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  1. If you’re playing like that, I guess it depends on whether Furnace is dead before the draft or after, as the elements of the team are quite different in each case.
  2. Starlight

    My Union Conundrum

    I’d be surprised if Gutter was nerfed. Setting her up to have very powerful turns without adversely affecting your own team isn’t easy to achieve.
  3. Starlight

    S4 Anvil and Sledge

    Even if they get no changes at all, Butchers are getting Cooks Guild friends. There will be plenty of death for everyone.
  4. Starlight

    Vet Cinder "immediately"

    Additionally, in the event that Cinder has taken out a player with the ball, does Cinder’s action occur before is scattered?
  5. Starlight

    S4 Snakeskin Revealed

    There are 5 other players on your team.
  6. A Master who uses crucibles full of motel metal as slings would be cool. Give him/her Blind, and a new 2CP character play, range 6". Target model suffers the Burning condition and gains +2 armour.
  7. Starlight

    vet. Cinder

    Having played her in 3/4 games at the Australian Nationals and 3/3 games at the Nationals Speedball on the weekend, I think she still has great effectiveness when tied up. My experience was that if she didn't annihilate her target on the charge, she left them so close to dead as to guarantee she could take them out early in the next turn, which meant either a free attack, or a dodge to free herself from engagement, before charging back in. If your opponent has healed Cinder's target, Cast or Alloy come in and soften up the opponent before Cinder activates. She is a wonderful ploy to suck your opponent in to bunch up their models too. In one game, Cinder charged Sakana. She didn't quite kill him, but it drew in Tentacles and Greyscales to give Gang Up bonuses to Corsair who took her out. 2 activations later, a Tooled Up (Captain) Burnish (Legendary Play) had taken out Sakana, Tentacles, and put 12 and 9 damage on Greyscales and Corsair respectively. Greyscales then died to condition damage.
  8. Starlight

    Confused by roster changes

    He'll have to get a new card in S4, even if the only change is to add the Order symbol to it.
  9. Starlight

    S4 Snakeskin Revealed

    If your opponent kicks off with Siren or Corsair, Snakeskin is the girl to retrieve it with (or at least pass it to to hang onto it for a bit).
  10. Starlight

    My expereince with Farmers so far.

    Is your blog gone for good? Hopefully not, I've always enjoyed reading it!
  11. Starlight

    What kind of player would you like to see?

    Someone who can plant a harvest marker instead of running the length would be cool.
  12. Well if you stand an inch or so back on the other side he can’t charge you.
  13. Starlight

    Tactics for the Blacksmith Guild

    I suspect the lack of a direct bonus for Burnish and Cast is that Burnish (and Furnace/Cinder) gives +1 Damage to cast when he sets someone on fire and then she attacks them.
  14. Starlight

    Action within an action

    But the parting blows are separate to the character play triggered by the attack, no?
  15. Starlight

    Action within an action

    LDaB already said the parting blows are separate actions.
  16. Starlight

    Been away for too long, what have I missed?

    It struck me as though Harry could have been free of the hat and was being forced to carry on with a replica hat.
  17. Starlight

    Harrier clarification

    They do not stack.
  18. Starlight

    Looking to get into Union, but questions

    Yes, the Order is the Minor Guild. Grace and Benediction are Order players who can play for the Union. Harry and Mist are Union players who can play for the Order. sBrisket, Pride, vFangtooth and sSpigot are Order exclusive players.
  19. Starlight

    Kicking in to Smoke

    Well last Saturday I played a vRage mirror match. I took Rage, Strongbox, Benediction, Decimate, Gutter and Minx against Rage, Coin, Benediction, Gutter, Minx and Mist. I lost 12-2, but I really worked on getting Gutter set up, and I achieved a number of scything blows against more than 1 target, including one which hit enemy Rage, Coin, Minx and Gutter. So that was good.
  20. Sorry, I misinterpreted your question. No it wouldn't have any effect.
  21. When a character play has two effects but doesn't specify an order, the active player chooses which order to resolve them. In this case, the active player could choose to complete the jog before gaining Flying.
  22. Starlight

    New Player, need help

  23. Starlight

    Microspeed Chase

    I think that that number is zero.
  24. Starlight

    Kicking in to Smoke

    Thanks for that Gauntlet. Very informative!