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  1. bobthebomb

    Brick's blind spot

    I think no one picked granite (0 at wtc) because she was just bad, slow and MZ1. With MZ2 being the strongest trait to have in this game, going from 2 to 1 is huge. Brick was already paying the cost of the counter charge bubble with a 2/2 def stats, and a 1/6 kick and 4/6 move. The change was mostly for internal balance and that's a miss i think. Especially if you consider how good (and simple) is wrecker now. After playing around ~20 games as mason in S4, Brick has no place in the 6 and even maybe in the 12. It's a bit sad because it's also an indirect nerf to honour. If you consider the really great interaction between Vharm and Granite it really sack the brick choice and reduce even more the appeal of honour too. Honestly even if brick was still a mz2 like S3 i still take granite + wrecker with hammer all the time. With Captain honour it would be 50/50 depending on the match up and my game plan. At least it would be a decision, right now it's not ^^ To conclude : At first i didn't mind the brick nerf as the bubble was still intact. But now i'll revert it and even give a buff or change something to the kickoff line up. It's Hammer Time !
  2. bobthebomb

    Ratcatcher's hopes for s04

    If i had to wish list for S04 vgraves : -Pack master become an Aura instead of an heroic -Give him assist [squeak; vileswarm] Bonesaw : +1 armor : swift wind become a passive to help maneuver the large base Squeak : Def : 4 , maybe it would be too strong but right now squeak feel like a momentum generator 😕
  3. bobthebomb

    Ratcatcher's hopes for s04

    At the french national there was a QA. I remember them saying that stuff released in a 6 months window before the S4 was planned for S4.
  4. bobthebomb


    Hello everyone !! I have a small suggestion concerning the Game-plan cards. They are already a big improvement over just rolling a dice, but the cards apportionment could be improved. Present situation : We both Draw seven cards and keep 5. Proposed change : Drafting the cards 1) We both draw seven cards. 2) both players draft 1 card and give the 6 left to the opponent. 3)Both draft 1 card from the 6 cards you got from the opponent and give him/her the 5 left. 4) Repeat until you have 5 cards in hand and discard the left over. While a bit slower than simply dealing cards, drafting is fast, allow tactical decisions from the get go and guarantee a better division of good cards. What do you think ? /cheers.
  5. bobthebomb

    Osl Ratcatchers

    very cool idea !
  6. bobthebomb

    RatCatcher Painting

    thx !!!!!
  7. bobthebomb

    RatCatcher Painting

    hey again ! didn't found the one about toxic waste only found :
  8. bobthebomb

    RatCatcher Painting

    Haa good idea ! I remember the one with green but it was for infinity style bases. But it shouldn't be too hard to find it ! thx for the info !
  9. bobthebomb

    RatCatcher Painting

    Hello everyone !! Just started playing Guildball and painting my team. Here a Wip of the terrain piece included in the box. I am trying to do like Giraldez but i am stuck at the green right now. i am looking for advice to make the green pop and glow like the one painted by Angel. I didn't found any tutorial on the net to paint the rats. Any idea ? painting guide that could be used ? Thx a lot !