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  1. AspiringPacifist

    Into Brewers

    Hey all, so wondering what captain you prefer into Brewers and why. To me, it seems like you'd take Thresher if you want more of a football game, and you'd take Grange if you want to set up a good scrum game. Who are you taking, and why?
  2. AspiringPacifist

    Season 4 results

    I’ve only gotten three S4 games in. 3-0 as of now. Went against Corsair Fish, Ratcatchers, and Skatha Hunters. Played Grange in the Fish game and Thresher in the other two. Farmers definitely operate more smoothly this season, which is fun. They don’t need as many harvest markers as before, run a great anti-condition game, gained an advantage in tempo compared to their S3 version, and have a lot of versatility between playing for take outs, playing for goals, playing offensively or defensively. I kind of wish Thresher had a better way to use a harvest marker besides Crow Scarer, and Grange got more boring, although he’s effective at what he wants to do. From my experience so far, I feel like the guild is in a great spot. Time will tell as I get into playing against other players/guilds.
  3. AspiringPacifist

    Wanting to buy: Vet Honour

    Sweet! Reply sent.
  4. AspiringPacifist

    Wanting to buy: Vet Honour

    Hey all, looking for a Veteran Honour model to purchase. Shoot me a PM if you have one you'd like to get rid of. I'm in the US. Thanks.
  5. AspiringPacifist

    Crazy 4 Reaper team idea for Season 4

    Yeah, I'm starting to like her quite a bit.
  6. AspiringPacifist

    Crazy 4 Reaper team idea for Season 4

    Had a game on Saturday where I went with Thresher, Peck, Windle, Bushel, Jackstraw and Ploughman. So, peck instead of Buckwheat, but still a heavier reaper team than I would’ve chosen in S3. I took Peck cause I was playing into Ratcatchers. The four harvest markers Jackstraw and Ploughman can put out each turn for only 1 influence is awesome. And man, can Windle pump out some damage now! He one rounded Scourge in turn 2. He had a crowd out from Thresher, and I had Singled Out on Scourge from the game plan deck card, so I was rolling 9 dice each attack. I wrapped to the 1st or 2nd column on all but one of his attacks. So good! I’m also really enjoying the new Bushel. The new Cabbage Punt is awesome. She scored the winning goal with only 1 influence from 17” out. Picked up a Harvest Marker to use I’m open for free. Jogged 6”, used I’m Open to have Thresher pass her the ball, dodged 4” and was within 7” of the goal. Hit the goal for the win.
  7. AspiringPacifist

    New Farm Hand

    Well, I won the roll off and received. My team was Grange, Buckwheat, Windle, Bushel, vHonour, Jackstraw. They had Corsair, Tentacles, vSiren, Greyscales, vSakana, Horizon. The early plan was to get the ball to Bushel and used vHonour’s legendary on Bushel for a turn 1 goal. I got the turn 1 goal with Bushel but didn’t need the legendary, so never used it. They kicked the ball back in toward vSakana and Corsair and I moved in with Windle and Grange for some scrum fun. In the meantime they failed a goal shot with Corsair. After the failed goal shot I was able to get the ball with vHonour and pass it to Jackstraw who was hiding in cover. The cover ended up not mattering, since vSakana was in melee with Grange and within 4” of Jackstraw, so vSakana fancy footworked the ball right off of him, and dodged out of melee with Grange to pass to vSiren. I finished off vSakana for a take out, vSiren scored, and got a goal right after the throw in with Buckwheat, then took out vSiren the activation after that. So, I won with a 2-2. My opponent and I are both newer players, and I’m sure we’re both not operating our teams anywhere close to maximum efficiency. Hah!
  8. AspiringPacifist

    Engineers for Sale

    Hi There, I have both Engineers boxes, fully assembled, primed white, with magnetized bases. The two ball markers are not primed. Asking $90, plus shipping. PM me if interested. I'm in the southeast Wisconsin area. If you want some photos, I can FB message them to you, or text, or whatever. Thanks!
  9. AspiringPacifist

    S4 Farmer Preview

    I understand what you're saying. Although the average unbuffed damage of each Farmer has increased, and in that respect (I believe) is better than one team member getting tooled up, you are still missing out on previous tac buffs we had, not to mention the additional damage Honest Labour gave you. Also, I think it's odd how you now have to pay for 3" melee range on Thresher with one of his 5 influence instead of retaining all 5 influence and consuming a harvest marker for the 3". So yes, we lost tac buffs. Yes, we lost an additional damage buff in Honest Labour. Yet, I'm still optimistic for S4 Farmers. I think that because we have native 2 damage on the 1st column of our playbooks and we don't have to spend an activation applying Tooled Up, we have an advantage in tempo vs a lot of teams. We do have setup activations available to us, but there's no longer the additional activation needed for Tooled Up. Fallow has 2 Mom dmg on 1, and 3 Mom dmg on 3. Windle has 2 Mom dmg on 1, 3 Mom dmg on 2, and 4 Mom dmg on 4. That's good damage on pretty dang obtainable results, even without tac buffs or crowd outs. Tater has the 2 dmg on 1 plus sweeping charge. That's good. We still have great control of a scrum, as well. Yes, Grange lost a great ability in Honest Labour, but I have a feeling Help 'Em Out can be pretty OP in an all out scrum. You have the ability reduce the odds of multiple opponents to be able to hit you effectively with Help 'Em Out. While Honest Labour could be pretty easily countered by pushing Grange or knocking him down, it's a lot harder to push or knock down 2 or 3 people that have Help 'Em Out on them. In addition, we still have Get Stuck In, Between a Rock and Protective Instinct on Fallow. We have 2 sources of Cocksure now, Rapid Growth on Harrow, Battering Ram and Take One for the Team on Millstone, New Ploughman with his momentous pushes and rough terrain aura, Counter charge, lots of knock downs, Empathy and Snackbreak on Windle. I mean, that's a lot of scrum control. Plus, we also received movement buffs on multiple models, even more condition control, and footballing buffs! I'm not going to argue that we are one of the strongest teams in S4, because I don't know that. What I will say, however, is that I think Farmers are stronger as an overall guild than they were in the last half of S3. No, they aren't the same team as in S3, and I think that's a good thing. I have a feeling there is some undetected power in S4 Farmers that will come to light as the season progresses and people begin to understand how they ought to be played.
  10. AspiringPacifist

    New Farm Hand

    Welcome to the Farmer's Guild! I personally am very excited for the new S4 Farmers. I've only gotten one game in with them so far (It was a 12-4 win vs Fish). I love the look, goofy names of characters and abilities, and play style of the Farmers, and I think they're probably a middle of pack guild, in terms of competitive S4 scene. I would recommend picking up the other Farmers team as well, since the team you purchased only has 2 planters, and has a VERY low influence pool. Plus then you'll have the full gambit of characters (minus vHonour) to select from. Once again, welcome. And happy planting and reaping!
  11. AspiringPacifist

    S4 Farmer Preview

    I can agree that her 24” threat is very nice, but just knowing you can turn it up to 30”, with the assistance of one other squaddie, is pretty sweet to me. It’s just surprising to me that SFG have increased the Farmer’s mobility so much. I can see a 2-2 strategy possibly being viable with the right roster, which is something I never thought the Farmers would have. I thought they would be in the 0-6 and 1-4 boat for S4, but now I’m thinking they may have a range of models to play 0-6, 1-4, or 2-2.
  12. AspiringPacifist

    S4 Farmer Preview

    To me, 30” threat, or even 26” threat if only taking 1 of the dodges, is way more significant than 18” threat. Bushel can basically come from the corner of the edge of a deployment zone and score. That’s pretty bonkers to me. J
  13. AspiringPacifist

    S4 Farmer Preview

    I can see Honour using her Legendary to setup a sweet goal run for Bushel, or Buckwheat, or whoever, frankly. That extra advance can get a goal on the board pretty quick! If Bushel starts with the ball and Honour uses her Legendary on her, Bushel has a 30” threat range with “I’m Open” and a couple of dodges. That’s nuts, and honestly doesn’t require all that much set up.
  14. AspiringPacifist

    S4 Farmer Preview

    I honestly feel like I’m going to love not having a tooled up model on the team. You almost always felt like you HAD to bring Harrow because of tooled up, but now it’s so much more about what type of utility you need for the given team you’re playing against. Additionally, not having to apply tooled up can often net you a tempo advantage. I also find it pretty amazing how we now have Harrow, vHonour, Millstone and Ploughman who all provide different styles of movement buffs (buffs and debuffs in Ploughman’s case). Plus they all come with their own brand of additional support. It seems to me that Farmers may end up being a very flexible team in S4.
  15. AspiringPacifist

    S4 Farmer Preview

    I haven't done any play testing yet, but I'm kind of excited about the changes. I feel that, yes, the two captains we slightly nerfed (maybe. their playbooks seem kinda buffed to me), but the squadies and mascots were buffed, overall. There's a lot more mobility on the team now, and you're way less dependent on staying within a certain distance from your teammates. I also feel we have more goal scoring tech and ball protection tech now, with Bushel getting close control and Jackstraw being able do to more with crop dusting costing 1 less influence. Not to mention Harrow getting Marked Target, vHonour's Legendary and Buckwheat being able to have 3 influence now. All of these help contribute to a surprisingly effective footballing strategy (I think). Yes, we don't have a damage increasing ability. Yes, we don't have a TAC increasing ability. However, we have very solid, reliable damage across the board on our players, and we don't have to sacrifice tempo now to have it. I am very excited to get some Farmers on the pitch!