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  1. dferreira

    Advice on attaching small part components

    Hey Zerachial. Many thanks for the tip. That is one tecnhique I have not tried yet. I am not sure if my clumsy hands will be able to handle that glue sandwich in place, but I will try it first on a bigger model. Cheers
  2. Hey there. To all those experienced modellers. what advice could you give regarding pinning small parts, such as Angel's hand (from the fisherman's guild) to the main sculpt? I have experience in pinning larger models like warjacks and the likes, but the contact point on these fisherman's minis is tiny to say the least. All help and comments is much appreciated! Cheers Daniel
  3. dferreira

    Hi from Portugal

    Many thanks for the welcome. 😃
  4. dferreira

    New team

    The situation is looking rather dark indeed.😂
  5. dferreira

    New team

    Let´s do this!!! Starting my new team! Cheers all
  6. dferreira

    Hi from Portugal

    Hi there. Daniel here from Portugal and a fisherman's guild player. Looking forward to get more and more experience with the game. Cheers Daniel