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  1. Hi from Macclesfield, UK

    Do many people use the guild ball app to find players?
  2. Bonesaw and Vet Graves models

    When I first saw guild ball, fish were the team I liked the look of, but no one in my area played so I didn't end up buying in. Now I have moved up north to near Manchester and saw that they were releasing rat catchers I just couldn' stop myself.
  3. Bonesaw and Vet Graves models

    Yeah. I can see a few on offer and they all are from abroad. The alts would be nice as I think I have heard that Bonesaw has the Rat Catchers symbol on his shoulder. Well I'll wait a few days and see what comes up
  4. Bonesaw and Vet Graves models

    I was hoping to go with one guild for as long as I could and not get carried away like I normally do. I don't what to be 6 guilds in and hardly have time to play any like I seem to do with other game systems
  5. Bonesaw and Vet Graves models

    Oh no. Unless I get lucky then, looks like I'm buying a mort team then
  6. Just getting in to the game, and I'm finding that the single models of Bonesaw and Vet Graves seem to be out stock everywhere. Do we think that they are stopping the single models or are we just waiting for new models to be released? I'd hate to have to buy a full team of morts just to get 2 players out it.
  7. Hi from Macclesfield, UK

    Brill. Didn't know if the element games night had stopped or the group admin was on holiday or something. And as it' on way home from work that would be a great option. Might have to pop in one night this week to pick up the core set so I have a good starting point.
  8. Hi, I just moved back into the area after being down south for almost 10 years for work, and am looking to get in to guild ball. I saw the Rat Catchers and loved them so much that I had to find out more about the game. Seen loads of battle reports on YouTube and read about it too but yet to buy in and play a game. Was hoping to get a demo or something first so I can get a good idea which play style suits me before I buy my first team. Not seen any groups that play in my area other than the one at element games but have been trying to join their Facebook group for 2 weeks and request is still pending so think they must have stopped doing it or something. Anyway any advice for a new player would be great. Cheers