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  1. As the title states I am looking for the three Kickstarter exclusive mega bosses for the Dark Souls board game. I didn't get into the game until recently so I missed out. Would love to pick up every expansion. I figured I would scour eBay but then I found this forum area. Worth giving it a try. The three expansions I want are: Old Iron King Mega Boss expansion Guardian Dragon Mega Boss expansion Four Kings Mega Boss expansion
  2. Advent_Child

    WTB KS exclusive Dark Souls Mega Boss's.

    I live in the USA. I would love to purchase them from you but honestly I have been watching eBay and I simply cannot afford the prices people are paying on there. I was hoping for around $70-$90 per model but they are selling on eBay for $200-$250 per model.
  3. Advent_Child

    WTB KS exclusive Dark Souls Mega Boss's.

    I'm pretty sure all of these have shipped now. So if anyone wants to sell their addons I'm interested.