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  1. Amalgam

    V. Honour is Stronger Than You Think

    I'd say 4 markers - Furrow adds an additional marker when one is placed inside by a singular ability, regardless of how many you put in. With 2 AOE's, you'd place one in each to generate one from both, so it seems legit to me. i wouldn't say that it's a design oversight though, as having two influence (at a minimum) on Ploughman could draw from resources for the rest of the team. Perhaps useful on earlier turns? Or through generating multiple furrows on a hard-hitting attack, like a charge?
  2. Hi Guys! New to the Forum Here! The Exile-Release of the Union has been, in my opinion, one of the best set of releases since I got into the game. I've enjoyed theorycrafting how I'd play (or counter) all of the different models, in particular vDecimate and vHonour (i.e. as I play Brewers and Farmers). And through proxying each of the models, I've playing with or against them to get both a feel as to how they play, and how they could potentially fit in a competitive 10-man line-up. After I play a few games to get my initial impressions, I refer to this forum to gain a second opinion, which is usually quite enlightening to say the least.... However, I was disappointed to find that the only discussions that I found about vHonour were on how to improve her, rather than how to utilise her properly as a unit. So, I decided to get the ball-rolling myself and share my own opinions, (feel free to debunk my points if you want). vHonour Synergies - As a Farmer Player, It's important for the team to synergize well together, everyone has to be tightly-packed to take advantage of harvest markers. In fact, this point is emphasised even more due to the recent errata, which somewhat-limited how much influence you could gain from the strategy without hurting other battle-plans. Unfortunately, this is a severe problem, as many farmers, in particular, the reapers, require a lot of influence to do their jobs effectively. vHonour is an influence-battery, providing more immediate-influence than Millstone, without requiring much influence to work herself. In addition, she synergizes well with those that usually stick to the back-lines, in particular: with the Ploughman! By using her abilities to remove, and place harvest markers, she effectively doubles the value you'd usually get from him - this only intensifies as you add a third planter. In my games, using her with Ploughman meant that I always had at least three markers to share around. That's not all though! She can be used with Jackstraw to set up his movement, to move Harrow's harvest markers if he produces them through his attacks, or to set-up basically any Reaper for a power-up at the end of a turn. Bringing Back the Thresher - Although I agree that Thresher was originally too-good, I, for one thought that the nerfs from Steamforged were a tad much. But, I'd like to to think that they'd had considered vHonour in this decision as well - and it's just what was needed to bring the Old Father back into the limelight. In my opinion, Thresher wasn't viable due to a lack of influence his team's usual line-up had, at an unhealthy 11 (and that's without the Donkey). However, vHonour solves all of those problems, ensuring that plenty of harvest markers are available where they're needed, whilst not eating up many herself. I had much success with the following line-up: Thresher, Buckwheat (On a Thresher Team?! Don't click away, it's Legit), Tater, Jackstraw, Ploughman, and of course, vHonour. That's 12 Influence! I also found that comboing both legendaries would just lead to a horrible, horrible turn for the opposition: I killed Anvil and Sledge in a Singular Turn! Grange's Mauling Tractor of Doom - My favourite strategy: including Grange, Peck, Windle, Fallow, Ploughman, and vHonour. Only 11 Influence. But comboing both legendaries, will again, cause inevitable death and destruction, by maxing out the influence of nearly all of your players. Apart from that, it's all about planting to gain an advantage in the following turn, so you can max out Grange, Fallow & Windle with Influence. Anyways, I's like to thank you for reading of those of you that got this far. What are your thoughts of vHonour; Do you agree with me? Or is Millstone just better? Let the arguments begin!