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    Hey y'all! I'm quite new to Guildball, but I have quite a bit of regular playtime in warmahordes. So please take my views with a bit of salt. Newbie talking. I adore the Farmers asthetic and will focusing a lot of my playtime on them for the moment (they're the only team I own atm as well ^^). As was said earlier, I think we should focus the most on the least popular draftees that could still do good work for us. And I agree as well that scoring goals is something that farmers have quite a bit of problems with because we like to stand around in a tight group and protect our models, harvest markers and possibly the ball. The way I understand to score goals for us is to include some attacking midfielders, that can contribute to the scrum and break out at the end of the game, to steal a goal when the fighting went well. Our low def on the other hand doesn't protect us against someone stealing our ball from the scrum anyway, dodging out and scoring goals. I think we would need someone that can run around the scrum, and steal the ball or possible hold on to the ball and pass it to the attacking midfielders before they can break out and score. I think this would be a Winger. Jackstraw kind of does exactly that, but he can only get his speediness if there are either well-placed markers there allready or if he spends to influence, at which point he can't attack and pass anymore. His tac is quite low as well (the momentous tackle on one is awesome though). Anyway, I think for now Edge is a good runner up for us. I don't think she is very popular, because goalies or strikers are more favored. If Layne is really not that popular around the forums, then he can probably be a great pick for us (I also love that he could grow his own plantbased drug if he was a farmer) I would probably stay away from kami, because she is very popular with those 2 guns and stuff. And we don't really need another attacking midfielder or goalie do we? We have Tater and fallow for attacking midfielder, and millstone is a great goalie if you really need one. Long story short, thanks for having me and reading this wall of text. I would be interested in your opinions