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  1. Shojo

    Season Four Blog

    I was curious what everyone thought of the season four blog for the brewers. I'm personally excited, I think the changes make esters an interesting captain choice, but I really don't have any idea how good she'll be until we see the rest of the guilds heroic plays and changes. I like the changes, but i'm anxious to see what happens to this glorious guild. link to blog here: http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/season-4-esters
  2. Shojo

    Saving Amber

    Cheers mate lets beat em up
  3. Shojo

    Free Cities Draft

    I really like lane as a second option. I’m a sucker for a striker with talent.
  4. Shojo

    Rat changes.

    After seeing the changes, I am very excited for rats in season four. I'm hoping the push towards a more goal focused team gives them some new options for scoring from bonesaw.
  5. Shojo

    Free Cities Draft

    I feel like another model that can deal some damage and score goals would be great. The brewers have always struggled in that area for me and I feel like amber could fill that niche quite well. Plus she’s amber so we have to save her.
  6. Shojo

    Free Cities Draft

    I agree. I feel a goalkeeper is a waste
  7. Shojo

    Free Cities Draft

    I feel like that’s a very good question. For me personally I say yes. I’d love to be able to add some more flexibility to my line ups in terms of being able to play football well. I feel like brewers as a whole lack the necessary skills to play a game not focused on take outs.
  8. Shojo

    Free Cities Draft

    Bless you sir I couldn’t get it to work on my phone
  9. Shojo

    Free Cities Draft

    Alright ya gangly lot of drunks. Ya know what we gotta do let’s bring the lass home. Be sure to report as many games as possible starting the 24th! Amber
  10. Shojo

    WTB vet chisel

    I’m looking for a vet chisel I live in the United States. Please respond with offers
  11. This Friday is amazing and i love it.
  12. Shojo

    Stave - Great Player or GREATEST Player?

    Soooooooo stave nerf?
  13. Shojo

    The Dirty knives Cannon

    This is a completely unorthodox tactic and the brewers have plenty of better ways to deal damage. I just thought it was funny and wanted to share.
  14. Shojo

    The Dirty knives Cannon

    So I came up with this crazy idea of giving Friday bag of quaffers, tooled up, and a couple crowd outs so she can hit four damage with two dirty knives. She would need at least two crowd outs to have a chance. Anyone have any thoughts?
  15. Shojo

    Dirty knives

    That’s what I thought. Just wanted to check before I attempted utter ridiculousness.