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    Wave 3 contents/commitment

    Thanks for the confirmation, I'm never sure if I miss updates! If they split 3 into two, I'd imagine Giblin just quits on the spot instead of dealing with that horrorshow. That's an enticing detail! They would certainly recoup a lot of lost faith if they were that far along with wave 3, but there's a > 0 number of people that still don't have their addresses updated. I'm just excited to get all the armors and NPCs! I can't play often, but I'll be satisfied with a collection of of Dark Souls figurines. Fine work, skeleton!
  2. We've been dark for a while - has SFG said anything lately about what's to come in wave 3? Last I heard, it was "everything else". Have they committed to fulfilling all of the stretch goals as originally set out?
  3. For those of you that haven't gone hollow - I received a tracking number for my Darkroot expansion! Don't give up, skeleton!