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  1. Usually when a model scores, even if he has influence left to spend, his activation is over for that turn. What about if Piper uses Reverie on a teammate and the teammate scores? If Piper still has influence, is his turn over? Or can he still continue on after the ball is kicked back into play?
  2. cruehitman

    Newbie questions aka Help an idiot

    Does Reverie still require a momentum? It says a friendly model may immediately sprint and shoot without spending INF... but do you still have to spend a MP?
  3. cruehitman

    Newbie questions aka Help an idiot

    Thanks for the quick replies everyone!
  4. cruehitman

    Newbie questions aka Help an idiot

    Just thought of another, quick clarification on a character play. Ikaros has Taking Flight. So he can do his normal advance action. Then spend INF to move again via jog while now having Flying trait as well, thus allowing him two total movements that turn? I’m guessing the Flying trait only lasts to end of turn? And in theory, that means he could actually also use that character play before any normal advance and “fly” up to 5”, then turn around and use his advance action and “fly” either another 5” or 7” correct? Also looking at Devana for example, if she uses Death From Above to attack a target 6” away, and she gets the Tackle result in her playbook, does she take possession of the ball even though she’s that far away?
  5. cruehitman

    Newbie questions aka Help an idiot

    Both answers truly helps! Thank you very much
  6. Hey there! Yes it will be readily apparent that I have newbie tattooed on my forehead with these questions... but I’m really enjoying this awesome game and want to make sure we’re playing it correctly. So here we go 1) For AOE... does a model have to have its entire base within, a majority of the base within, or just any part of its base touching it for it to have/take effect? Example: Feathered Friends for Ikaros... states he gains cover and 1 TAC when he is “within” the AOE. What officially constitutes as within? 2) Air Mail character play... so let me get this straight. Devana can jog or sprint, and then “give” the ball to any teammate within 14”?! 3) This is probably the one thing I’m having the hardest time making sure I’m doing it correctly. I understand how character plays work. Range number, hit anyone within that range. S can only target itself. P can only be triggered via playbook result and will involve current target. I understand the way to pay for them, zone, OPT, etc. However, if you pay for a play with INF rather then a playbook result, you then roll dice equal to the amount of INF paid correct? Now targeting friendly models, I know i don’t have to roll if i don’t want to. I can just automatically succeed if i choose. But does EVERY other play involving an enemy target(s) require rolling dice equal to cost? For instance I believe with Stave from Brewers to use lob a barrel... he spends 2 INF and then would roll 2 dice for every model involved in AOE to see if they are pushed and knocked down correct? Where this leads to confusion though is sometimes like looking at Snap Fire for Mataagi... costs 1 INF. I know it’s a ranged attack up to 6” in LOS which can be nice even though it only does 1 damage unless modified in some way. But does that mean I truly only roll 1 die against enemies defense to see if i can hit? (Not counting bonus time possibility here of course)... just want to make sure that we’re playing these correctly. 4) Flying trait... i know i can’t finish my movement overlapping barriers and/or other model bases of course. But when it says to ignore model bases when moving, does it mean literally pretend the model isn’t there, thus allowing me to move “fly” over them? Or just the edges of their bases? 5) I see people mention they’re going to try 3-0 or even 2-2 a lot. At first I thought they were talking about their records, but the more I saw it, the more I think they’re referring to something else. Any clue? Think that’s it for now. Any help is truly appreciated! Thanks!
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    Master of Puppets vs Spirit Weaver

    Thanks everyone! I may end up getting both boxes at some point, but based on things I’ve read here and your answers, I ordered Master of Puppets. Looking forward to seeing how they do. And love the updated models!
  8. So I just got into GB recently and have purchased several teams to go along with my Kick Off set. I love the look and theme behind the Morticians and want to get one of the legendary resin collections... just not sure which one! They both look amazing... if i could only pick one, which box would be better to order?
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    Godtear Forum

    Thanks! Sent!
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    Godtear Forum

    Where is the Godtear forums? I have an EA kit, and want to be able to submit feedback as well as seeing what others say. Nake is John by the way and live in central Florida!