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  1. Petepe

    Wreckers New Battering Ram

    Yea without the clock the bubble is good, but not nearly as game changing. It will be interesting to see how the change to Bricks range really changes the bubbles clock effect. There are definitely more spots you can hide but it will still take a lot of measuring.
  2. Petepe

    Wreckers New Battering Ram

    That's a good point, I feel like Wrecker push is going to open up a lot of fun plays.I think it should synergize well with the new Granite as well. It's just a little more bait to tempt me away from the double bubble.
  3. Petepe

    Wreckers New Battering Ram

    So I was thinking about eh change to wreckers rollberball realizing it could give the entire Masons team a free 2" push turn one if you bunch everyone up, and for just one influence you could spread them out a little more. This also extends Flints already ridiculous goal threat range to 31" with Superior Strategy, 26" without (5" jog, 8" dash, 4" pass n move, 4" where'd they go, 2" push from wrecker, 8" kick).
  4. Petepe

    Brick's blind spot

    As much as I am saddened by Bricks loss of 2" and the implications it has on his counter charge, it needed to be done. He was way too good at what he did. I mean in the end the counter charge is still really powerful, there are just more ways to play around it. Also we lost 1" on his melee in exchange for a buffed up Granite, I am excited to field her in s4 its nice to see such a cool model getting some love.
  5. Awesome, thanks guys!
  6. See that's what my opponent yesterday said, but I feel like it could go either way... He was being pretty generous considering I was the one playing Masons.
  7. I'm sorry if this has been asked and answered before but i could find nothing, and I might be getting mixed up. So the question is that if you can't normally take a tackle playbook result if your target doesn't have the ball, can Hammer choose his combined tackle/KD result if the target doesn't have the ball?