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  1. TomBullet

    Ideas about minor guild

    Personally I bet it's going to be a "Brick Makers" guild. Apparently brickmaker guilds were quite a thing in the Rennaisance and middle ages so I'm thinking its a very plausible fit given the setting of guild ball. As for playstyle? I expect to see maybe a buff heavy team? Lots of the minor guilds are all very gimicky so far. Eg ratcatchers and disease, falconers with harrier. Maybe brickmakers shtick could be passing along buffs or a unique type of buff from one player to another as they activate? I reckon it'd fit with the Mason's whole teamwork and strategy theme and be an interesting mechanic to play with!
  2. TomBullet

    Any tips for speeding up your play?

    Thanks a lot guys! I appreciate the advice. I reckon then I'll stick to only 1 team for now and get to know them like the back of my hand, I'll play to a clock and try embrace mistakes when they happen Maybe keep a flask of something potent on my person as well
  3. So I am sort of new to Guild ball, been a little into it for the past year or so but almost never played. With my local games shop setting up leagues now I have managed to get a good few games in and really feel like knowledge of the rules is less and less of a problem. The trouble is, I'm still an indecisive player. I find myself hesitating far too much and I worry it makes for frustrating games for my opponents. I'd really like to improve on this, so can anyone share some advice for speeding up my play? Thanks!