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  1. Hello, Thank for the answer. So, all character Play during a wrap are resolve separately, and in case of simultaneous damage on both player (include vHarmony) vHarmony can take all damage. I don't know if it's possible to add some question in this tread to improve the answer. Case is almost the same: - vHarmony had 2 damages left and on fire - Tower is on fire and on 4" of vHarmony. - vKatalyst charge Tower and wrap, do 4(3 +Chemical Frenzy) damages/intensify + 2 damages/intensify Can I resolve intensify result first? So vHarmony take 2 from intensify + 2 from Tower intensify and die, then tower take 2 from the second intensify and 6 from de playbook damage? Thank
  2. Hi everyone, we had a weird issue in your last game : - vHarmony had 4 damage left and on fire - Tower had 12 damage left, was in 4" of vHarmony and on fire - Flask charge tower and did 3 intensify affecting vHarmony and tower (so 6 damages to vHarmony and 6 to tower) vHarmony can take all damage (12 damages: 6 from Tower, 6 from intensify) even if simultaneous damage normaly kill her ? I hope my question is clear, thank for reading.