am looking to exchange a brand new star player minis chaos pact team for fisherman’s guild. id prefer unpainted but... hey...
  2. Notsib

    Wants to buy limited or specials

    How much are you looking for please? Painted?
  3. Notsib

    Random Models for sale, UK based

    How much for metal Skaldcifest Esters/Quaff please? Can I confirm it is the following mini please?
  4. Looking to buy alternative pride sculpt, pirate salt and puppy love diorama thanks for the help in advance Gav
  5. Notsib

    The Union and The Order

    So being fairly new to this (now 7 days ish) I invested in what I think is the most striking looking team... the union and as part of that deal the order as well. I have played a few games now and am enjoying. I note that other teams have fancy goal markers and terrain pieces; what then would make suitable goal markers for the union and the order? I look forward to your responses; thank you all in advance... unless of course you simply ignore this then 😋
  6. Notsib

    LTB Butchers

    Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I am seeking assistance in the purchase of a butchers team, preferably unpainted. Many thanks in advance for your assistance Gav