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    Wow, between grading for graduation time at work and preparing for my daughter's christening, life has been quite busy. So I'm back and bring gifts. Couple of Miasma shots: The staff conversion is to remind my opponents and I of her 2" melee range. It's from the Plague Furnace Plague Priest. I also removed her creepy third hand. I have been playing Ratcatcher's for half a dozen games now and they feel pretty balanced. Bonesaw is pretty underwhelming, which is sad since I love the model. The MVP in most games... I also managed to take some pictures of my painted kick-off minis and a few brewer expansions. Speed-painted Masons: And my Brewers that I suppose could be called my main team. I won my first Guild Ball tournament with them. I call em my Pink Ribbon Team. This was last summer and I couldn't afford to pay for Mash so I made my own and I'm in love with the conversion. Trollblood Caber Thrower body and a beardy head from wfb Empire Knights. I have since bought the original model but can't be bothered to paint him ^_^ Next on the paint table are Hunters, the full faction. I kinda burned out on them and have been speed-painting Shadespire figures and some Trollbloods for a tournament as a palate cleanser. I'm hoping that I'll be finishing a starting 6 before Monday and can get a game in with my local nemesis. Coming up: Pictures of my engineers, and hopefully 6 hunters.
  2. Shadow

    The Shadow Cabinet

    @Swissmade, thank you! I've changed image provider, so hopefully more can see them.
  3. Shadow

    The Shadow Cabinet

    Hi fellow Squaddies! Wanted to start sharing some of my Guild Ball models. I always strive to play with painted models so I had to speed paint my Ratcatcher's to a good enough standard. Feel pretty good about them even though they are still WiP. Coming up: My Brewers, Kick-Off! Masons, Engineers and eventually Union & Hunters.
  4. Hi there y’all Pretty new to Guild Ball, been playing for about a year and started collecting way too many guilds. Now with some paternity leave and a sleepy newborn I’m working on getting some painting done. Hoping to share and discuss the hobby with you.