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  1. Lena

    Compson's Painting...

    I'm loving the hair texturing on Squeak, very well done!
  2. Lena

    Guild Ball in Brussels?

    Hasselt and Ghent have communities that I know off, but they're both about an hour away.
  3. Huh, more player movement between guilds? https://wyldstormgames.com/collections/guild-ball/products/the-faithful-new-beginnings
  4. Lena

    The one on which Sigur paints Guild Ball Figures

    Katalyst looks suitably disgusting. How did you like the quality of the plastic farmers out of curiosity? @Battle Brush Sigur: Yeah, I'm sad the Warseer Boards suffered so hard. :c I think forums still work for these things better than social media does. (I prefer forums for most conversations.)
  5. Lena

    The one on which Sigur paints Guild Ball Figures

    I love how your colours pop; used to be a big fan of your Warseer threads too.
  6. I mean I'm hoping? Like, I don't know if it's just me but if they didn't then basically only two Major teams out of 11 would be available in stores. Like, why even buy in an LGS anymore then?
  7. Yeah... my local store said that they're going to be sending back the metal guilds to steamforged soon and if you don't order now you're out of luck, considering all the minor guilds will take years to release does this mean I just won't be able to buy any of the older guilds in store? That seems not very newbie friendly.
  8. Yeah, I think putting the teams into two boxes was fine cause most people buy all players for a team but putting them all together like this instead of blisters for the new boxes is frustrating.
  9. Lena

    Engineer Stories

    PinVice iirc correctly also wants to get back into the weapon making industry and is definitely more on the nasty side than Ballista.
  10. So I've heard the claim before that Engineers can be unfun to play against cause they don't play a traditional game and that they're very frustrating and I'm a bit concerned cause I'd rather not play a team that makes my opponents dislike me. Can ayone corroborate?
  11. I wonder if making singles available for mail order would work.
  12. Can you detail a bit about Dreadball? How does it compare with Guild Ball?
  13. Lena

    All praise the plastic!

    Alright, that's a relief.
  14. Lena

    All praise the plastic!

    How do you deal with the fact that like, some stuff in your collection will be metals and some will be plastics and there'll be an inconsistency in detail then, Mako?
  15. Are farmers really that problematic then? Cause I was considering starting with them...
  16. Lena

    Fishermen binary?

    So I have some old Fishies lying around but them being the team taht's probably the most slanted towards scoring I fear a bit that their playstyle might end up being a bit too binary. Can anyone confirm / disprove this? Also how's Shark been since his nerf? Looking at his card I worry he might be a bit too much of a one-trick pony with not that much depth to his play.
  17. Lena

    Fishermen binary?

    Well I'm not necessarily expecting them to get lots of kills, I'm more thinking like, does each game end up feeling the same or is there still plenty of variety?
  18. Lena

    GB resolution for –18?

    500th attempt at deciding on a team and finally starting to play offline.
  19. Lena

    Scalpel or Obulus

    Considering quite a few people seem to think there's little reason to pick Scalpel; what changes do you think would need to be made for her to be a valid pick in at least certain situations? (I'm looking at getting Morticians maybe and hearing one of the captains is pretty much on the sideline makes me sad.)
  20. Lena

    Not About Guild Ball

    Oooh, good luck!
  21. Lena

    My Fishermen

    That's a really sweet conversion, very dynamic.
  22. Lena

    Your plans for 2018 in Guildball.

    Hopefully finally start playing Guild Ball physically aside from over Vassal. Need to pick a team; being a bit hesitant with the upcoming plastic releases as well cause I do prefer plastics a bit and am not sure if I should wait for them or just do metals for now.
  23. Hi, I was wondering where on the spectrum of killy to score-y do Morticians tend to fall?
  24. Lena

    Steamcon Keynote Discussion

    I'm a bit concerned that essentially doubling the amount of guilds in the game might end up making the game feel a bit bloated.