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  1. I'm also moderately confused on how the "Broad Sword" does its stamina costs cause the character to lunge into another node? If so can he attack someone in his node with it and then move to another node? Lastly does this count toward his normal movement and its costs. For example There is a Hollow Solider 2 nodes away, you (Walk) one node closer and then "Lunge" (2 Stamina attack) do you move into his node and hit him for a TOTAL COST of 2 fatigue? AND IF that works does in work the in the reverse fashion of An enemy is 1 node away, you lunge into him (2 Stamina attack) and end in his node and then (Walk) out for 0 stamina costs, or would that then be considered a run? PS. Sorry for the 20 questions but I just want to make sure I have the nuance down before I try to host a session with my friends.
  2. Hey I'm quite stuck. If a boss pushes by walking into you while you're in a corner where do you go? (Its a movement push) I'm quite lost about this.