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    Let's start taking tactics

    Main drawback to me in minor guilds is that we’re way too predictable. Specially falconers. I play them quite weird as far a I can read. I don’t play for Devana, Ikaros instead. He gives you matches, pass him the ball. I don’t usually spend more than 2 INF in Devana, she can be impressive damage dealer, but you need to set her up. This is about hitting the goal post with the ball, she can tackle from a safe distance. If you’re willing to deliver damage both rundaas and mataagi can be pretty nasty and with less setup needed. I found Devana’s legendary most useful on turn 2. Most people tend to group when see a goal closing so delivering snared after second miniature from the opponent is activated leaves rundaas a pretty easy TO, that will trigger a free come on mate 😉 Frelsi is awesome, with snared on 1 hit, opponent will spend mp soon. I tend to activate: - frelsi/minerva - devana/rundaas/mataagi - ikaros other more “aggressive” would be: - devana/minerva - frelsi/rundaas - mataagi - ikaros I tend to allocate inf as follows 1 frelsi 2 devana 3 ikaros 2 mataagi 2/3 minerva 3/2 rundaas if I have more inf, both rundaas and minerva loaded always generate sweet MP, specially rundaas full loaded hits very consistent can be used as a first activation against someone snared to get and early TO.
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    An attack up to 10" away that most probably will either trigger stagger or KD (both of them generating momentum) while you get into melee helping apprentices with sentinel is also a great option as you deliver a -1 DEF to an enemy model and set it easier for your apprentices to deal with it later. or if you can reach the model with the ball is an easy target to force to release the ball with TAC 6 and the opponent cannot use defensive stance, as you only need 2 net hits for it and bypass close control, is also interesting.
  3. given that Furnace is presumibly dead and cinder swapped from winger to attacking midfielder (I'm one of those strange guys who plays fluffwise, so cinder is no more playable as vCinder exists and furnace won't be available in the near future) I hope to get a new master to replace furnace. My options are Knuckles as a kind of tough/sturdy guy able to hold the ground and push enemies where he wants them to be (quite similar to furnace in fact) or Gaffer, a coach meant to be in the same place as furnace not a shining star burning fuel but boosting allies. One of wich is described as "iron jaw" and the other is the most experienced player in draft given that experience is, mostly if not always, gained through practice, the truth is that practice, practice and practice makes you to become a master. having 5 attacking midfielders(bolt, vcinder, farrice, iron, sledge), 2 strikers(allow, ferrite), 1 winger(cast), 2 centre back(anvil, hearth) and 1 defensive midfielder(burnish), I'm intentionally excluding cinder as winger and furnace as central midfielder, I don't see the point of a goalkeeper. blacksmiths need to push opponents out of ther goal as a whole and for that we have great anvils (such as anvil, hearth and burnish) and brutal hammers (sledge, vcinder, iron) aided by those who close the gaps (bolt, cast, farris). A goalkeeper in blacksmiths would be alone and would be a desperate measure when the team as a whole had already failed. I see the point of a goalkeeper when you need to avoid contact and have little access to good counter attacks. A defensive midfielder o a central midfielder/coach would fit, imho, in blacksmiths playstyle. specially if we're hoping to reinforce the gap left by furnace and a master.
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    Selling Exiles singles US only

    pm sent
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    Greetings from Bilbao.

    Looking eagerly forward to play against you. Another newbie from Bilbao here!