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  1. H: KS Shark W: Siren Miniatures

    Yeah ordered her from Germany, arrived last week, never mind
  2. H: KS Shark W: Siren Miniatures

    Hi Whitey Yep still looking for him you want to trade for KS Shark?
  3. H: KS Shark W: Siren Miniatures

    Cheers mate - appreciate the help - Kelith, ordered. figure4sale make you go through the checkout procedure and then Products marked with *** are not available in the desired quantity or not in stock!
  4. H: KS Shark W: Siren Miniatures

    KS Shark BNIBClutching at straws here I think, but I'm looking for these 2 models from Siren Miniatures, out of stock with Siren, but maybe you know of / live close to a store which still has some stockhttp://sirenminiatures.com/store/kelithhttp://sirenminiatures.com/store/virgil
  5. I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    I am astounded with every figure, your skill and individual style is stunning
  6. Rich's thought process over last week
  7. Painting for beginners

    I like this guy, explains things really well and is easy to watch/listen too Miniature painting with Romain
  8. just saying

  9. Dice Math Tables

    Cheers Teflon - appreciate all the work . At least I'll know how little chance I had to score as I kick it in the stand
  10. Great looking miniatures...

    I'd be happy if at this point they said "No more SG till £900,000 - [currently £701,000] this will allow us to move to HIPS for production"
  11. Woo Hoo - £87000 in six minutes - congratulation guys.... When is shipping
  12. Fishermen Goal

    Hi psychogeek I used a Morena from Sphere Wars
  13. SOLD OUT!!! Vapnatak 7th Feb - NOW 32 PLAYERS!!!

    I'm not going to be able to attend - anyone want to take my ticket (sorry it's last minute, but was hanging on hoping I'd make it)
  14. All gone. Thanks to everyone who bought or traded. Especially for your patience, I know I kept you hanging
  15. Just waiting on Battlehammer as they asked first. Yep Resin KS Honour