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  1. Krozdin

    Errata thoughts?

    Separate idea, I'd like Harrier to have an effect on Devana's legendary. Just pile on the pain!
  2. Krozdin

    Errata thoughts?

    Interesting! I usually find myself only giving Frelsi INF if she's in position to make a major play or I know that one of my other players is going to be ganked before they can activate; for me, resources are scarce enough that I tend to run out before I get to her and I end up using her as an extension of Devana. Do you have any Frelsi success stories that stand out?
  3. Krozdin

    Errata thoughts?

    As awesome as this would be, it would make Devana crazy overpowered...up to 6 risk free attacks is something I don't see Steamforged adding to the team. Though Farstrike in addition to DFA could be interesting... --- In any case, some of the changes I'd like to see for the team would include (personal preference in bold): Mechanics Harrier: Either dropped to 1 INF or have an additional effect on casting (either snare or damage) Devana Like @Warpstoned already mentioned, I'd like to see Devana's playbook be less awful when she's not setup. It wouldn't even have to be THAT big a change, just some sort of momentous result on 2, or making the 3 DMG on 5 momentous as well. Frelsi I'd like a reason to give Frelsi INF. As it stands now, unless he's far out of position, he's faster if he jogs and Devana uses Hack Back on him than if he sprints, and attacking with him is usually not ideal. I guess he can be a surprise goal threat, but if he's separated from Devana most opponents know something is up. Rundaas I'd like Rundaas to get some sort of defensive tech, either Unpredictable Movement or Back to the Shadows. Ikaros I have pretty solid success with Ikaros, but adding a Tackle-Dodge on 4 to his playbook could be good. Highly unlikely to get it unless he charges, but it gives the Falconers some way to safely get the ball back from opposing teams. Mataagi Blech...I actually don't know what I'd do to Mataagi. He's already a near Egret-clone, and anything I can think of to add to him would only make him more so. Lower Tackle, maybe? Make his 1 DMG on 1 momentous? Minerva I wouldn't touch Minerva, I think she's pretty great as is. --- All told, I don't think that massive changes are required, just minor tweaks here and there which would allow the team to deal out the hurt while not getting so punished in return.
  4. Krozdin

    Ball retrieval issues

    I have mixed feelings on Mataagi; when he's good, he's really good, particularly against slow teams and those who can't handle conditions that well. Unfortunately, he's so fragile that a wrong placement or one lucky die roll against him can be disastrous. I actually really like Rundaas though! I've found him to be most useful if he activates mid-late turn and focuses on either placing his own harrier on top of enemies who have already activated or, better yet, dragging enemies into range of a harrier that's already been placed/into melee with other friendly players. With the Falconers' main schtick being so easy to circumvent, it's really useful having an almost guaranteed 4" of push available.
  5. Krozdin

    Ball retrieval issues

    Oof, that's rough 🤣 It definitely feels counter-intuitive and uncomfortable to NOT go for the goal, but bury those feelings! Bury them deep! EDIT: Oh! Something else that's fun to try is giving the ball to vHearne and letting HIM teleport himself and the ball halfway across the field. If you already have some momentum, he can sprint, skewer+teleport (w/ last light), kick the ball into the far corner, AND attack to recoup a bit of that momentum, moving the ball ~22-30" from where it was at the beginning of the activation.
  6. Krozdin

    Ball retrieval issues

    Fighting dedicated scoring teams can definitely be a struggle, since once they have the ball it's annoyingly difficult to get it back from them. I've had some success with sacrificing my own goals to play an elaborate game of keep-away with the opponent, only scoring if I could be certain of retrieving the ball before the opponent's return goal run (usually meaning last activation of one turn where I'm confident in being able to get first activation of the next turn). An example from a tournament this past weekend; I was against Navigators and Mataagi was in a position where he could get an easy goal, but instead I opted to launch the ball into the far corner of the field, effectively killing it for 1.5 turns while the Navigator sent somebody to retrieve it and I could uninterruptedly focus on take-outs. Something else to try is Devana's air mail; teleporting the ball halfway across the field will usually mess with a goal-scoring team's plans.
  7. Krozdin

    Advice needed to cope with vDecimate

    I definitely wouldn't recommend ignoring the ball; my experience has been that Brewers are really good at killing the ball until they're ready for a game-winning Spigot activation. @cabbagecannon's suggestions are good, though I would also add that using Burnish or oCinder to kill the ball may keep your apprentices safer than having somebody run up and grab/pass.
  8. Krozdin

    New Player - Blacksmith Questions

    Welcome! Blacksmiths are a ton of fun to play and have the potential for real greatness, but can be tricky to get the synergies down right in order to get the most out of them. To answer a few of your questions before I dash off to work: While you're definitely going to want both boxes, picking up just one is perfectly fine for learning purposes. I'd go for the first box (Ferrite, Anvil, Furnace, Iron, Sledge, Cinder) as those guys are a bit more straightforward than the later six. Unfortunately, there's no official way to get vCinder (that I know of) without buying the faithful box. Ebay is always an option though, or finding somebody in the community to trade with. Burnish and Furnace together form the basis of team fireball, one of my favorite lineups, so feel free to run them together with a dedicated ball-scoring master like Ferrite or Farris. As far as the Master/Apprentice pairings go, my experience is that there's really only a couple apprentices that REALLY need their master (Bolt needs Farris, Sledge mostly needs Anvil), the rest can be mixed and matched to some degree. That's all I have time for now, I'll try to go more in depth later on!
  9. Krozdin

    Multiple Instances or Conditions

    took me longer than I want to admit, but I found the actual rule that prevents effect stacking on page 10:
  10. Krozdin


    Maybe not the BEST use of her as captain, but she makes a decent 1st activation goal scorer if your opponent receives. Have her kick off, load her up with 4-5 influence, and send her off. With a 10" sprint, 2" melee, and momentous tackle on 2, she'll usually be able to get into a position where she can steal the ball and score unless specific steps are taken to negate her. Fair warning...she will almost certainly be murdered after doing this if you're playing against a team that's even remotely good at combat
  11. http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/11-9-2018-cutlass-free-cities-draft So Cutlass is our gal?
  12. Being a guild ball rookie has nothing to do with whether the player is a master or apprentice. See Farris, for example
  13. Krozdin

    Stratagy against fish?

    This advice is going to be like the blind leading the blind, but I imagine that vHearne, Minerva and Rundaas would be key players against fish. They really don't like being pushed around and out of snap shot range, and those three have pretty easy access to pushes or other disrupting plays.
  14. Krozdin


    I forgot Iron! I don't always use him, but I've found him to be the best repositioner on the team in addition to the strengths @Kahun mentioned. I'd probably put him in a flex spot along with Bolt, but with him making the 10 more often than not.
  15. Krozdin


    My rationale for the 10 is as follows: Hearth, Ferrite, Furnace, and Burnish for the Masters and Alloy, Cast, and oCinder for the Apprentices are too useful in too many situations to drop, locking 7 slots automatically. Anvil has his uses, but they're too situational and he's too slow to always use them effectively, so he's out. I personally think Sledge is great even without Anvil, but both his damage dealing and ballkeeping roles can be duplicated pretty well by other players, so he's a bit redundant in a 10. This leaves Farris and Bolt. I love Farris for all the reasons you mentioned and I've gotten great use out of her in a large number of games to the extent where she's in my 6 at least 50% of the time. Bolt, however, only shines if he starts within 6" of Farris...otherwise he becomes much, much less useful. This really shackles Farris, whose speed and threat radius is one of her best points. Also, in my experience he's remarkably easy to shut down if your opponent has encountered him before.