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  1. bobthebomb

    Ratcatcher's hopes for s04

    If i had to wish list for S04 vgraves : -Pack master become an Aura instead of an heroic -Give him assist [squeak; vileswarm] Bonesaw : +1 armor : swift wind become a passive to help maneuver the large base Squeak : Def : 4 , maybe it would be too strong but right now squeak feel like a momentum generator 😕
  2. bobthebomb

    Ratcatcher's hopes for s04

    At the french national there was a QA. I remember them saying that stuff released in a 6 months window before the S4 was planned for S4.
  3. bobthebomb


    Hello everyone !! I have a small suggestion concerning the Game-plan cards. They are already a big improvement over just rolling a dice, but the cards apportionment could be improved. Present situation : We both Draw seven cards and keep 5. Proposed change : Drafting the cards 1) We both draw seven cards. 2) both players draft 1 card and give the 6 left to the opponent. 3)Both draft 1 card from the 6 cards you got from the opponent and give him/her the 5 left. 4) Repeat until you have 5 cards in hand and discard the left over. While a bit slower than simply dealing cards, drafting is fast, allow tactical decisions from the get go and guarantee a better division of good cards. What do you think ? /cheers.
  4. bobthebomb

    Osl Ratcatchers

    very cool idea !
  5. bobthebomb

    RatCatcher Painting

    thx !!!!!
  6. bobthebomb

    RatCatcher Painting

    hey again ! didn't found the one about toxic waste only found :
  7. bobthebomb

    RatCatcher Painting

    Haa good idea ! I remember the one with green but it was for infinity style bases. But it shouldn't be too hard to find it ! thx for the info !
  8. bobthebomb

    RatCatcher Painting

    Hello everyone !! Just started playing Guildball and painting my team. Here a Wip of the terrain piece included in the box. I am trying to do like Giraldez but i am stuck at the green right now. i am looking for advice to make the green pop and glow like the one painted by Angel. I didn't found any tutorial on the net to paint the rats. Any idea ? painting guide that could be used ? Thx a lot !