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  1. Veteran Chisel

    I would love her to have Swift Strikes like Salvo, but I would settle for a knockdown somewhere on her playbook.
  2. Veteran Cinder

    I can’t quite get my head around a veteran apprentice !
  3. Counter Charge Discussion

    Just watch any game from the world champs - everyone forgot about Taters counter charge ! I think its main use is that it forces your opponent to think, which burns down their clock, or it forces sub-optimal positioning from them. Every once in a while people will forget it - bizarrely normally in a Masons mirror match !
  4. Squaddies?

    Because ‘players’ is the term used for the two people taking part in the game.
  5. Rat Catchers

    Her rules were discussed on the latest episode of Strictly the Worst - it sounds like they will be released on the blog this week.
  6. They sure are. If go to the main Steamforged website and look for the ‘Mob Football Association’ document on the resources page, it has rules for a load of alternative formats. Steamforged even set up separate events for them at Steamcon (including prize support), but the sign ups are normally quite low.
  7. It does, but people choose not to play them. Speed Ball, Dodge Ball, Multi Ball Mayhem to name a few. I have played a few games of Dodge Ball, and it acts as a great palate cleanser after a hard days gaming. It does seem that the community hasn’t really taken to these alternate formats and it can be hard to get a game, but they do exist and are good fun.
  8. Greetings

    Welcome on board. I don’t know about Luton itself, but I know there is a decent Guild Ball scene in Milton Keynes, which shouldn’t be too far away from you ?
  9. De Tinnen Roos Statue Dimensions

    I measured mine - it’s 8.5” with the base.
  10. Idea for Thresher Change

    And don’t forget that on Saturday none of Alex’s team was painted - to play in the final he needed a fully painted team. He mentions in the interview that only taking 8 players allowed him to get some extra sleep 😅
  11. Idea for Thresher Change

    Two highly ranked players forgot or didn’t spot counter charge on Tater. At a top table, one mistake like that can easily cost you a game. I think Farmers are very good, but I also think the answers are out there - it will just take a bit of time to get used to them and work them out. Also people are being disingenuous to Alex, he has been playing Farmers for months, he is a very good player, and he played incredibly tight all weekend (and over a gruelling schedule) - he is a very worthy winner.
  12. Hammer Character Plays

    Yes, influence stays on players after activating so Hammer can take it. In a similar way, if Honour uses Superior Strategy the player can use their leftover influence on their second activation.
  13. completely new to guild ball

    Hey there, welcome on board. I think there is a pretty decent Guild Ball community in and around Hull, which run leagues and the occasional tournament. There is a East Yorkshire Guild Ball / Guild Ball Hull Facebook group, so that could be a good place to start.
  14. Release Schedule - what we know

    Or you could argue that no one is making you buy anything.
  15. Release Schedule - what we know

    You could equally argue that the introduction of minor guilds is helping people who play mono-guild. Steamforged have said on a number of occasions that guilds have a player cap, where they will severely limit new stuff coming out for the existing guilds. By introducing the minor guilds, mono-guild players will get a whole load of new stuff, where before they may have got nothing.