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  1. Perceived problem: The game feels very laggy when attempting to do most actions, even when playing offline. Changing memory heap values doesn't seem to fix the issue. More specifically, when clicking a player model, the game freezes for several seconds. This does not occur when box-selecting the model. Tested this on 2 computers (fast desktop and average laptop). Both Windows 10, both on the same network. Assumption: The "Statistics" pane (the window that shows the player card front/back) is either taking too long to load or is fetching something from the internet every time you click a player model. Workaround: Edit the module from the VASSAL main window. Navigate to [Game Piece Prototype Definitions] -> Player [Definition]. Double click. Select "Prototype - HT_Card_Update" and click "<- Remove". Do the same for "Prototype - VT_Card_Update" and "Prototype - Obs_Card_Update". Press "Ok", then click the Save button in the menu bar. Result: When I start a new game, the lag doesn't occur anymore. The downside is that the "Statistics" window won't show the player cards anymore. I'm sure there's a better way to solve this problem, but I don't know enough about VASSAL to figure that one out. I suppose you can have the cards open in another window or you could print them and have them in front of you when you're playing. Since I don't play the game online, I don't know what impact these changes might have. If anything goes wrong, simply add the three prototypes back to the module configuration (just Add "Prototype" as a trait, then type "HT_Card_Update", save, repeat for the other 2) Hope this helps!