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  1. AspiringPacifist

    Tournament? Oh... I'm not ready for that!

    Great write up, Malritch. I always know these things in the back of my head, but it’s getting them to the front to push me forward into action that can be the hard part. Stuff like this helps push folks in the right direction. On another note, your comments are also a reminder to those of us (myself included) who can get in a funky mentality of competitiveness that is unhealthy. Even though I know somewhere in my brain that it’s much better to take it easy and have a good time with it, I sometimes take myself too seriously. I never end up having fun when I get like that. So, thank you for the great reminder, sir!
  2. AspiringPacifist

    Full BS team NIB $70+shipping US, or both farmers boxes

    I'm interested! I'll message you.
  3. AspiringPacifist

    Defending against Striker Pincer attacks

    What about a “footbally” team that doesn’t have to clump together so much, but can still kill stuff? Something like Grange, Buckwheat, Jackstraw, Tater, Harrow, Bushel? If you’re vs a Shark team, you aren’t really dealing with knockdowns all that much, so Peck/Millstone aren’t as needed. Plus you still have Grange’s legendary to mitigate knockdowns for a turn if needed. I actually tried this team vs my wife’s Fish and it did pretty well. You can still kill squishies (which is what a Shark team is) pretty fast with tooled up, Grange and Tater, and Buckwheat is very disruptive/fast and can score, plus you have the scoring threats that Jackstraw and Bushel bring. Bushel is also another good ball holder, especially in cover and within 4” of Harrow. Maybe it wouldn’t work vs more skilled opponents…idk. My wife and I aren’t very experienced with the game yet.
  4. AspiringPacifist

    Mascot Time! Frelsi

    Anyone else finding it odd that the Falconers mascot is an eagle???
  5. AspiringPacifist

    V. Honour is Stronger Than You Think

    Any other play tests with vHonour to report?
  6. AspiringPacifist

    Butchers minor guild speculation thread

    While I like the idea of a well-groomed mascot for the Barbers, another dog mascot would kinda not be great.
  7. AspiringPacifist

    Butchers minor guild speculation thread

    A barbers guild would be awesome. Haha...can't imagine any 2" melee zone barbers though, unless one of them is wielding a barber's chair, or a barber pole? Haha, would be sweet! Also not sure what kind of mascot they'd have.
  8. AspiringPacifist

    Locus: Where and When?

    I really hope he gets some love for season 4. He’s a great looking model, and I’d love to get him on the pitch more. I feel like he either needs a few more health boxes or tough hide to make him more viable. Also, a momentous damage option on 3 would rule.
  9. AspiringPacifist

    Mataagi, first cross guild player spoiled

    Didn't have the chance to watch the whole video yet. How did vHonour fare?
  10. AspiringPacifist

    SF Email: Announcing the End of Metals

    Man...I don’t really like that. 😁 I’d rather NOT assemble them.
  11. AspiringPacifist

    SF Email: Announcing the End of Metals

    Will the resin models be preassembled, does any know?
  12. AspiringPacifist

    Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    Dude, never thought about that combo. Pin Vice heroic with the tooled up and overclock on Harriet, with a possible Deletion on Harriet too... Man, that momentous 2 dmg on 2 is SO money. That's a pretty dang reliable 16 dmg on your charge target, with the charge, plus three more attacks.
  13. AspiringPacifist

    Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    Cool. What other squaddies did you run with her? Any synergies you cam across you hadn't previously thought of when just theory crafting?
  14. AspiringPacifist

    How does the farmers errata affect union?

    Who did the Farmers coach field, if you don't mind me asking?
  15. AspiringPacifist

    Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    Yeah, I like having Colossus a lot, but he's nowhere near the goal threat of oVel, imo. The way I've used him, he's more of a distruptive setup piece that happens to have a reliable goal if he's in position for it. I also love his large base and 2" melee zone and stoic. But yeah, if you don't have oVel, you're severely limiting your goal scoring potential. Does anyone else have concerns about an all 1" melee zone team?