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  1. Saturday January 26th 2019 - S4

    Brewers - Kicking (Phlop)

    • Tapper
    • Scum
    • vDecimate
    • oSpigot
    • Friday
    • Hooper

    Navigators - Receiving (Folken)

    • Windfinder
    • Wander
    • Fathom
    • Azimuth
    • Ebb
    • Horizon

    Pre-Game Analysis:
    This is a match-up for which both players have minimal experience with their guilds, Folken having recently acquired the Navigators and Phlop’s least played team. Folken is looking to try out the base Navigator team before he swaps in any Fisherman crossover models. Phlop is playing his season one Brewers with the addition of Veteran Decimate. 


    Tapper lines up on the right wing of the pitch looking to take advantage of the fast ground and kickoff as close to the midfield line as possible to force someone into his threat range. Navigators lineup relatively center field with Azimuth on their left wing closest to the kickoff. The scatter lands the ball in front of Azimuth.

    Turn One Allocation
    Br- 6 Tapper, 4 vDecimate, 1 Spigot & Scum
    Nv-  4 Fathom, 3 Windfinder, 2 Wander & Horizon, 1 Azimuth, 1 Ebb
    Turn One Key Activations

    • Tapper goes in on Azimuth who had retrieved the ball after Spigot uses his heroic to extend Tapper’s range. Unfortunately Tapper doesn’t manage to hit his knockdown on column one in his first attack and gets pushed out by Azimuth’s free counterattack ending his activation.
    • After being passed the ball and dodged up by Wander, Horizon is able to go straight up the pitch for a mid-turn one goal.
      • XO48C3RURZlomra-04E55sYJR1xCw-eAhorkGAyzC1_QJ7H979ePDxb9XykiGoteAZHfKl6gD9WXAIWCXS1NBbcqTz24BaYAyFb81lA8eXGSubkGQSDWosvHOlKBrp8cazjzIlIN
    • Fathom gets Full speed ahead from Windfinder and proceeds to find a lane through Scum & Friday to get in on vDecimate & Spigot. Although she takes both parting blows coming through she only takes damage for her troubles. From here she takes the ball off of vDecimate and dodges into her kick range and hits a second goal of the turn.
      • -Yq-qHKxhcZQAUL_OmO8vI6bKPcwey8winnwXienX_ecX6cIUTTgFftRw3DuxLHT8Z8_78KtBSTwviFOa9JaIoo8kCPkHVGwjEvtiSloOziGLV5f-mioueBmae6AwewP8DoLGuhx
    • vDecimate goes in on the damaged Fathom but only gets her down to 1 hp.

    Turn One Recap 
    Brewers - 0   Navigators - 8
    This turn was as rough as it gets for the Brewers. The scatter left Azimuth able to recover the ball while only being threatened by Tapper encouraging him into a risky activation. When that activation came up the worst case scenario it put the Navigators in a commanding position with a free goal on the table and most of the Brewers influence, and momentum, invalidated. When Fathom was able to reach the ball and score a second goal at the end of the turn despite the defensive positioning it all but spelled the end of this game.



    Turn Two Game Plan and Allocation

    • GamePlan Cards
      • Brewers - “Full-Back” 
      • Navigators - “Seize The Initiative” (Wins Initiative)
    • Br- 
    • Nv- 4 Fathom

    Turn Two Key Activations

    • The Brewers took a risk and decided not to snap the goal-kick after it landed next to Scum to give themselves the opportunity to pick up the ball with a different player. Unfortunately the Navigators win initiative with “Seize the initiative” and dodge the 1 HP Fathom back to pick up the ball.
    • Both players decide to just play out the Fathom activation to end the game. She uses Spigot to dodge around into her kick threat and takes the game winning goal.



    Game Recap
    Brewers - 0  Navigators -  12
    While this was a very one-sided match I think it demonstrated both the impressive goal threat of the Navigators, Fathom in particular, and how quickly a pure goal oriented team can seal the game given the opportunity. The Brewers got unlucky in a number of ways and often found themselves in a position where they didn’t have the momentum to even respond to the Navigator’s plays. That said though, the Navigators had a solid game plan and executed very well closing out the game before the Brewers could re-establish their board position.


    • Navigators -  Azimuth’s deployment
      • While the scatter made this a moot point I think Azimuth deployed too close to the center. If Tapper gets a better scatter Azimuth may not be able to pick up the ball which would be a disaster for the Navigators and even a mediocre scatter would force Azimuth to run across and well into Tapper’s threat. Deploying further on the wing gives him more area he can secure the ball as well as placing him closer to the point of retrieval to then get away from Tapper.
    • Brewers - Tapper’s risky activation
      • Phlop debated whether to charge before making the correct call as the odds of hitting his knockdown on the 5+ defense Azimuth in cover was 86.8% vs 80.6% if he charges and Azimuth defensive stances to 6+ defense. While this is a reliable activation I think this game perfectly demonstrates how game ending it is if the attack fails. Not only did this leave Azimuth healthy but it stopped the Brewers from getting any momentum until vDecimate managed to land some attacks at the end of the turn. That lack of momentum made Fathom’s goal run easier (no counter-attacks) as well as lost the Brewers initiative for turn two. I think it’s a better idea to take their time moving up other models, particularly Scum, who can go in on Azimuth for momentum and a gang-up.
    • Brewers - Turn one positioning
      • The Brewers got caught off-guard by Fathom’s sheer mobility to get to the ball that was on their own deployment line. But if they had been more aware of this I think they could have pulled off slightly better positioning that would have prevented this goal-run. Namely I think they forgot about Spigot’s heroic during Hooper’s activation and didn’t move him far enough up the pitch. If fathom has to enter Hooper’s melee zone then she can’t safely take parting blows as he will likely knock her down. Him being even two inches further up likely takes the second goal off the table.
    • Brewers - Not snapping the goal kick at the bottom of turn one
      • This decision was pretty greedy. Brewers were up one momentum but they are essentially forfeiting the game in the event that the Navigators have “Seize The Initiative” as it allows Fathom to start with the ball and safely acrobatics and dodge off of one inch melee models to the game winning goal.

    Key Model

    • Brewers - vDecimate
      • Not only was vDecimate the only model that did damage but her large threat range under Spigot’s heroic was forcing the movements of the Navigator’s to account for her.
    • Navigators - Fathom
      • In a similar way that vDecimate was forcing the positioning of the Navigators, Fathom was forcing the defensive positioning of the Brewers in an attempt to protect the ball. And even with these efforts Fathom was able to cross the entire center of the pitch and take a goal from the middle of the Brewer’s formation. That sheer threat range was the key to this game.

    Under-performing Models

    • Brewers - Tapper
      • Tapper getting his activation invalidated by Azimuth was crushing. But even beyond that by over-emphasizing the fast ground on the right wing of the pitch Tapper allowed the majority of the Navigator team to run away from him. Had this game gone further Tapper likely would have found himself struggling to get into threat of anyone besides Azimuth and struggling to put down an impactful commanding aura.
    • Navigators - None/Windfinder
      • Every model on the Navigators was instrumental in their victory. The game simply didn’t last long enough for Windfinder to get into the game. But even so her ‘Full Speed Ahead’ was instrumental in Fathom’s turn one goal. 

    Play of the Game Award
    Fathom opting to take double parting blows from two models allowed her to run straight through the Brewer’s formation and get to the ball carrier. At first glance this looked incredibly risky. But once I realized the lack of impactful parting blows and that there was no momentum on the Brewer’s side to counter attack I realized how smart this move was. Not only did this move put the Navigators in a commanding VP lead but it put them in competitive spot for the momentum race as well as a potential goal-threatening model in enemy territory that the Brewers would need to deal with. All three of these advantages would prove useful in allowing the Navigators to win this match.

  2. I think of the Blacksmiths as being a team with passive defensive traits and offensive strategy that relies on masters doing the setup and apprentices doing the actual work. So if you're having trouble with people getting the ball off of you too easily or early I would look to the defensive tech you have available in that regard. I definitely agree with HeraldT that Iron, especially in sentinel aura, is the best ball control tech we have due to good defensive stats, close control, and a strong counter-attack. But there's a few others you can fall back on, especially anyone with a 2" melee and a low tackle such as Farris who can threaten to tackle the ball back on a counter-attack.

    As far as turn 1 strategies and how to go about setting up goal-runs or takeouts I think watching/reading match reports on YouTube helped me the most. So I could see the order of activation and general strategies that worked the best for other players.

  3. Saturday December 22nd 2018 - S4

    Butchers - Kicking 

    1. Ox
    2. Princess
    3. Boiler
    4. Boar
    5. oBrisket
    6. Shank

    Fishermen - Receiving

    1. Shark
    2. Tentacles
    3. Sakana
    4. Hag
    5. Fathom
    6. vSiren

    Team Analysis:
    Butchers - Folken
    I went with the Butchers ultra-orthodox formation. 
    I've been feeling like I've been too dependent on Tenderizer in season 4, and I wanted to try a more mobile squad.
    With Shank back to season 2 greatness, I was counting on him to keep up with the highly mobile Fish.
    Sadly, Brisket was wasted in my lineup. I wasn't able to leverage her properly and probably should have used a squaddie with reach or a more damaged focused player... that or just bring Tenderizer against a scoring team.
    Fishermen - Phlop
    I picked a standard Shark lineup; fast strikers with large threat ranges and good ball retrieval. Hag also makes almost all of my Fish lineups, as she is influence efficient and is hard for the opponent to plan for. I take Tentacles because Salt is just not good…
    I want to get better with Corsair and Hag into Butchers, but I feel that the Butchers would be more than happy to be pulled into a Fish scrum and murder, so I chose Shark!

    Fishermen do a standard spread out receiving lineup with a mobile striker on each wing and their captain in the center of the pitch. Butchers opt for goal pressure style kickoff having Brisket kickoff from near the center straight down the pitch. He gets a little unlucky with the scatter and it ends up in snap range of vSiren.

    Turn One Allocation
    Bu- 4 Shank, 3 Boiler, 2 Ox, 1 Brisket & Boar & Princess
    Fs-  4 Shark & Fathom, 2 vSiren, 1 Sakana, 1 Tentacles
    Turn One Key Activations

    • vSiren charges Brisket forgetting about unpredictable movement.
    • Fathom is dodged through the early parts of the turn to get her into goal threat, which she takes mid-turn.
      • 6Nf5prgpvaHSjsXpyHSBgDz-lYmjlegR81znAVD4YBdbM-U5g0NeRxvdwpGEwdZBx4esYss50HW3hAM0S8MH5uq0RyGvlH61BlME7e73aFxQFOoq4FZRuReI6ZQZRhlhruxWn8lY
    • By the end of the turn vSiren has been both damaged and hit with marked target allowing Shank to charge with a 12” advance. This allowed him to trigger escaping fate while still having his dodge to follow up to kill vSiren.

    Turn One Recap 
    Butchers - 2   Fishermen - 4
    This was an interesting turn one with the Fishermen achieving their primary goal of scoring a goal and setting up strikers on each wing of the field to pressure next turn. However, the botched over-extension of vSiren and the threat extension of Shank allowed the Butchers to get their whole team into threat range of multiple models and win the momentum race by a nice margin.

    Turn Two Game Plan and Allocation

    • Gameplan Cards
      • Butchers - “Keep Your Chin Up!” (Wins Initiative)
      • Fishermen - “The Offside Trap”
    • Bu- 4 Shank & Boiler, 3 Brisket, 1 Boar
    • Fs- 6 Shark, 3 Sakana & vSiren, 1 Tentacles & Hag

    Turn Two Key Activations

    • Shank starts the top of turn two after vSiren aggressively enters the pitch to pick up a dead ball. But Shank narrowly fails to finish off vSiren.
    • vSiren uses the opportunity to slip away from Shank and sprint for a goal. But misses the 3 dice shot.
      • zTFFdyclQQjXHsvgyUkvdm-Q7huD5PynoSVHRE_B55XwpP1Yh5M-KSwDd2It5MfrLYRJ0xYY_p2NPzqDcGyHSKYIrKdr8v_yHqvKuw_pl4NUsfuEhxpk4F0cagN6VK6BgIG0jfSs
    • The butcher models proceed to go on a murder spree with Boiler & Boar doing most of the work to get 3 takeouts on Hag, vSiren, and Tentacles.
    • After being dodged by Hag before her untimely demise, Shark manages to get around Boar to recover the ball and score a goal.
      • b2XA_GlWS8s6cHPy4iiCKFc6hVE8rDlKokavN-vqSuvBrls1r3dusYQ7FEHjfQ59V5vqBdTH9gyEbTPeiQ79EgPTxW7g-p7WZ5883w9qn6HS9BWd5mokJpd0MaNgEYuU9VTdzDcK

    Turn Two Recap
    Butchers - 7  Fishermen - 8
    This turn looked desperate for the Fishermen after the missed goal by vSiren. The Butchers controlled the center of the pitch and were taking out models on command while the ball sat near their own goal post out of reach of any model. But instead of running away the Fishermen fed multiple models into the grinder in exchange for getting Shark to the ball and putting themselves at match point at the cost of a great deal of board position.


    Turn Three Game Plan and Allocation

    • Gameplan 
      • Butchers- “Wing Backs”
      • Fishermen - “Seize The Initiative” (Wins Initiative)
    • Bu- 4 Brisket & Shank, 3 Boiler, 1 Boar
    • Fs- 6 Shark, 3 vSakana & vSiren, 2 Fathom

    Turn Three Key Activations

    • The goal kick at the bottom of the previous turn scatters into vSiren’s range when she comes back on the field. She picks up the ball and charges Ox, but fails to get any momentous results. Leaving her just a pass to shark instead of a potential snapshot.
    • Brisket gets the ball off of shark and kicks it to space in the corner of the map.
      • BCl8oHYm0-kVrtFNwsHp7BvwlL0Zc6hPZL_Xy4iu_kxBs4Dh0Ksf3rYWcAVH-qtiJprPlcjus3FkmvxaYsBW2IcsDOEWg-HACQcjanZOGvI5VuUgPeAeAIV7PYdaB_Rqc9_MC2wW
    • Shark initially tries to dodge off of brisket to get within reach of the ball, but the odds aren’t good and the first two attacks don’t go well. So mid-activation he redirects toward the scrum and uses his legendary on almost all of the butcher team. Critically this stops  boiler from reaching key targets
      • RyrMYrvO6I2lXhSPBdqCCFNnl9XT4Qy_2AsEd3ngFvueb-B084ml_NzklHk01SEBczM4M9naHPoUuR3iaYWO4d36hMH-_pYtVYBElMEpeMqmKst9fsVPotevMAZG1owiIPo9n5e4
    • Boar pushes Sakana out of melee to get off his furious charge but doesn’t manage to finish off his target.
    • Fathom uses her heroic and sprints to get to the ball as the last activation.

    Turn Three Recap
    Butchers - 7  Fishermen - 8
    This turn was essentially dedicated to both players making sure they didn’t lose the game this turn, but not managing to accomplish their own goals. The early activations were dedicated to trying to get the ball either to or away from Shark. When the Butchers managed to get the ball to space the Fishermen made a nice adaptation that allowed them to stall out the turn without losing the game right away.

    Turn Four Game Plan and Allocation

    • Gameplan Cards
      • Butchers - “Go For The Knees”
      • Fishermen - “Grudge Match” (Wins Initiative)
    • Bu- 4 Boiler & Brisket, 3 Shank, 1 Boar
    • Fs- 6 Shark, 4 Fathom, 3 vSiren, 1 Sakana

    Turn Four Key Activations

    • By winning initiative the Fishermen were able to start with Fathom and charge brisket to get momentum and take the game winning goal.

    Game Recap
    Butchers - 7  Fishermen -  12
    This was a fun match to watch, at different points I was absolutely convinced one player or the other was going to win only to have it change an activation later. I thought the fish had the game until vSiren’s unfortunate missed goal that left the ball in the middle of nowhere. But they showed resilience and managed to claw back into the game through the next two turns. Until the game came down to the wire with the last initiative battle likely determining the winner of the match.


    • Butchers - Goal kick at the end of turn two
      • Kicking to that wing of the pitch was rather risky. What happened with the scatter bringing it into vSiren’s range when she came back on the pitch was the worst case scenario, but I don’t think the risk was even necessary. Putting the ball more in the center wouldn’t be giving up any advantage while also not running the risk of returning models recovering the ball by using the fast ground.
    • Butchers - Over-committing down the field without the ball leaving themselves vulnerable behind.
      • This is a little more abstract but I think the Butchers turn two and three over prioritized models that were easy takeouts and that allowed them to progress down the center of the pitch. This made it feel like they were dominating the board, but since they could never get the ball onto any of the models in their central formation it left them extremely vulnerable to models getting around their lines for quick goals. I think they either needed to commit more heavily to retrieving the ball and passing to their central formation. Such as Shank taking a tackle and passing back at the top of turn two rather than committing to the kill. Or prioritize killing the models that were providing the goal threat even if it would have taken longer.
    • Fishermen -  vSiren over-committing turn one
      • I’m not sure what the plan was at the start of turn one when vSiren charged Brisket. My assumption is the plan was to gain momentum and dodge back slightly thus only slightly overextending a fairly difficult to kill model. But neglecting the unpredictable movement from Brisket simply left vSiren severely over-extended as well as generating no momentum from her influence.
    • Fishermen - Sakana’s board position on turn 1/2
      • Sakana turn one stayed significantly back but placed himself in cover. Normally I think this is a good move as it puts him in a position where he’s not threatened but threatens a significant portion of the board himself. However I think the Fishermen underestimated how much the Butchers were going to be able to move the scrum to the opposite wing of the pitch. This resulted in Sakana being severely out of range and unable to perform his responsibility of recovering the ball if it goes to his side of the pitch. This lack of threat was especially apparent when the ball ended up near the Butcher goal turn two and Sakana couldn’t do anything about it, forcing the Fishermen to sacrifice a lot of activations and models to get back to the ball with Shark.
    • Fishermen - Sakana engagement positioning on turn 3
      • Sakana choose to put himself at the edge of Boar’s melee zone at the end of turn two. This just leaves him more vulnerable to Boar the following turn as boar wants to get him back out of his melee zone for his free charge. This mistake likely should have killed Sakana if the dice hadn’t of saved him.

    Key Model

    • Butchers - Shank
      • While Boar & Boiler did the bulk of the damage for the Butchers’, it was Shank who could reliably get to the key targets. This was especially true of vSiren who only Shank could follow up on for the kill. Considering how aggressively the Fishermen were positioning vSiren and that kills on her made up 4/7 of the VP for Butchers, this was an important advantage Shank brought to the game.


    • Fishermen - Fathom
      • Fathom was the workhorse of the Fishermen lineup in this match. She didn’t do anything as flashy as vSiren, but she was consistently in a position that was threatening without herself being vulnerable to getting tied down. This showed through with her getting 2/3 of the goals while being the only model that was never vulnerable itself.

    Underperforming Models

    • Butchers - Brisket
      • Brisket could never establish herself as a legitimate threat, and was constantly having to chase down the ball but it was never enough to stall the fish for more than an activation or two.
    • Fishermen - Sakana
      • Sakana stayed too far out of the fight to provide striking or ball retrieval threat from the weak wing of the pitch. In the end he attempted to be a momentum generator and ended up almost getting killed for it.

    Play of the Game Award
    Shark’s legendary on turn three after abandoning reaching the ball. This play was critical in locking down the entire butcher team forcing them to stay in the center of the pitch while they Fishermen re-positioned around the edges of the pitch.

  4. I view them as the two apprentices skewed the most towards utility bringing ranged knockdowns/scatters, stat debuffs, and "I'm Open!" But they also benefit maybe more than another other apprentice from setup towards their respective goals. Bolt benefiting from doubling speed buffs placed on him and cast having really consistent damage in addition to her mobility on any burning target. 

    Someone like Alloy has better goal-threat than Bolt at the top of the turn, and Sledge better damage than Cast. But both of them bring some sort of utility while matching their counterparts or even exceeding them with more extensive setup than their counterparts usually require. 

    The way I'm usually thinking about it when deciding which to run is which one is going to benefit the most from the utility I'm bringing with my current draft of masters. Bolt being a strong choice when I'm bringing Masters like Farris or Captain Ferrite, and Cast when I have easy access to burning. If I'm not bringing such buffs I second-guess why I'm considering bringing either for utility and if it's worth it over the other apprentices, although sometimes it still is worth it.

  5. I really enjoyed that report :)

    We definitely don't see much Mortician play around here so I had a couple questions to pick your brain on.

    1. Without the turn 1 missed goal by shark do you think you still form the scrum on Kraken looking to secure the 8 VP to threaten a game winning goal, or would you be more worried about goal pressure and play further up the field? Seems like you picked a lot of defensive tech in your draft and were looking for this type of situation but I'm curious how much was how turn one played out and how much was pre-game strategy.

    2. You went with drafting defensive tech with Skulk, close control, fear, blind into a all-out goal scoring team. But your first instinct was a rather aggressive play with Scalpel. Do you think there's room for another aggro player, say Cosset, in such a situation?

    Thanks again for all the effort you've put into this thread, it's appreciated :)

  6. While S4 removed my favorite use for Farris as a very mobile sentinel aura with a 1 influence attack +sprint, I definitely agree with Petraites. I think there's a lot of potential for Captain Farris as a threat extension Captain, especially with Hearth. Bolt takes the most advantage of this but I think having a turn of free passes just for the dodges along with quick foot will have a lot of use in certain matchups.

  7. I definitely over prioritized getting the trio into position rather than where on the pitch they were. There were a number of opportunities I glossed over in favor of just throwing high damage apprentices in. I definitely need more practice against that kind of threat.

  8. Blacksmiths - Kicking (Perspective)

    1. Furnace (Captain)
    2. vCinder
    3. Iron
    4. Anvil - Kicking
    5. Sledge
    6. Burnish

    Fishermen - Receiving

    1. Shark
    2. Tentacles
    3. vSakana
    4. Hag
    5. Greyscales
    6. vSiren

    Team Analysis:
    Fishermen: Phlop Donkus
    I mostly played Corsair in season 3, and tried him out in previous games against the Blacksmiths in season 4, which I don’t feel was a good drop. I think the last thing I want to do is pull Sledge into my scrum, especially if I don’t kill him! I played Shark in order to put constant pressure on the ball, and Vet Siren as I was not going to be playing Kraken, and Vet Cinder would not be affected by Siren’s charmed male. Seeing Iron and Burnish being drafted really is the stuff of nightmares, and dealing with it was not something that I was looking forward to. I hoped that Vet Sakana and Hag would be able to deal with their ability to kill the ball, and maybe Shark getting a couple of luck tackles with a stack of six influence would work too...
    Blacksmiths: Tsar14
    The goal of this lineup is to combine the best offensive threats from blacksmiths with the passive ball killing potential of Iron & Burnish. Ideally I want to get Iron under Burnish’s reinforced plating and hopefully under either Anvil or Furnace’s Sentinel  and make it extremely difficult to get the ball off of him. While Iron kills the ball vCinder & Sledge try to get into the enemy team and takeout any player that can retrieve the ball. I chose Furnace as captain ultimately for the offensive legendary but was considering Anvil to make it harder to disrupt the positioning when Iron tries to kill the ball.

    I lineup on the right wing to avoid the large rough ground in the center of my half of the pitch and to control one wing of the pitch when I go to kill the ball. My thinking here is that I likely can’t stop the turn one goal but I can set up so that after my goal kick I can have Iron, Burnish, and Anvil in position to control turn two and onward. Anvil’s kickoff was risky but worked about as well as possible with a scatter onto the left wing of the pitch. I kicked off with Anvil to try to get his sentinel aura further forward for later, but it might have been better to kickoff with an apprentice threat or burnish in hindsight.

    Turn One Allocation
    Bs- 3 Sledge & vCinder, 2 Anvil & Iron, 1 Burnish & Furnace
    Fs- 6 Shark, 3 Hag, 2 vSiren, 1 vSakana 
    Turn One Key Activations

    • After Shark and Greyscales move up on some passes, Burnish sprints up next to Anvil and uses flame belch on Shark & Greyscales
    • Shark, with the ball, charges burnish and dodges off of him before shooting a goal 
    • vSiren uses Dread Gaze on Sledge who is threatening to dodge up vCinder and charge shark. This also pushed Sledge just outside of the six inch tutelage aura
    • Sledge passes to Iron and charges vSiren, fails to hit damage after defensive stance
    • After the goal kick, Iron gets setup under Burnish, Anvil, & cover to the left of the center obstacle.

    Turn One Recap 
    Blacksmiths - 0   Fishermen - 4
    The turn one goal was basically unstoppable, so I instead opt into trying to get Sledge & vCinder as far up the board as possible while setting up Iron to protect the ball. Unfortunately I position Burnish in a short-sighted way and end up setting up Iron in the center of the pitch surrounded by potential threats, it likely would have been worth simply sending Iron up the right side of the field even without Burnish's support after my positional mistake.

    *Picture is after Shark starts to activate on turn two*

    Turn Two Game Plan and Allocation
    Gameplan Cards

    • Blacksmiths - “Full-Back”
    • Fishermen - “Keep The Ball Moving” (Wins Initiative)

    Bs- 4 vCinder, 3 Sledge, 2 Furnace & Iron, 1 Anvil
    Fs- 6 Shark, 4 Greyscales, 3 vSakana
    Turn Two Key Activations

    • Shark jogs to Iron and fails to reach his tackle, with his last couple attacks he switches into taking dodges towards the goal to get in snapshot range
    • vCinder uses her one influence charge on Siren, catching Tentacles, but fails to finish the takeout and trigger Grim Vengeance to potentially kill Tentacles
    • Hag jogs in and legendaries Anvil, Burnish, and Iron to break up the formation
    • Sledge attacks Greyscales and gets him very low
    • Greyscales gets the ball off of Iron and passes to shark for a snapshot goal
    • Furnace uses his one influence charge to finish off vSiren
    • Blacksmiths reform, in-part, the Iron ball kill on the center-right side of the center obstacle. Burnish attempts to jog over to Iron but gets knocked down on the parting blow. 

    Turn Two Recap
    Blacksmiths - 2  Fishermen - 8
    This turn looked like a disaster for fishermen at first with Shark’s six influence nearly going to waste. It’s worth noting here that he opted to jog in rather than charge to avoid the defensive stance from Iron, but the math would have favored hitting his column two tackle on the charge rather than two normal attacks. But the Hag legendary enabled the fishermen to get the ball back and a swift snapshot goal pushing them into a controlling lead. Meanwhile the blacksmiths damaged many models and tried to re-kill the ball but we’re too tied up to get much distance.


    Turn Three Game Plan and Allocation

    • Blacksmiths - “Go For The Knees” - Sledge - (Wins Initiative) 
    • Fishermen - “Back In The Game”

    Bs- 4 vCinder, 3 Sledge, 2 Furnace & Iron, 1 Anvil
    Fs- 4 Shark, 4 Greyscales, 3 vSakana & vSiren
    Turn Three Key Activations

    • Furnace charges and finishes Greyscales, influence moved to Hag
    • vSakana pushes Sledge then hits ‘Fancy Footwork’ to get the ball off Iron, passes to shark for a snapshot goal


    Game Recap
    Blacksmiths - 4  Fishermen -  12
    While the Iron triple setup ball-kill was established by the blacksmiths, the fisherman controlled the center of the pitch. The main consequence of this was that despite having to put extra resources or risks to retrieve the ball, when they did the fish were setup to immediately take advantage giving no time for me to retake the ball and set back up. End the end this resulted in a rapid series of goals despite almost every member of the fishermen being under threat.


    • Blacksmiths - Kickoff lineup
      • I overestimated how far on the wing I could setup Iron after the goal kick. While if I had positioned models better turn one I could have setup further to the right I’m not sure it was enough to justify how much control over the center I lost as a result.
    • Blacksmiths - Burnish’s flame belch instead of prioritizing positioning turn one. 
      • Burnish’s priority for turn one should be to position for Iron’s ball kill, instead I went forward to take an opportunity at softening what I viewed as the two goal-threats on his team. This was very short-sighted play as it forced me into setting up on the left side of the obstacle instead of the right in exchange for a flame belch that didn’t have much if any effect on the game.
    • Fishermen - Shark jogging in to attack Iron at the top of turn two. 
      • By jogging in and attacking a 3/3 model in cover Shark was only at a 13.2% chance of hitting his tackle. If he had charged, even after defensive stance, he would have a 50% shot at hitting his tackle. Regardless due to close control this is a very long shot of being able to hit two tackles and still momentously dodge to get into goal range.
    • Blacksmiths - vCinder’s charge at top of turn two.
      • I overestimated vCinder likelihood of killing vSiren due to her having a one influence charge. As a result I got greedy and included Tentacles in the charge at the expense of taking a crowd-out thinking I would be able to kill vSiren and use Grim vengeance to damage or even kill Tentacles for a momentum lead. Her six defense on the charge and five defense on the remaining attacks left vCinder only hitting her first two columns on most attacks. I went for this partially because I wanted to take the opportunity to get in vCinder’s charge before he could move vSiren thinking that the ball was safe once Shark had activated. But had I foreseen the effect Hag was going to have it would have been wiser to activate Sledge threaten Hag or Greyscales
    • Blacksmiths - Allowing Shark to stay in tap-in range 
      • I was prioritizing minimizing the fishermen’s ability to retrieve the ball all game. But after giving up the center of the pitch I severely underestimated the potential of having Shark in snapshot threat range with so much of his team in range to pass to him. Most of our games involving shark are much more spread out than this and it caught me off guard not having an activation to potentially retrieve the ball.
    • Blacksmiths - Prioritizing finishing Greyscales over likely killing vSakana turn three
      • This one is borderline but looking back I think Sledge could have killed vSakana or taken him so low that he’s in threat of dying to a counter attack. Instead I saw Greyscales and Shark as a threat to take the ball and immediately score a goal and tried to mitigate that since Furnace was capable of killing Greyscales due to how low he was. This was mistaking that vSakana was actually the stronger threat to retrieve the ball and be able to get it to Shark since neither Greyscales nor Shark were likely to tackle off of Iron but without burnish making it into range to protect Iron vSakana was very capable of stealing it off of him.

    Key Model
    Blacksmiths - Iron
    While his play was entirely passive, the defensive tech was key to the game plan and the only thing slowing the fishermen down.
    Fishermen - vSakana
    vSakana’s ranged tackle that ignores close control was a constant threat, combined with his anatomical precision to make it easier to hit target models and bag of coffers providing a more reliable pass vSakana both altered where and how I could play my models while also making a game-winning play himself.

    Underperforming Models
    Blacksmiths - Burnish
    I failed to position Burnish well, which both altered where I setup Iron and made it difficult to reposition next to Iron after the Hag legendary.
    Fishermen - Tentacles
    Hard to say anyone on the fishermen lineup underperformed since every squaddie made a game-altering play and Shark scored all three goals. Their mascot however didn’t manage to get into the game for either significant crowd-outs or blind and was a liability to vCinder.

    Play of the Game Award
    Hag Legendary breaking up the Hellraiser puzzle box. This single play turned the game around by adjusting the positioning of every key model and enabling the Fishermen to take a commanding lead turn two.

  9. Saturday October 13th 2018 - Season Four

    Blacksmiths - Kicking (Perspective)

    • Hearth (Captain)
    • Alloy
    • vCinder - Kicking
    • Anvil
    • Sledge
    • Farris

    Union - Receiving

    • vRage
    • Coin
    • Mist
    • Benediction
    • Avarisse & Greed
    • Harry

    Team Analysis 

    My usual Union opponent is trying a lineup slightly altered by the season four changes by swapping in Harry The Hat to take the place he most commonly uses Gutter. I think by keeping A&G over Gutter it makes his lineup easier to control in exchange for higher damage output when they make it into the enemy lines. Swapping out of one his damage dealers for an extra utility piece adds a small amount of AoE control and extra mobility from Harry's aura.
    I ran a lineup similar to the scrum focused lineups I’ve been running in season three but decided to try Hearth as captain primarily for the changes to her legendary. The main goal of this lineup is to form a scrum using the knockdowns, sentinel auras’, and two inch melee to control the threats to apprentices while either heavily allocating to vCinder & Sledge for takeouts or switching to Alloy for a goal-run at the expense of the beater apprentice's influence. I wanted to see if the new legendary from hearth would be able to enable a multiple threat turn by enabling both Alloy and at least one of the fighting focused apprentices.

    I lineup off center to the left to minimize the effect of terrain denying my apprentices charge lanes as both of my beater apprentices have key effects on charge. He lines up fairly grouped up in the center with his striker opposite the kickoff side. Since I’m kicking off with a fighter threat rather than a striker threat I’m aiming to make the ball as difficult to retrieve as possible to hopefully force him into vCinder's threat range. Whereas he lines up to set up a bottom of turn one or top of turn two goal threat after passing down his lines.

    Turn One Allocation
    - Full stack vCinder & Sledge, Anvil 2
    Un- Full stack vRage & Mist, Molotov+sprint influence to Harry
    Turn One Key Activations

    • Harry lays down Molotov in front of vCinder blocking off full stack Sledge and forcing vCinder to take burning if she goes in
    • Farris sprints in and pushes Harry closer to vCinder & Sledge
    • Anvil dodges up the team primarily to enable vCinder’s charge (dodges her into Molotov) who’s charge significantly damages Harry, while catching A&G
    • vRage takes Farris low and wins momentum race

    Turn One Recap 
    Blacksmiths - 0  Union - 0
    I trade over-extending Farris for getting both of my apprentices into the enemy team to kill Harry and damage Avarisse for turn 2. However Harry’s Molotov is positioned perfectly to just barely block off sledge. This results in both Harry & Farris being very low but not dead but more importantly gives the Union team the momentum race.

    Turn Two Game Plan and Allocation
    Gameplan Cards 

    • Blacksmiths- Offside Trap 
    • Union- Go For The Knees(Wins Initiative)


    • Blacksmiths- 36:50 
    • Union -28:39

    BS- 3 vCinder, 3 Sledge, 4 Alloy, 3 across masters
    UN- Full Stack vRage & Mist, spread the rest on Avarisse & Benediction
    Turn Two Key Activations

    • Mist takes out Farris (on two) in two attacks for the momentum and a six-point activation but fails a swing on Alloy after jogging and as a result doesn’t have the second momentum he needs due to off-side trap. Instead kicks back to vRage.
    • vCinder kills Harry does some damage to Avarisse and runs back towards safety
    • vRage charges Alloy who escapes on the counter attack
    • Alloy gets a goal run off of coin
    • Sledge kills a damaged Avarisse

    Turn Two Recap
    Blacksmiths - 8  Union - 2
    The mist activation at the start of this turn was the most important activation of this game. By not being able to get to two momentum to shoot the goal the Union team lost it’s goal run, over extended Mist, and allowed vCinder an opportunity to activate. If he hadn’t forgot ‘Offside Trap’ or if Mist had managed to get a momentum off the attack on Alloy this would have been a completely different game. But the disaster snowballed over the course of this turn. vCinder & Sledge both ended up having softened targets to takeout and he wasn’t able to get the ball out of Alloy’s goal threat before he was able to go in with a charge + instructions to tackle the ball off of coin and dodge out for the goal. As a result, all three blacksmith’s apprentices had +VP activations propelling them significantly into the lead.


    Turn Three Game Plan and Allocation

    • Blacksmiths- ”Won’t Touch The Hair” (Wins Initiative) 
    • Union- ”Midfield General”


    • Blacksmiths- 25:35 
    • Union- 15:59

    BS- 4 vCinder, 3 Sledge, 3 Alloy, spread remainder on Masters
    UN- Full stack vRage & Mist, Harry 2 for sprint & pass
    Turn Three Key Activations

    • vCinder charges vRage, a dice spike on the second attack enables her to take him out
    • Harry gets the ball to mist for a snapshot goal
    • Sledge kills Benediction

    Game Recap
    Blacksmiths - 12 Union - 6
    The attack on vRage by vCinder at the top of turn three sealed the fate on this game by taking away the Union’s fighting options for the turn and leaving them only goal-scoring options. It was turn two that decided the game however, with the combination of Mist’s failed goal-run and the double takeout plus goal-run by the blacksmith’s apprentices that made this game a desperate situation for Union


    • The Mist goal run at the top of turn two seemed like a golden opportunity for a six-point activation. But once I played off-side trap I think the six-point activation is off the table and instead the Union team should either go with vRage and likely takeout vCinder, which might leave them open to Alloy taking the ball off Mist and possibly getting a goal. Or give up on Mist being able to both takeout Farris as well as get a goal and instead take multiple dodges off of Farris and use that momentum to go for the goal, which only trades allowing vCinder to activate with three influence. To his credit he had forgotten about the effect of the “Offside Trap” gameplan card and so thought he had a safe six-point activation.
    • My positioning of both Farris and Sledge turn one was a mistake. The idea was to extend Farris then back her up with both of my fully stacked apprentices hopefully winning momentum and having a significant positional advantage going into turn two. But this was overly ambitious since Harry’s Molotov managed to block off Sledge which both stopped Sledge from getting into position and dealing damage, but also lost me the momentum race to take control of the scrum in turn two.
    • I also think his activation order and choice of when to spend momentum on healing in turn two was a mistake. Once Mist failed his goal run and vCinder activated there was either the option of trying to get in immediate damage/takeouts or re-positioning players and the ball. He was a little flustered and opted to pass the ball with vRage and charge Alloy likely hoping for a takeout or removing/mitigating Alloy’s threat on the ball. But Alloy was able to slip away from vRage which was the start of the cascade since it leaves the Union in a position where the ball is under threat from Alloy, A&G are in threat of dying to sledge and there’s no one left to mitigate either threat.

    Key Model
    Blacksmiths- Veteran Cinder
    She did vCinder things in this match, taking out players with little to no support and softening other models. Her ability to threaten models before the rest of her team can catch up was a significant part of how I managed to take control of the center of the pitch and force the Union’s hand at key moments.
    Union- Harry The Hat
    Harry was at the center of everything that went right for the Union in this match. He enabled threat range extension when the Union was passing the ball down their line on turn one. He disabled models from getting into their lines turn one which allowed him to win momentum for turn two, and he even managed to use his goal-kick to the side of the pitch that Harry ran back on to allow a snapshot goal from Mist.

    Under-performing Model
    Blacksmiths - Farris
    I overextended Farris this game hoping to start the scrum with a forward Sentinel aura and crowd outs. However I overestimated her survivability by thinking a high HP 2/3 model in cover would take longer to kill than what turned out. As a result she simply ran in and died at the start of the game and never quite made it back into a meaningful place when returning.
    Union - Avarisse & Greede
    He had a lot of difficulty getting Avarisse into this match. The combination of slow movement and 1” melee on Avarisse resulted in him getting burned and damaged by vCinder and finding himself unable to chase after anyone without clearing his conditions at the expensive of his vulnerable HP levels. As a result he never got in range to contribute to the fight and was a sitting duck for Sledge.

    Play of the Game Award
    Veteran Cinder’s charge into Veteran Rage at the start of turn three for the takeout on a full influence captain.