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  1. TheBriarfox

    Black Friday Combined Shipping

    ...and for those of us who are international? Their email CS is horribly slow. And the shipping is nonsensical. No response to my message sent day after, nor any notification about the order I placed that day, but this morning I get a shipping notification for the order I placed a day later and was hoping to combine went out today. Yay I guess. 😐
  2. TheBriarfox

    Good models vs each team

    vHem is a strong choice against us. Just make sure she's a latter activation so she can clear as much as possible. I'd almost say Scalp over Obby, since strings REALLY messes with us and lets you play around our auras more reliably.
  3. TheBriarfox

    Need Help Against Smoke

    UM only triggers if you get within 1 inch of her, so use the 2inch models. KDs are hard for us to deal with and stop us from being so mobile, which is a big advantage over you. Trying to hit Venin is a trap. He'll go up to 4/2 and that's a nightmare to deal with. Try not to clump up end of T1. Smoke is going to want to dive in, light everyone up, pop her legendary and either blink out for a goal run, or, if going last, sit there, take 4 or 5 momentum, and win the race for T2. Kill the ball, make us come to you.
  4. TheBriarfox


    Burnish is decent tech, but it also plays into our angle. We're highly mobile, which is a problem. We also can put out a bunch of damage without having to worry about armor. We absolutely melt apprentices. Figure out how to kill the ball and pin us down or you'll have a bad time. Knockdowns are your friend.
  5. TheBriarfox

    How do we use Colossus

    IMHO, he's a great choice into Alchemists. He has a hearty heath pool, and outside of Great Balls of Fire, alchs are going to have to really work to get the ball off of him.
  6. TheBriarfox

    Plan into Cogs

    It IS though. IT'S SOOOOO BADDD. 😫 But that's also how I've learned/taught myself to play, which might explain some things. I tend to play a more avoidant style, and I never rely on Smoke getting ahold of the ball herself (I think I did once). That's what Crucible, Mercury, and Vitriol are for, and I usually have at least 2 of them in the roster. I mean, GBoF is pound for pound some of the best ball tech in the game, might as well put it to use. Once you have poison out, even Venin can reclaim a ball with relative ease. Plus, I'll just say it, my positioning is sophomoric at best, and Smoke is far more forgiving when it comes to getting yourself out of a tight situation. Being able to just up and teleport out of a scrum or across some crap terrain or into goal range while negating junk like Rush Keeper has proven to be absolutely invaluable. And I had the good fortune of playing into them at game night yesterday. I took Smoke, oCalc, Flask, Merc, Crucible, and Venin Oberyn into Ballista, Ratchet, Mainspring, Colossus, Harriet and Compound. Went better than I expected. 12-8 and it basically came down to an activation. If he hadn't have gotten the takeout to win, I was scoring (presumably) the turn after to close it out myself, and would have won during end step from takeouts besides, since Mainspring and Ballista were both under 3 hp, and Ratchet was low as well. I missed a pass too that would have led to an earlier first goal. Then again, he missed 3 sucker punches in a row on Smoke with the ball, so I guess it all evens out. Really slow opening. Ball went off into a far side of the pitch behind some blocking terrain and no one could get to it until T2. The two goals came off Ballista and Colossus, Smoke bit the dust, and oCalc went off the pitch. Smoke was a champ none the less and did Smoke things as usual, including a 5 hit legendary which honestly changed the tempo of the game some, putting a number of Cogs into a health zone where TOs were a possibility and forcing more careful play on his part. Venin laid down some beats, but he turned out to not be as relevant as usual, leaning heavy on his heroic. Merc and Crucible were clutch. Crucible never failed to recover the ball, and the MomPB results on Merc helped me keep up with momentum race. oCalc was able to get momentus sticky off a fair few times, but blind (the reason I went with her) never ended up being relevant. She was too far off on the wings to hit anyone meaningful at a time where it would have made a difference. While it's not really her fault, she was definitely the weakest link. Might have taken vCalc for the mobility or even the aforementioned Snakeskin to mess with their lines of play. I can see how she would be a HUGE problem for Cogs.
  7. TheBriarfox

    Plan into Cogs

    Both of those teams I tend to play hard into 3-0. If I can pivot into a kill, so be it. Farmers tend to be too slow to stop forked approaches. Morts is tough, but careful positioning and limiting approaches goes a long way. Call me crazy, but I've had luck with Compound shutting down a Scalpel or Saw run plenty of times. Crucible is worth her weight in gold in both matches. They both have a fair bit of condition removal, sure, but it necessitates resources or a specific OOA, plus the fact that conditions just happen for us, and you find yourself with waves of attrition you can leverage. I'm sure I'm placing too much faith in myself, but I these are the teams I've played into most and the once I'm most comfortable coming up against.
  8. TheBriarfox

    Plan into Cogs

    Not gonna lie, unsure of hunters, but I like Smoke into Morts and Farmers. Too hard to pin down and runs circles around the Farmers.
  9. TheBriarfox

    Plan into Cogs

    I mean, what match isn't a Smoke match these days?
  10. TheBriarfox

    Plan into Cogs

    So I'm stepping up to play with the big boys here in a couple weeks, and I want to pick y'all s brains. Morts I'm comfortable in to in theory. Same with hunters, tho I need more practice. Ditto with fish. Butchers and Farmers I'm comfortable with. But I've never really played into Masons or Cogs. What's the general game plan with them? I feel like Masons is spread out and ball hard around them. Cogs I got nothing. Never played them, never played against them. I feel like they're an Order style janky scoring team, but that's on of the reasons they've stayed on the shelf, I'm just not sure where to even start to crack that nut. Pointers? Advice? Things to watch out for? If I can phenagle a Union slot, who do I take? Snakeskin? Any other GB specific large tournament advice? I've done big cons and stuff before, but are there any GB traditions to be aware of? Like everyone gives a pack of Swedish Fish to Alex Botts or something?
  11. TheBriarfox

    Blacksmith matchup, help wanted.

    Vet Kat is a bad idea. He's too slow and has to get too close to a group to be of any real value, and his statline is garbage. He'll evaporate before he can touch anyone. Sledge alone eats him for breakfast. Generally speaking, 2-2. You're far more mobile than they are and can play the edges better. The kills will almost always come from apprentices, so focus there. Condition damage avoids mitigation, so a couple of breezes, a Smoke Legendary, and a Venin Heroic = a couple of really dead apprentices.
  12. TheBriarfox

    Blacksmith matchup, help wanted.

    I'm aware. But the point remains, if you're letting them get ahold of things to that extent, you're doing something wrong. By that logic then we might as well concede against Esters and Cogs and the Union and Order and any other team that has Reliance, then, eh? Even if they put the caphat on Burnish, with as much range as we have to throw around and as much range as he projects with 6", it's entirely plausible that a single Mercury activation can eat RP for the turn. You can't JUST toss conditions, you have to be smart about it. Play a little more conservatively turn 1, really lean on that bomb Smoke activation, and use the rapidly mounting attrition to force their hand.
  13. TheBriarfox

    When Do We Get an Order Forum?

    +1 Karma
  14. TheBriarfox

    Blacksmith matchup, help wanted.

    They have a ton of Kill the Ball, sure, but that has to be a free ball. If you're letting them turn that on, there's a problem. How exactly does Burnish counter Crucible? It's no different from playing in to Esters, except at least with Burnish you get the burning back. If we were Butchers tossing out Bleed and KD and stuff, that'd be a different discussion, but as it is, as Alchemists, Reduction only counters a little poison, since the burning half of the equation is something we're going for anyway and they're doing us a favor. Reinforced Plating is a just a bouncing tough hide resilience, and not too hard to play around. Positioning and attrition is what's going to bring this home.
  15. TheBriarfox

    Blacksmith matchup, help wanted.

    oCalc + Mercury into Blacksmiths = Blind + Burning = A lot of dead apprentices and a pile of masters who can't do f*ck all. Smoke, obviously. Naja is a good call as well. Crucible is good because "Hey, I'mma just steal the ball from 4" away reaquik oh and yerburnin kthxbai" is in the running for the best character play in the game, not to mention all the other tech she brings to the table. I'd probably take Vit for my 6th since she can run circles around them and you're on a 2-2 or 3-0 plan for sure, and Clone helps go the distance for a quick close out. Could just as well go Venin for the 6th if you suspect your opponent is gonna kill the ball or turtle, since that extra armor does WOOOOOOOOORRRRK for days and he melts apprentices from hell to breakfast.