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  1. Earthwormben

    Season 4 differences

    Thanks ill check that out when I get home. Assume that may answer my questions. After downloading a reference card off the Facebook group it seems like their is only subtle changes and I could just be over thinking this 😁
  2. Earthwormben

    Season 4 differences

    So I had my first season 4 game tonight, seems everything went fine, but feel like we could of missed some of the changes whilst reading the rulebook. Is there a list of the season 4 rule changes, as it seems they are implemented well but could be missable
  3. Earthwormben

    No Grace card?

    Want to check these again? http://steamforged.com/s/GB-S4-Collected-Order.pdf Hmmmm they seem to be in screen but not print friendly
  4. Earthwormben

    No Grace card?

    Where can I find a grace card? I noticed neither the order or the union files seem to contain one