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  1. Earthwormben

    Black Friday Combined Shipping

    I want to make sure I'm not going insane... Did the set of Ball Markers mention they came with a fractured loyalties ball? There's a union in chains ball and I'm pretty sure that wasn't in the description...
  2. Earthwormben

    Did any LE Pride Actually get made for Black Friday?

    it seems the stars at SFG were quickly on the ball, listening to the community very fast and fixed in minutes. excellent for this kind of event
  3. was constantly refreshing.... got on the site pretty much straight away.... Pride sold out... didnt even have to rush for anything else.
  4. Earthwormben

    Season 4 differences

    Thanks ill check that out when I get home. Assume that may answer my questions. After downloading a reference card off the Facebook group it seems like their is only subtle changes and I could just be over thinking this 😁
  5. Earthwormben

    Season 4 differences

    So I had my first season 4 game tonight, seems everything went fine, but feel like we could of missed some of the changes whilst reading the rulebook. Is there a list of the season 4 rule changes, as it seems they are implemented well but could be missable
  6. Earthwormben

    No Grace card?

    Want to check these again? http://steamforged.com/s/GB-S4-Collected-Order.pdf Hmmmm they seem to be in screen but not print friendly
  7. Earthwormben

    No Grace card?

    Where can I find a grace card? I noticed neither the order or the union files seem to contain one