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    Morticians in Season 4

    Ok....I'll bite... ....like what?
  2. TheBriarfox

    When Do We Get an Order Forum?

    bump for great justice
  3. TheBriarfox

    Are Rats to hard to begin with?

    They have a high skill ceiling, sure, but the payoff if you stick with them is pretty cool. All the models are great. We don't really have any barkers.
  4. TheBriarfox

    Are Rats to hard to begin with?

    That's just game sense, and that just comes from experience both in learning what your models can do and what the other teams will usually try to do. After a match, win or lose, I always like to ask what I could have done better. After all, your opponent knows better than anyone what you could have changed to make things more difficult. I started with Alchs and it was a dozen or so games before I really started to understand some of the nuance, and even then that was just me starting to see it, not even beginning to master it. Stick with it. I just grabbed them myself and I'm excited to try and figure them out too.
  5. TheBriarfox

    Lamplighter crossover players speculation

    Submitted without comment
  6. TheBriarfox

    Priorities against Ratcatchers/dice math

    That's risky business, brother. UM ain't what it used to be. I guess my question becomes what does the board advantage get you that just playing around them wouldn't already do?
  7. TheBriarfox

    Condition Damage Takeouts

    You're correct about the last part too. If it happens during the end step, you get the points but NOT the momentum, since (and this is how it was explained to me) there is no active player and therefore no one actually controlling the damage triggers, they just happen. "The crowd gets the momentum, if it makes you feel better"
  8. TheBriarfox

    Turn 1 Tactics

    Depending on who I'm playing into, Smoke usually gets 4, Flask gets 0. If I'm kicking, it's usually with Vit or Calc, who will get close to full stacks to either pressure the goal or start tossing bullsh*t like blind and sticky bomb. Merc gets a full stack because f*ck yea explosions. TBH he usually winds up with an extra so you can probably survive with 3 unless you've got a good spot he can sprint to and complicate with his aura. Venin almost always is on the team, and I usually stick him with one or two depending on the situation. If I don't expect an engagement, he'll get one to sprint. If it's the mirror or a Morts game or something, then he might get two. If I'm kicking against all in ball teams like SharkFish or Skatha I like a full stack on Crucible for insurance. She doesn't usually end up using it all, but her purge aura is fantastic, plus her 2 " melee and being able to threaten a non-tackle ball theft at 12" really makes folks think twice about their mom math and lines of approach. One of the most underappreciated facets of the Alchemists is our hilarious ability to take a giant dump on the other team's first turn plans. Between burning, poison, and all of the various auras and debuffs, things almost NEVER go the way your opponent wants them to, and often exceedingly awry at that.
  9. TheBriarfox

    Priorities against Ratcatchers/dice math

    Basically this. It's really hard to say without more info, but basically this. Are you kicking/receiving? What piece is making the kill and what positioning do you sacrifice to do it? Is it Smoke that's vulnerable if you whiff? Or are we talking a big boy like Venin who isn't going to mind taking a few hits? Is taking out a piece actually going to advance your board state any? 2 points is 2 points, sure, but is it a conducive part of the overall whole?
  10. TheBriarfox

    S4 - Alchemists vs Butchers

    I went 12-4 into Ox butchers over the weekend with Smoke/Flask/Crucible/oCalc/Venin/Vitriol. 2-2 plan. Mobility is the name of the game. oKat is a trap, you can't beat the Butchers in a scrum. Venin is there mostly to provide conditions and slam his heroic. He'll fold eventually, but he'll put anyone who's nearby beating on him on death's door pretty quick in return, allowing Smoke to pop her legendary and put the final nail in the coffin. Biggest MVP? oCalc. Blind did SO MUCH WORK. Turned Brisket completely off and stranded her downfield where she was easy pickings. Helped keep Boiler at bay, as well, keeping him split up and outside of the aura and from landing much.
  11. TheBriarfox

    S4 - Kicking vs Receiving

    I'm honestly ambivalent. There are some times (Butchers, Morts) where I'd honestly rather receive. They tend to commit their main pieces more predictably when I have the ball, and it's super easy for us to get out of Dodge with all of our movement jank.
  12. TheBriarfox

    Turn 1 Tactics

    Don't forget that you can do other stuff with momentum than make kicks. heroic plays, pass and moves...All those little extra details really add up.
  13. TheBriarfox

    Kami vs Nomad

    My mileage is pretty consistent. Smoke does it all. vCalc is great, and would be auto-include if her name weren't Calculus, oCalc is great, Vit is great in a straight line, and Crucible is rad. Basically our whole team is strikers. I'm all in on Kami. Killing the ball, which is the one hint at specific tech she has, would be PHENOMENAL in our guild. Having to eliminate the whole "get the ball back" thing from the equation streamlines our plans amazingly well.
  14. Greetings from your friendly neighborhood firestarter! The Alchemist's Guild sends it's regards. So listen. We've had a real blast setting you all on fire and choking you out and getting charged down and beat on and cut to ribbons in return. Real treat! And I know we've been knocking up against each other this whole Draft affair (we owe you a drink I spose ), but if there's one thing we're good at, it's calculation, and those of us who feel that your cause is the True Path for your Noble Guild would humbly like to suggest that calculations show that in addition to casting votes internally, there is wisdom in lending a few toward our efforts to acquire Kami. Not only will that solidify our lead and remove Kami, and your biggest hurdle, from contention, but it would allow us to quell some internal strife between those who are pitch minded and those who think guitars are cool. I know it sounds strange to suggest you abandon your chase for the top three, but it's about final seeds, not standings. Sometimes to go forward, after all, you must first take a step back. Think it over. We'll owe you one. And we may not be the richest guild around, but our word is Gold. Humbly yours, ⚗️
  15. TheBriarfox

    Union in Season 4

    Snakeskin is an Alchemist player in disguise.
  16. TheBriarfox

    Blacksmith matchup, help wanted.

    Same idea with the Masons. Smiths are actually pretty squishy once you get through the armor, and condition damage does exactly that.
  17. TheBriarfox

    V-Katalyst in Season 4 ?

    Imma just say it, Vennin does better AOE. Damn, sir. 👏👏👏
  18. TheBriarfox

    V-Katalyst in Season 4 ?

    I feel your pain. This is the first time I've ever really painted anything, and the dude that came out the best is the one I'll never use 🤣
  19. TheBriarfox

    When do you not take vHemlocke?

    Bricks Alchemists pretty hard, that's for damn sure.
  20. TheBriarfox

    S4 Line ups

    The skill bar has raised some, that's for sure, but so has the ceiling, and the things they can pull off now with a little skilled play are astonishing.
  21. TheBriarfox

    V-Katalyst in Season 4 ?

    Or even just getting his free charge back. Yea, he's a real barker now. Nerf bat hit him way too hard.
  22. TheBriarfox

    So... Vitriol...

    But again, what's the point of taking her over someone like Calc, who can at least blind or something, when you yourself say most of the time Vit's basically just a warm body on the pitch waiting for something to happen? Clone on 3 sounds cheeky, but on only 5 tac, how likely is that to happen, and how much of that trying to charge for a clone for it's own sake is also "going to great lengths to get free stuff"? If you're in a situation where clone is relevant, you probably can't afford to be spending the influence to either hard cast or attack trigger. And if you're getting yourself into a situation where clone is needed just for the sake of being able to get clone up, why are you doing it in the first place? The reason folks are trying to force everything all at once, so to speak, is because most of the individual parts don't do much on their own, especially with only 3 inf to play with. You can't pop clone, dash, AND shoot all on the same turn (which is arguably the whole point of bringing her) on 3 inf.
  23. TheBriarfox

    S4 Line ups

    Not so much out-football them as reduce their ability to football as well, and then fill in the gaps from there. Fish are a good example. You're never going to beat them at a straight ball game, so you use Compound to mess with the mom math and shut down an early goal run, and then from there lean on the fact that you can pivot to a more damage oriented stance with Crucible (who hands out conditions and can steal the ball for a pittance of 2 inf) and Merc or Venin depending, to play more a 2-2 game and take advantage with the takeout openings to score on, say, a Smoke Legendary turn.
  24. TheBriarfox

    S4 Line ups

    I know it's super helpful but I'm pretty much Smoke/Flask/Flex4. I fully believe that drafting correctly and responsively to your opponent's picks is more important for us than any other guild, and that saying "This is my 6" is doing yourself a disservice. It sounds weird, but I've kind of tried to get out of the mindset of "what's my 6" and go into a draft with a Proactive reactionary style. Less of a "build my 6 because I want them to do x" but more "I'm up against a team that is likely to try x, and so my best plan is y, so which of my players will come together best to do that in this particular scenario". Footbally teams usually see Crucible, Mercury, Compound and a fill based on the specific team. Scrummy teams usually pick up Venin (depending on the opposing stat-line) and OKat and then draft in response from there.