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  1. TheBriarfox


    Yea, there may be other avenues, but none are as clear or cleanly laid out as these forums.
  2. TheBriarfox

    First game against Farmers

    Hm. I don't just wanna resort to "you're doing it wrong", but there's definitely a curve with the big feller. Tell you what, we've got a decently sized store tourney (18) this Saturday, and word on the street is a certain Chicago podcaster may even be in attendance. So, a decent variety of field (even if 6 of them are butchers). I dunno if the store's net can handle streaming, but I'll at least try to record some games for people to watch and I can try (and probably fail horribly) to demonstrate how I use them. TBH, regardless of who I square up against, I don't see myself deviating from Smoke/Naja/Merc/Venin/Cruc/A&G. Like, at all. Since I've been using that list they've yet to give up a game. When I say make them come to you, I mean it. Like, for example, this was into masons yesterday. Right idea, but horribly overextended, at least as far as I'm concerned. I wanted to take advantage of that middle cover tho so A&G could go after whoever came around which side. There was a small barrier just off shot to the left of Crucible, where the ball was kicked to and where I forced basically the entire game to be played. Never crossed the centerline. Crucible got the ball to Snek, who went and hid out by that far right bail. Hammer came around to the left and was promptly deleted. Chisel x2, Harmony, Wreckingball x2 and Hammer again made it the game. Mercury was the only casualty. Hammer got him jammed up against a wall before I could close with him, but a timely "Get Back In There" meant it actually worked in my favor, allowing him to instantly re-engage a now knocked down Hammer and set everyone alight with an easy string of Fire Balls. Smoke - Infuse is POGGERS AF. 3 condition damage is massive. Chemical Breeze is legit OP. Peerless mobility. LEGENDARY legendary and farms momentum like a boss. The goddamn GOAT. Once in a while she'll even score a goal. Naja - The only flex spot on my team, but even the extra tech Flask brings is usually not as useful as a 2" UM and 5 DEF. Hypnotize is solid "oh shit" tech too, if they manage somehow to box her in. Venin - This Lucio looking mother effer brings the beats. Plus, he sits his ass wherever you plant him and for the small price of a little poison (which can turn into free character plays) basically becomes "NO" incarnate. 4/2 base (and he's usually in cover) is a crazy tough nut to crack, and if your target is poisoned (and between Smoke, Crucible, and the big V himeself they should be), he hits like a train. His heroic pulse is B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Crucible - She's all about that aura. GBOF is amazing ball tech and is insurance against stuff like fish or having to kick off. Plus, it's a cheeky way to get fire on someone in a pinch. It's not unusual to park her and just say "OK, go" when she comes around, just blocking approach and making purges more expensive. Mercury - Fire Blast is not only a great way to apply burning and tax momentum, it's also a great way to block approaches. You don't have to hit people with it, especially if they have momentum to spare. You can drop it in front and limit avenues of approach, often buying yourself a little time or reclaiming control of the avenues of approach. Once someone is on the ground, Fire Ball turns into a momentum spewing damage hose. His 2" aura is just gravy. A&G - The models so nice you get them twice. They're awkward at first, and decidedly a little unwieldy, but once you figure out how to march to their tempo, they are an absolute machine. Greede basically says "For one influence, you get +1 Damage, knockdowns on everything, and a free crowd-out", which is absolutely MASSIVE in our team, and more reliable than oKat. You usually don't need to bother with singled out, you just want to make sure he get's picked up. You don't ever want to leave him down at the end of an activation unless you have a VERY good reason and are 100% sure he's not getting touched. Losing him usually means everything falls apart, since he won't be able to catch back up to the scrum in time to regain control of the situation. Once they make smart contact, however, the model you point them at is basically gone. Farmers are tough, to be sure, but turtle harder. You got this.
  3. TheBriarfox

    First game against Farmers

    Try A&G.
  4. TheBriarfox

    First game against Farmers

    Second this. Every time I've put Compound on the field I've found him wanting. He has one activation or interaction in which he's useful, but then winds up sitting there like Johnny Bench the rest of the game leaving me with only 5 functional members of my team.
  5. TheBriarfox

    First game against Farmers

    I'm gonna diverge from the crowd here slightly. Every Farmers game I've played into (and it's a crappy matchup for sure) I've had the most success on a 2-2 or even a 1-4 plan. The biggest advantage you can leverage is economy of influence. Farmers usually only bring 10-11 to the table, have pretty universally crappy DEF, and are very reliant on harvest markers and OOA to be effective. Yes, they have larger health pools. Yes, Harrow is a sonovabitch. They might even bring Honour to try to really give you the finger. But, like I said, influence is at a premium and momentum isn't easy to come by. And every model and momentum and influence they dedicate to clearing conditions and reacting to you is models and momentum and influence they aren't committing to their own plan. It's a shitty row to hoe, but I would say focus on the attrition game. Smoke can put out a heavy chunk of damage with breeze and infuse, especially on a legendary turn. Venin is a nightmare to hit, especially with a little bit of cover, and can dish out some pretty hefty damage on his own, especially factoring in the pulse. 19 health +2 hp a turn seems like a lot, but remember that the healing happens before the condition damage, so with proper targeting of your damage, it's entirely possible to start the top of T2 with a number of their models at 16 health or less, which is entirely manageable. Play defensively and look for the opportunistic goal. Use your aoes to force them to scatter. Make them deal with poison and fire. Force them to spend momentum dealing with you. Focus the planters if you can, since it'll neuter the reapers in the process. Blind is a very effective tool around these parts. It'll be a slow, nasty grind but you will come out on top of the resource race 9 times out of 10 and can leverage that into an attrition win.
  6. TheBriarfox

    March errata - are we bracing ourselves?

    Expect axe throw to see a nerf, along with boombox. Those are the two things people specifically complain about the most.
  7. TheBriarfox

    Request: Mercury Success Stories

    He's always in my core 6 with Venin, and this is basically headcannon: fite me
  8. TheBriarfox

    How to Avarisse & Greede

    I usually just leave a single INF on Greede to get picked up, and plop him down for the + and + and the crowd out. I can see where the Singled Out math works out, but usually that's just overkill, and the extra couple of damage isn't going to matter. It's a model by model call, but most of the time 3 swings from Avarasse should suffice. In Alchs, for example, we usually only have 13 or so influence. Putting a full 5 on A&G is a HUGE investment, especially since Smoke almost always wants 4-6 as well and we have a lot of ambient damage happening too. So anything you can do to save a buck here and there is usually the right choice. As for the second question? I think the answer is pretty decidedly no. Greede is very fragile and offers little anymore except as support for Avarasse. He's a huge liability on the field too. 2VPs is a lot to give up for a model that is all but guaranteed to not be relevant the entire rest of the game if it happens, since it'll take him the rest of the game to get back to Avarasse (who is decidedly lesser without his little buddy around).
  9. TheBriarfox

    How to Avarisse & Greede

    I've been having an absolute ball with them in Alchemists. Play a defensive game, force the other team to advance to you through a hell of fire and poison, then walk up with A&G to anyone who gets close and turn them into a fine red mist. A knocked down, poisoned model makes Venin a very happy boy, and Mercury can get a lot of mileage off of his results. As for OOA, I almost always punch with Avarisse first to land the knockdown. You lose a sliver of damage potential, but blanking the counter is usually always worth it. Heresy, I know, but sometimes I don't even bother going for singled out.
  10. TheBriarfox

    Scalpel woes

    ...assuming your their positioning allows for that, which, in a competitive scene, as you said, is unlikely.
  11. TheBriarfox

    Field Medic and wraps

    Ahh, got it.
  12. TheBriarfox

    Field Medic and wraps

    That's good to know. My pundit was doing it the other way. Like if you hit a and a against a tough hide model he'd say it would only do one damage.
  13. TheBriarfox

    S4: Fish vs Alchemsts

    Smelling Salts is your best friend. This is going to be one hell of a tough match. Most Alchs these days know to play conservatively against bally teams, and, especially when you have to come to us, you're going to have a tough time getting through. Especially if A&G start becoming more prevalent, which is something I anticipate happening. Playing Fish into Smoke/Naja/A&G/Venin/Merc/Crucible is a special kind of hell. Kraken is good. Being able to drag people out of position does work. Siren is good situationally, although beautiful and charmed doesn't help against pulses and AOEs. Fathom is great. If we drop Compound, Salt is a great choice, since he can base him turn 1 and prevent the countercharge.
  14. TheBriarfox

    Alchemist - our nemesys?

    Theoretically, sure. The problem is Smoke is going to be last to act bottom of T1 99% of the time. And being that Masons like to stay nearish to each other, dollars to doughnuts they're going to be in a good place for her to Cloud Jump in, get off some breezes, an infuse or two, burn her legendary, and farm a ton of momentum off of you (4-6 if they're doing it right), giving her a pretty good chance of being first activation following turn and getting the hell out of dodge, leaving you stacked with conditions and a fair bit worse for the wear.
  15. TheBriarfox

    Morts vs Masons

    One of the biggest things Masons do is layer beneficial auras all over each other, similar to Butchers. Being able to strings people out of those bonus ranges is massively helpful.