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  1. Excellent. Thanks for the quick reply.
  2. MrFurious99

    Question about traps

    Maybe this belongs in the rules forums, but I just want to know if I'm using traps right. If Jaecar drops a trap and then attacks getting a push on the playbook, can that push trigger the trap so long as I push the opposing player into range?
  3. What happens if a player is forced to move directly toward another player, but the opposing player who used goad or pinned has now moved behind a barrier and is out of LOS? Is the affected player allowed to move around the barrier even though it's not directly toward, or are they stuck pushing their face into the barrier?
  4. New player here. If I am affected by snare, poison, snipe and pinned ( I'm playing against hunters, go figure) and I spend 1 mp to clear effects, does it get rid of everything on me or only the poison and snare since those are conditions?
  5. MrFurious99

    New player, two questions

    Thanks so much for the clarifications
  6. Hello, I apologize if this has already been answered before (I'm sure somewhere it has). I've only got two games under my belt but I'm curious about two things. 1. My character just entered the field after a take out. They come back in at their icy sponge health. Can I spend 1mp to heal them back above that? 2. Can you spend 1mp to counter attack or defensive stance on an attack that isn't a 2mp spent charge? I see people do this often when they jog a model into combat rather than charge. Thanks, and again.. sorry if this has already been answered.
  7. I'm a new player here but if there any in-game difference between the minor and major guilds.. meaning, are they designed to play against each other or are the minors typically weaker? Anything along those lines. Do the major guilds get any in game bonuses or do the minors?