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  1. Hey Everyone, I don't know if this the right place to post this, and it's probably a long shot. But I attended the NMM painting class at Steamcon 2018 and during the class the dude sitting next to me loaned me his Windsor and Newton Series 7 number 2 brush. I don't recall his name, but he was painting Furnace and had longer dark hair. Sitting down to paint for the first time since the con I realized that I accidentally gave him the wrong brush after the class and still have his series 7. I know they're not cheap and would like to make it right. If you attended the Saturday morning NMM class and know the guy I'm thinking about, I'd like to amazon him a replacement brush. Thanks everyone!
  2. Good morning! Happy Monday, I had the absolute pleasure of being at Steamcon US this weekend and it was a hell of a time, I want to first thank all of the staff at Steamforged, and the Pundits who helped put the con together for an amazing weekend. I especially wanted to thank Sherwin who spent a lot of time chatting the game with me, It was an absolute blast to talk resident evil with another giant fan of the series. Your passion for the material really came through and it showed in the way the board game plays, I can NOT wait to get my kick-starter copy! Anyway, I played a whole lot of Resident Evil this weekend, and in doing so I took a whole bunch of pictures that I thought the fans of the game might like to see here! Please Enjoy the following photo dump of the pictures I took at Steamcon US of REsident Evil 2: The Board Game! Resident Evil 2 : The Board Game Steamcon US 2018
  3. I apologize if this isn't the correct space for it. But my local Guild Ball shop seems like it's scaling back Guild Ball coverage, and I was really hoping to pre-order the Falconer's and also receive the alter sculpt mini. If I pre-order through the webstore, will I still be able to also pre-order the alt sculpt mini?
  4. ItsBurgertime

    RatCatcher Painting

    I think this is the specific video he does the effect in. glowing radiation effect
  5. ItsBurgertime

    RatCatcher Painting

    Hi there! I don't know how close you'd like it to look like the above picture, but Kenny Boucher from Next Level Painting on YouTube(I'd link it but can't from work) does a really fantastic tutorial on doing Toxic waste that I was planning on using for my Ratcatcher terrain. He uses three colors primarily to achieve the affect. P3 Paints Iosin Green and Necrotite green as well as GW's paint Flash Gitz Yellow.
  6. ItsBurgertime

    SF Email: Announcing the End of Metals

    I did, but I wasn't referring to Resin minis, I was referring to the metal hunters.
  7. ItsBurgertime

    Kickers or Receivers

    With my Rat catchers I've been a bigger fan of receiving the ball. I usually find that when I kick I usually end up having a hard time getting the ball back consistently and then playing 3-and-1 game or a 2-and-2. I'm a pretty big fan of kicking with Miasma, and then dropping a double Rataclysm on the entire enemy line before backing her up to cover.
  8. ItsBurgertime

    SF Email: Announcing the End of Metals

    Not really, like @Mako said, Resin's not as brittle as some people would have you believe, I'm mostly concerned about while painting. was recently painting some hunters for a friend and knocked one over on my table, not only did V.Hernes arm fall off, but a bunch of the paint on the staff also chipped off.
  9. ItsBurgertime

    So what's your favourite thing about Guild Ball?

    I came from a pretty long history of competitive Warhammer 40k and before that I played Magic for longer then not at this point in my life. Before Guild Ball getting my wife into gaming was an exercise in futility. 40k was too sci-fi and grim dark, magic was way too complicated and I was told I wasn't fun to play against. She agreed to try a new game in the new year. I chose Guild Ball because it was probably the only game that met her list of requirements for a game she was willing to try. She really took to the game, the mini's are dynamic and interesting, she really likes the the fact that everyone has their own little card she can reference when she wants. and she likes how fast the game feels. Which is amazing for someone who's never played a tabletop game before. My experiences with the game compound upon that. It's a game that is quick to learn and has rules that 'make sense' in the context of the game. I haven't had a game yet where I'd had a bad time playing and after each one I always want a rematch. From a competitive standpoint I feel like very few games I've played have been complete blow outs, Even against a pre-nerf farmers team, I was able to play effectively around what I knew was coming. I still lost but unlike in Warhammer or Magic where games can just be unfun in a competitive environment I still had a good time. Lastly, I love how every game is different, I never know what to truly expect on the pitch. The game has room for style, playing against each person even if its the third Blacksmiths player I'm sitting across from has been a different experience. I'm all in on guild ball now, and have been slowing converting my old 40k friends over to the game, I'm excited for the future and can't wait to see what Steamfroged has in store for us.
  10. ItsBurgertime

    SF Email: Announcing the End of Metals

    I see the morticians up on the US store now at $80 USD, Knowing what other companies charge for their resin lines of minis I was honestly a little worried they would be more. Gonna get my pre order game on when pay day hits. I'm glad I was holding off on buying the metal teams, I know some folks think it's blasphemy but I prefer plastic/ resin over metal. Mostly because I'm clumsy
  11. ItsBurgertime

    Mold lines - the silent (hobby) killer

    @Biff'd Hey, thanks for that tip about the toothbrush. Those little pills have been killing me!
  12. ItsBurgertime

    SF Email: Announcing the End of Metals

    Probably, but I'd be surprised if your LGS was made to pay full price for the minis. I'm wondering what the price point on these new teams is going to be.
  13. Coming from a Warhammer 40k background I'm no stranger to mold lines. But I'm finding that the plastic on guild ball minis is a bit softer then what GW uses, and my tried and true tactics are less effective. Not to say that the minis are all assembled and posed in fun dynamic poses. Do any of my fellow hobbyist have any tips for dealing with the mold lines that are in inconvenient places without dealing much damage to the details in the mini?
  14. ItsBurgertime

    Who to kick with?

    I liked kicking with Miasma,The kick off jog, coupled with her activating jog into cover and then double Rataclysm onto three team members of the enemy team was a very fun way to start a game. She even survived the first turn thanks to being in cover.
  15. ItsBurgertime

    New Team Mats

    For Fishermen I envision a scene not unlike the volley ball scene of Top Gun. Also I wouldn't mind seeing the Brewers V Masons board as a play mat, I like the style of that one, Just hate that it's cardboard.