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  1. New Guild play styles?

    Thank you all for the thoughts. I'm just very doubty about teams, but I do know I wanna avoid playing a team that doesn't interact with the ball at all, cause well, it's Guild Ball, so I'd like to have the football aspect feature too.
  2. GIC General Theory Thread 

    I'm a bit worried that with these identities and plot cards there's going to be a bit too much extra clutter going on in the game to take in account. (Prefer the identities over plot cards though definitely.) It's one of the things that's sorta been putting me off of Malifaux with all the extra upgrade clutter to remember and take in account. (I do like the Guild Identities a lot more as a tool to adjust your team to specific opponents / situations more than the plot cards though.)
  3. New Guild play styles?

    The thing I'm just worried about is that Farmers don't interact with the ball at all; and playing Guild Ball I'd rather the ball at least play some part in the game.
  4. New Guild play styles?

    But they don't go for the full kill game by default? I'd just like to play a team that's not completely slanted to one side.
  5. New Guild play styles?

    Do Farmers play ball as well or are they solely a takedown team?
  6. So I have a rough idea of how the older guilds play, but with the Farmer's and Blacksmith's guilds being out now, what is their playstyle like now that we know their cards?
  7. I was under the impression that plastics had way way bigger production costs (cost of making the mold) associated with them than metals? Or has that changed in the last 5ish years?
  8. I wonder if putting a cap on movement penalties as a general rule would have worked; e.g. a model can't be reduced below 2/4 move or something along those lines.
  9. I don't think most people upset with the Gut And String change are upset power-level wise, but more an overall design / concept dissatisfaction. (Which I second by the way, this is a very dull and unimaginative play)
  10. Guild Ball: Balance Errata

    Probably waiting for the rules to be available online first. Iirc correctly they wait a bit with new model rules to give people a bit of an incentive to buy the physical books.
  11. new farmer models

    Meh, I think Millstone looks fine; it's nice to have some diversity in female bodytypes and she looks very badass.
  12. Farmer rules?

    I know the rules aren't online yet, but from people who've read the book, what sort of rough playstyle do Farmers have compared to other guilds?
  13. Masons / Brewers reboxing?

    Yeah but getting the Kickoff set if you're just interested in one of the teams feels a bit odd. Not to mention people said there were some issues with the plastics.
  14. Has there been any news on whether Masons and Brewers are getting a 6 man team reboxing like the other teams?
  15. The apprentice Pin Vice is torturing / modifying in the Season 2 Engineer introduction, do we know who they are? (Also slightly disappointed Pin Vice turned out the be so evil. :/ Sometimes I wish Guild ball was a bit more lighthearted and less political.)