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  1. Advent_Child

    WTB KS exclusive Dark Souls Mega Boss's.

    I live in the USA. I would love to purchase them from you but honestly I have been watching eBay and I simply cannot afford the prices people are paying on there. I was hoping for around $70-$90 per model but they are selling on eBay for $200-$250 per model.
  2. Advent_Child

    WTB KS exclusive Dark Souls Mega Boss's.

    I'm pretty sure all of these have shipped now. So if anyone wants to sell their addons I'm interested.
  3. As the title states I am looking for the three Kickstarter exclusive mega bosses for the Dark Souls board game. I didn't get into the game until recently so I missed out. Would love to pick up every expansion. I figured I would scour eBay but then I found this forum area. Worth giving it a try. The three expansions I want are: Old Iron King Mega Boss expansion Guardian Dragon Mega Boss expansion Four Kings Mega Boss expansion