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  1. SilverNines

    WTB: Vet Kat and Crucible

    Looking for the last two alchemists, happy to trade or there's PayPal.
  2. SilverNines

    Getting value from oKatalyst

    Hitting external combustion even on a 3+ and 1 opponent is less than 50% even with 8 dice so it's not really reliable and opponents with stats like that probably have tough hide or enough health that 4 lots of 3 damage isn't that scary. The KD is useful but still not seeing how he should be used. Are there matches on youtube that demonstrate his usefulness? I've seen some but they are all pre-errata.
  3. SilverNines

    Getting value from oKatalyst

    Vet Katalyst is straightforward to see what to do with him (getting things set up to allow it is the challenge), charge in against an enemy suffering conditions and do a reliable 12 damage and trigger the witness me on the way to a take out. Regular Kat just doesn't seem that strong, there's an easy to hit KD on there but even with 4 influence there's not much reliable damage, needing more than 4 hits to start doing anything above 2 damage per hit and even on 3 hits the 2 damage is non-momentous. So, with 4 influence there's a reasonably reliable 8 damage with some momentum generated, that doesn't seem a great return. What is it I should be doing to improve his output?