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    Keeping the ball safe

    If you are wanting to kill the ball with rats your best bet is probably dropping it behind Scourge but close enough to Skulk to trigger his lightning reflexes if anyone tries to dance round the big guy. None of your players can really hold the ball safely against a team set up to steal it, so the idea would be to make it as costly as possible to get it. Your opponent wants to score? Make sure it takes a full stack and all their momentum using Skulks auras and Scourge/Miasmas 2" melee, then make it so that you can farm 3vps off that model with a snack break take out, or 4vps if you have vet graves handy. You can't really stop anyone stealing the ball so the objective is to make it costly enough that its not worth it.
  2. cabbagecannon

    The Navigator's Guild

    Interesting side note - Horizon breaks the rule of every player having a damage on 1. Memory sort of already did, but as he did not have his own activation I'm not counting him