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  1. DoctorD

    Blacksmith matchup, help wanted.

    Thanks for the feedback! I'm just really worried by the ability of blacksmiths to build a lot of momentum as soon as they get into one of my models. And with them being able to one round my players with like 4-5 momentum gain and I'm at zero cause of character plays to setup the conditions they can just heal back up. I'm thinking just accepting an Alloy goal on turn 1 if I kick, try to avoid giving him a charge target (which is pretty hard considering he threatens 20" non linear with Iron and Hearth) to ensure he can't build lots of momentum and dodge 8" after scoring. Then attempt to setup turn 2 to nuke him with character plays, I guess? And not get devastated by vCinder in the process...
  2. What would one play, and how, into blacksmiths? Tried out Smoke, Flask, vCalculus, Crucible, Venin, Vitriol. Played poorly as the inexperienced player I am, but ended up 0-12... And now, I'm at a loss (figuratively and literally) what to do. I'm thinking swapping Crucible or Vitriol for Mercury for some extra fire and to reduce threat ranges? Or getting OKatalyst in there to knock someone down to enable Venin to deal some damage? Any ideas or feedback is welcome, I'm just curious how to best play into a goal threatening (with Alloy) team that has excellent damage and good armor. Just give away first goal to Alloy and try to play cagey and stay away? Or go for some kind of ranged game perhaps?
  3. If a model advances towards another model with Burning Spirit (Mercury) and has less than 2" of movement left does this stop the model from entering the aura? I've seen people say that Burning Spirit keeps enemy models from entering if they don't have enough movement, but this seems counter intuitive.