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  1. VCGaming

    Hey everyone!

  2. VCGaming

    Hey everyone!

    Yeah, I'm part of a few FB groups and I've make a few inquiries but Godtear is too hot at the moment and everyone wants it! I can't really blame them though. I can be patient.
  3. VCGaming

    Hey everyone!

    I’d love to find an EA kit if anyone has one availabile? I’d love to make content leading up to the retail release.
  4. VCGaming

    Hey everyone!

    Hey, everyone! I’m Doug. I’m a content creator for my show Victory Condition Gaming. VCG has youtube, twitch and a weekly podcast and radio show. I love minis, board games and RPGs. Im basically a grown up 80s kid. The reason I’m here - I’m going full steam into Godtear. I love everything that I’ve seen of it. I can’t wait to play it with my daughter and I can’t wait to feature it on the show. Just really excited for it. I told myself I didn’t need another minis game, but it made me change that stance. Thanks for letting me be a part of your community. -Doug