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  1. GB resolution for –18?

    500th attempt at deciding on a team and finally starting to play offline.
  2. Scalpel or Obulus

    Considering quite a few people seem to think there's little reason to pick Scalpel; what changes do you think would need to be made for her to be a valid pick in at least certain situations? (I'm looking at getting Morticians maybe and hearing one of the captains is pretty much on the sideline makes me sad.)
  3. Not About Guild Ball

    Oooh, good luck!
  4. My Fishermen

    That's a really sweet conversion, very dynamic.
  5. Your plans for 2018 in Guildball.

    Hopefully finally start playing Guild Ball physically aside from over Vassal. Need to pick a team; being a bit hesitant with the upcoming plastic releases as well cause I do prefer plastics a bit and am not sure if I should wait for them or just do metals for now.
  6. Steamcon Keynote Discussion

    I'm a bit concerned that essentially doubling the amount of guilds in the game might end up making the game feel a bit bloated.
  7. Steamcon Keynote Discussion

    Did they mention any dates with regards to plastic models for existing guilds?
  8. Hi, I was wondering where on the spectrum of killy to score-y do Morticians tend to fall?
  9. Honest review of the Farmers box

    Out of curiosity what did they dislike about the fact that the models were metals?
  10. Honest review of the Farmers box

    I'm curious as to how the blacksmith box compares; like has there been a lot of improvement? The warping when it gets hot bothers me too, since I've never had that happen with Games Workshop plastics at least.
  11. Honest review of the Farmers box

    Not sure if it's fair to call the review whining because it's critical and values other things than other players. I do think you might be overestimating stuff a bit with regards to the wargaming community, Jedianakinsolo. I come from that background too, and while there's definitely overlap between people who care about painting and model quality, that certainly doesn't apply to all wargamers, plenty of them just want to have minis that look decent on the board. I've met and played with people on either side of the spectrum.
  12. Honest review of the Farmers box

    Well I do care about it; I just have some mental blocks surrounding it. So like, them looking alright painted is still important to me.
  13. Honest review of the Farmers box

    Hmm, I'm a bit torn; I do like detailed miniatures but I struggle with painting these days and the boxes being cheaper is definitely a plus cause I don't have that much disposible income. Would people say the minis are good tabletop / from a distance quality though?
  14. Oooh, neat. I've been going through your back log and enjoying the videos.
  15. Think it works to good effect.