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  1. TheBriarfox

    Order Openings

    So what's your general plan with the order, and what do, generally speaking, you want your opening turn to look like? I know there's some variance with team comp and opponents and so on. I've played them a couple of times into Butchers, Masons, and a few other random teams here and there, and while I'm picking up on some of the low level, I'm sure painfully obvious to anyone with eyes, strats and combos, I feel incredibly durdlely with them and the few points I've managed to put on the board have been sheer luck. I really wanna crack this nut, but I'm not sure where to start.
  2. TheBriarfox

    The Engineers Minor are the Miner Guild.

    You'll almost be able to measure Mainspring's melee zone!
  3. TheBriarfox

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    That's why I said it's raw games that's going to make the most difference. All the theory-crafting about picks doesn't mean a thing if we're stuck with leftovers. An extra beater in a team with a handful of mediocre at best offerings is a whole different discussion than an extra goaltender in a team with a fantastic one already. If we're going to switch horses, which I continue to think is a Bad Plan™, we should bet one that's actually going to be of real use. It's going to hinge entirely on the numbers coming out of SCUS.
  4. TheBriarfox

    Alchemists Season 4

    vKat is a solid player, but against that particular match, as far as I've seen in the couple of games I've played, he's not the way to go. Even hard casting GP is a trap 9/10s of the time against any models with half a set of teeth. The problem is his mobility is in the can now. He takes a full stack to fire GP, so between the fact that you're relegated to a jog if you're not already in the thick of it (handing out buckets of momentum, too, I'm sure), or maybe a Midas pull (which is kinda meh, and requires, I think, holding Midas back a turn artificially to set up), combined with his massive effective range, the other team is going to see him coming a mile away and either preemptively erase him, or get out of dodge and waste your influence.
  5. TheBriarfox

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    It seems more prudent to put the votes toward someone we already have a decent start with, especially since it's going to be raw games played at this point that makes the real difference. I just don't see the sense in voting for someone apparently redundant just to spite other guilds in the outside hope said model might get better.
  6. TheBriarfox

    Alchemists Season 4

    I played him into a couple of Butcher teams over the weekend. You're right, it's a trap.
  7. TheBriarfox

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    I mean, do we really want to put our eggs in the "This sucks so lets vote for it, not pick it ever, and hope it gets a rework sometime next year" basket?
  8. TheBriarfox

    monitor size for full pitch

  9. TheBriarfox

    Alchemists Season 4

    Dies hard to butchers. Ground Pound seems like it would be good tech, but it's totally a trap.
  10. TheBriarfox

    Best value single box team

    While the Midas box is still better despite Midas himself being worse. the THE ALCHEMIST'S GUILD: THE NEW AGE OF SCIENCE box is now entirely passable, vKat notwithstanding, given the way the Guild has been redone.
  11. TheBriarfox

    Alchemists Season 4

    The only time I would bring him to the field is against teams that are going to want to scrum up, and I guess the idea then is to Barrel him in towards the end of your turn after bullying people into position with our multitudinous pushes and Dodges in order to secure that group knockdown
  12. TheBriarfox

    Muse on Minis Order tokens

    They have a booster for Pride but I don't know about repacks.
  13. TheBriarfox

    Alchemists Season 4

    Holy hell. I've Been burned before isn't a dodge, it's a whole damn sprint/charge now. 19 inch threat if you hit the Mom double dodge off a charge seems pretty good. Plus the 3 Union picks we get (because does anyone actually run A&G) fit REALLY well into the lineup.