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  1. If a model uses battering ram on a friendly model with stoic (example: wrecker pushes hammer), would I then not be able to use stoic the rest of the turn if that was the first push the model suffered?
  2. Kconj


    My top three, based on position, are Layne, Nomad, and Edge. Based on popularity from least to most, would be Nomad, Edge, then Layne. My favorite of the three based on the scouting report is Layne, then Nomad, then Edge. Makes a tough choice between Layne and Nomad, I’d be willing to pick all my reports towards either.
  3. Kconj


    Yeah definitely, based on the description she’ll probably have some ball pressure abilities that I would like to see on farmers. Plus a nobility with pistols on farmers is pretty funny, would like to see how they fit her into the team. Layne is described as a striker that’s possibly better than shark, brisket, flint, or mist. That seems hyperbolic to me but would be awesome to have a mist in farmers. I’ve been looking around at other team threads, and Layne might not be as popular as I first thought. I think Layne and Kami are at the top for me atm.
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    😮 Kami has pistols... rule of cool night supercede logic for the draft lol
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    Yeah, true Alchs don’t need a striker. At the moment, my vote is for Edge. I don’t think we can compete for Layne with the more popular guilds, maybe I’m off base tho and no one wants a striker. We’ll definitely have a vote or something though once the rest have been released.
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    Well we know based on Ploughman that all of the playbooks are going to get a complete rework, so we can't really rely on those early tackles. But regardless of how early they are, I never feel like I have ball pressure even when they are there, and I think the play style of each model won't change drastically. Attacking midfielder in my mind is the alpha strike damage dealer (vdeci as an extreme example), whereas the strikers and wingers are more ball threatening models whose activations can be expended by focusing on the ball. It looks like farmers are going to focus a lot more on takeouts (2dmg on 1st column on every model), so I believe attacking midfielders should be set in their role of doing damage. A reaping winger would be interesting, wingers usually play off the side of the pitch away from the scrum, so ranged planters (Jack) would probably be necessary. I don't want another striker due to being frustrated with Bushel (I feel like she'll get some buffs as well), its that I think that a striker would add a lot more depth in strategy for the farmer play style, making a 2-2 win more feasible. Again, this is all based on wild speculation on a few sentences of Ploughmans blog, we may have a crazy good ball team come season 4 release, but it doesn't seem likely. And everyone is going to want strikers, besides fish.
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    Strikers - Bushel Wingers - Jack Straw, Grace? Attacking Midfielders - Fallow, Tater Central Midfielder - Ploughman Defensive Midfielder - Harrow, Bendiction? Centre Back - Millstone, Windle Coach - Honour Goalie - So we currently don’t have a goalie, even if millstone can act as a seudo goalie. I really don’t like goalie play styles, so I will not be pushing for one. I don’t believe any striker or attacking midfielder would be a planter. I don’t believe central or defensive midfielders would be reapers. Ideally I would like to draft another striker for some more ball presence, but I just don’t think we have the popularity to pull it off. Amber seems cool at the moment, but with tater and fallow available, I don’t see a need for an attacking midfielder, and I think that position will be popular as well. I’m leaning towards Edge right now, likely a reaping winger to complement Jack Straw. I think a reaping winger could have some mixture of ball and takeout threat. I think striker, attacking midfielder, and winger will be the most popular draft picks. What do you guys feel we’re lacking in? I personally feel like we need more ball retrieval/pressure, which is leaning towards one of the more forward positions. Would be wild if the last draft spoiler was a captain, I don’t think we would need to compete for that though. Im planning on logging at least two submissions a week, would be cool if we could get all of us on the same page Edit: this is assuming all current players maintain similar play styles in season 4
  8. Thanks, sorry for the new thread. Edit: I’m still have a hard time with this, I maybe need to have it spelled out for me... My question is specifically can the momentum generated from the first successful attack be used to use the heroic play and get the benefit from it from that attack?
  9. I apologize if this has been answered, but couldn’t find it after a brief search. If vdec makes a momentous attack and uses that momentum to use duelist’s lunge, does she immediately get the 2” dodge for a successful attack?
  10. Kconj

    GBKeeper 1.6 Released

    Love this app, use it every time I play! 5 stars from me! Still missing Pride after this update though! Excited to try out the match tracking function, thanks for all your work!