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    Newbie questions aka Help an idiot

    From the rulebook: "In order to make a Shot, a model must spend [1]MP in addition to the Influence cost for making a Kick" Reverie only discounts the influence cost, not the momentum so yes, you need to still spend momentum.
  2. Hat Trick

    Our minor, the cooks Guild...

    Mostly speculation here, but based off of pieced together information I think the names have all been revealed for the minor guild. Left to right on the launch kit is Roast, Spice, Pepper (Mascot), Wellington, Sugar and Cinnamon. Can anyone confirm?
  3. Hat Trick

    The Navigator's Guild

    I considered that, but remember, Navigator text is "written in the Season 4 Style" so the phrasing and wording is expected to be different from the current style. Note for example that the character play has CST/RNG/SUS/OPT but is missing the ZON column found on S3 cards. Eye Spy's text says "Friendly models gain [+2] TAC against target enemy model", while Windfinder's S4 one might be rephrased to say "Friendly Models gain +2 TAC while attacking target enemy model" or similar.
  4. Hat Trick

    The Navigator's Guild

    Honestly my money would be on "Eye Spy." +2 Tac, 6" range, OPT, SUS and 2/ hits all of those wickets