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  1. winstoninabox

    Rules Question: Pyromancer Fire Orb attack area

    Did you mean “Great Fireball”? Base game rule book Pg 22 “Icons” under Area says: If there are no opposing cards in the listed row or column, the attack misses and has no effect. I can’t see any new rules in the expansion that change this.
  2. winstoninabox

    NG+ & Beyond

    Here’s an attempt to simulate NG+ from the DS video games: After winning, first return all Transposed Treasures from that game to their deck. Next, all Remnant of Humanity, Starting Deck, Stamina and Common Treasure Cards from that game are placed into Inventory. To create NG+ (or higher) decks, each character can take from Inventory any Remnant of Humanity and Starting Deck Cards AND one Common Treasure OR Stamina Card for each plus, up to the max deck size limit. The max deck size limit on the Bonfire Cards is reduced by 1 for each plus. Any Starting Deck Cards that are not used remain in Inventory with the Remnant of Humanity Cards to be available at the start of the next game. Like Remnant of Humanity Cards, they can be used to fill out any character’s deck. Finally, any Common Treasure and Stamina Cards not used are returned to their decks. Thus, in an NG+++ game, the Starting Decks would be any 22 Card combination of Starting Deck and Remnant of Humanity Cards, plus each deck could have any combination of 3 Common Treasures or Stamina Cards, up to the max deck size limit of 25. The max deck size limit for the Bonfire Cards would be 25/28/31/34/37.
  3. winstoninabox

    Parties Less Than Four

    Undoubtedly, the game benefits from having four characters. Although the Encounter Cards take into account the number of players, enemies still attack first and don’t have to move to hit. Also, Bosses don’t scale according to the number of characters. To balance having less than four characters, between bonfires allow one additional use of an Heroic Ability for each missing character, with each character having to use their ability at least once. Thus in a party of three, one character can use their Heroic Ability twice. In a party of two, each character can use their ability twice. During solo play the character can use their Heroic Ability four times. Any other restrictions on Heroic Abilities still apply. On the first use of the Heroic Ability, the character’s card is flipped as usual. For each additional use of the Heroic Ability, put a spare Encounter Cleared or Wound Token on the character to keep track of the total uses. The benefits of this rule are that is scales with the number of players, it doesn’t affect the mechanics of Encounters, and characters get more opportunities to use their Heroic Abilities, which are the things that differentiate each character from the others.
  4. winstoninabox

    Preparing for Combat

    In the video game you can prepare for the coming battle by cast spells, etc. But in the card game you can’t do anything until after the enemies attack, and they always attack first. To simulate preparation allow the first hand of each encounter to be of any size, but at the end of the first enemy activation any cards over 6 must be discarded down to 6. This rule also replaces the Mulligans rule.
  5. Knowledge of the level is important in the DS video games. Since the level resets to as it was before your death or return to the bonfire, when you know where and what the monsters are, you have a better chance of defeating them. Unfortunately, the card game takes away this player advantage by having you reshuffle defeated enemies back into their respective piles, and putting an Encounter Cleared token on the encounter. Thus, after the bonfire, the next time you return to the encounter there’s all new enemies there. While this gives more variety in enemies, it takes away the chances for deck building and character placement on the Battle Board that would capitalize on previous knowledge of the encounter. To make the card game more like the video game, and to greatly increase the tactics available, try these simple changes. Don’t use the Encounter Cleared tokens. Instead, as each enemy is defeated, place it on the Encounter Card that spawned it. After you go to the bonfire and return to the encounter, use these cards instead of the ones in the main piles. Now, just like in the video game the same monsters are there in the same pattern. You can build your deck and place your characters with this in mind.
  6. 1) Your cards are your life, so the fewer you discard the better. Why discard 2 if you might get what you need with 1 discard? Humanity gives you the chance to discard after you’ve discarded but didn’t get what you wanted. 2) Yes. Heal refers to the “targeted character”.