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  1. So my local gaming club has just started up a guild ball league running over the next few months, so because I got a touch of writer's itch goingI'm going to try and upload a fluffy piece detailing each game in story form as I tend to not to do usual match reports, so with out further a do here is the opening segment, the first game should be played in the next few days so a game fluff piece should follow swiftly :) Build up The low thrum of energy filled the room, no words were exchanged, they didn’t need to be; it had all built up to this. Greyscales stood in the corner casting his gaze over the assembly of players, new and old all here to fight under one banner for the glory of this new title. To his right sat Shark, the tall, pale almost ghost like figure holding a whetstone in one hand his long polearm sat across his lap, sharpening the gleaning metal tip with a fierce intensity. He’d grown a great deal since first taking the role of captain in Corsair’s absence, no longer the cannon ball firing straight for goal without a second thought as he’d first played. Since their encounter with the monstrous Fangtooth in a game many months prior Shark had learnt to value his team far more, now equally willing to threaten the goal run himself or to feint at the last moment passing off to other players waiting in the wings on for them to land the shot on target. Opposite him stood Jac, stoic as ever, his arms crossed his chest as he watched Shark sharpen his weapon. It was almost as if he were trying to bait Shark though over the many times he had attempted Shark had never bitten, Angel had joked previously that because of this when Jac hit the field this ability to bait others had vastly improved causing even the most composed of players to charge towards him often leaving the ball open for capture. To Jac’s left stood the pair on the team Greyscales knew the least about, Kraken and Siren, both relatively unknown in their background, but both formidable assets. Siren had in recent times lost her previously calm demeanour becoming something akin to a sea witch when enraged, for whatever reason she used this well, he unnatural speed almost rivalled that of Shark and her uncanny knack of knowing where the ball would move to when cut loose had saved many a game for the Fish, added to this her mystical ability to knock people from their feet causing them to retreat from her with only a gaze and it was clear to see why she had developed the respect of Corsair through recent months. Similarly Kraken despite his inability to move fast had become something of a defensive back bone for the team. Many times had they been asked ‘How can you play with no keeper?’ The simple reply was always the same: ‘We have a Kraken.’ Anyone close enough would be drawn in, less kind individuals would infer this being due to his massive bulk, said people were often the first to find out that Kraken’s Harpoon was not simply for show and swiftly found themselves face down on the pitch, being swiftly flung back out like a minnow that served no purpose other than to be released upon capture. Lastly there stood the newest addition in the room, a dark tanned young woman, who in spite of her relative inexperience within the team had already shown her worth in her on pitch performances and her quiet pride radiated in her quiet smile. The woman’s name was Fathom and reminded Greyscales much of Angel when she made her initial debut, partly due to the amount of time the two trained together, almost moving like one when one the field. She had joined as part of the Navigator’s guild and their pact to aid the Fishermen in light of the Lord chamberlain of their guild being murdered at the hands of an unknown assassin, and was one of two players the guild were allowed to offer in the league. Greyscales had played alongside her only two times previously, but on both occasions she had shown herself to be blisteringly fast, and highly accurate in her strikes, both with her oar and her footwork, though he felt there was much yet to be seen from her potential. His train of thought was broken by the tapping that echoed through the room as the light in the doorway was blotted out by a large, imposing figure. Corsair stood in the doorway, behind him an uncomfortable squelching noise followed as the octopus known as to the team only as Tentacles followed closely behind. Shark’s attention shifted from the blade tip to Corsair, locking eyes with him for a moment. Corsair looked around the room taking each player in one by one, settling on Greyscales for a brief moment before it returned to Shark. The thrum of energy built as the roaring crowd in the stadium became more audible, for a further few beats the two captains held their gaze until Corsair nodded. Shark rose, flipping his polearm over his shoulder into a reverse grip, the rest of the team straightened up and as Corsair moved to leave the room, Tentacles in tow, the team followed suit. This would be it, this would be their moment, their time to shine. Greyscales watched as they all left the room watching as the made their way to the pitch. This would be the team to return the fish to glory.
  2. Star_stryker

    S4 Captain Choices

    +1 on the bit regarding 2" melee vs Order, I've been playing my regular opponent who's runs predominantly Order at the moment he usually runs sBrisket, Pride, vFangtooth, sSpigot, vHarry and Mist. Brisket and Pride are both 1"MZ being able to keep them tied is good, though try to dodge into Pride to shut down his counter attack (works on advances but not dodges) Mist has 2" MZ and a 2" for 1 inf, so she's a little trickier to lock down. As for captain choices, my opponent really hated Shark due to the legendary, but I found the game went better using Corsair, partly as it makes it much harder for them to work their synergies (Fangtooth's free pass, Brisket's 'I'm open play with or without her legendary) Personally I'd say Corsair is a better match up but if you want a fun game play Shark and take Fathom with vSakana, Bag of Coffers + Raise the Black Flag on Fathom makes for an even stronger goal threat than she already is.
  3. Star_stryker

    Order help

    We got the game done, but had to stop as the shop we were in was closing, ended 10-8 in favour of the order. I took Corsair, Tentacles, vSiren, Kraken, Hag and vSakana. Order team was Brisket, Pride, Harry the Hat, Fangtooth, Spigot and Mist Scored twice late on with Siren, but conceded twice; once to Brisket, once to mist and lost Sakana in a midfield melee. Both myself and my opponent were in a strong position (me with the ball and Corsair in 8" of goal, him with Kraken down to 6HP and Brisket yet to activate), MVP was definitely Corsair for KDing the entire opposing team across the bottom of turn 1 and top of 2, with Kraken an honourable mention for tanking the combined force of Harry, Spigot and Brisket for most of a turn, despite being knocked down. Hag was incredibly useful in the match as she kept Siren and Corsair mobile and vSakana's raise the black flag made Kraken connecting with Mist fat easier, keeping her off her feet when her and Siren weren't scrapping for the ball. Definetly an interesting match up, wouldn't mind facing them again, though with slightly different terrain set up as a forest in the dead centre of the table made things quite difficult.
  4. Star_stryker

    Order help

    I'm playing my friend who usually plays farmers and he's just picked up the order team just wondering if anyone has any insights in to how best to face them, looking at them I'm guessing Shark and the 3-0 goal plan, though there is a lot of arm (Benediction and Fangtooth) and between them and Spigot I'm not sure if Corsair would work as well against them?
  5. Star_stryker

    Cross Guild Models

    Just a little speculation, but I noticed both Brewers/Masons as well as Alchemists/Engineers share a cross guild model (Lucky and Compound I think), but what guild would we cross over with for such a model if we ever got one? Personally I was thinking Fishermen/Hunters would make sense not so much from a play mechanic but from the fluff given both are gathers of food stuffs and such, Butchers/ Morticians maybe and Farmers/Blacksmiths as the other cross over? Not really sure, but would like to hear other people's thoughts and while we're not likely to see these models anytime soon, given the minor guilds and the draft rookies yet to come, be nice to spitball what maybe :)
  6. Star_stryker

    Running Fish into Farmers

    I've recently started playing, only have a few games under my belt, though half of them have been against the Farmers. First game went really badly as I got carried away trying to run up the field with Salt as a ball carrier and consequently Grange KD'd him and next turn gave siren and Shark the same treatment as he kicked the ball behind his goal line and created a wall of farmers. Past couple of games I've made more use of terrain to block or at least slow down their team, Shark kicking off to the far left where Greyscales was shielded by rough ground, before then conga lining the ball back over to the right for a turn 1 goal off a little later. From my limited experience Jac seems to be really good for this matchup as his pushes mess with positioning, stopping Harrow getting his harvest markers for being within 3" of Grange, Windle getting his dodges off anything friendly moving within 4", that and the get over here with Salt aides works really nicely with the whole kick to one side, fetch the ball back given their lower movement speed, I think Hag and her repositioning shenanagins could also be very useful for this match up though I've yet to use her. One thing that keeps cropping up (pun intended) is Jackstraw's Crop dusting, does this have to be centred over a model if targetting one, or just placed so the models are under it? Just wanted to clarify as my Farmer opponent hasnt played with them much and I'm just starting and couldn't find any mention of it anywhere. Usual squad running into Farmers: Shark, Salt, Jack, Greyscales, oSiren, Sakana