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  1. Looking for all 12 full art blacksmith cards! UK based
  2. Looking for the following models in blisters preferably: LE Avarisse and Greede LE Kraken LE Boiler LE Flint Kickstarter Midas Kickstarter Blackheart Kickstarter Honour Kickstarter Obulus Kickstarter Tapper any limited edition balls Not sure of the likelihood of any of this being available.... I'm uk based and can paypal etc etc Thanks
  3. C0deb1ue

    Any ideas about the minor guild

    the tinkers feel much more like an Engineers minor guild... But who knows... I was wondering if maybe the miners as a more lateral idea? who supply the materials for the blacksmiths to work... or a variant of the blacksmiths... the Sword-makers? Farriers? (which i'm sure has been a suggestion somewhere).
  4. C0deb1ue

    vGutter card shown

    not sure!
  5. C0deb1ue

    vGutter card shown

    I definitely agree that this doesn't seem to fit the design ethos used for vGutter. She's functional not fun. Momentous damage on a 2" stick is "simple" but not "fun to play with" in the sense they are implying or the inventiveness they have shown on the other exiles. She is butcher flavourful, but so much so that she doesn't even stand out from the rest of them in an interesting way. The overall impression is just that she's overwhelmingly bland. but damn do I like the miniature.. which almost makes it worse
  6. C0deb1ue

    vGutter card shown

    so seems consistent with one takedown a game on average (so one extra momentum from fan favourite). That is some unlucky dice for Goals.. How was the extra jog?
  7. C0deb1ue

    vGutter card shown

    Oh cool. What did she do in your games? would be interested to know if she gained many extra MPs in practice? maybe scored a goal or chased people down? or is she a good person to leave the ball on due to counter-attack stuff?
  8. C0deb1ue

    vGutter card shown

    Fair enough but the MP trait is just not something you are going to particularly work around as it isn't enough of a bonus and I can't see multiple takedowns ever being a thing - seems very situational Perhaps they should have made the kick stat 8" or grapple hook less curtailed generally (understandably a 6" repo is nuts). At the moment though regardless of what fun things you could do with grapple hook, it's only a useful disengage/ball stripper if your opponent has nothing useful on it's playbook (or is 1" reach i guess) for parting blows and also relies on your opponents model placement a tonne as it's directly toward. Would have maybe helped the non-take-down game a little if they had given her a little more oomph or less restriction. Also the extended threat seriously reduces the chance that she can kill her distant target anyway as theres only 2 influence left. She feels like she was over-neutered? or just incredibly safe.. I guess we can see if they have done that with any other exiles...
  9. C0deb1ue

    V3: Vengeance 2018

    Where is the waiting list? Thanks
  10. C0deb1ue

    vGutter card shown

    I'm new to this game, but just reading the steamforged blog post for vgutter was completely different to the other posts for decimate/minx. All I got from it was that the new model is pretty and that Gutter was basically the same as before. Which is really quite different to the design ethos they used for the other exiles... vGutter designed under the "archetypal" butcher hat but the other veterans look to have been used as breathing space and team playstyle expansion as well as having stat boosts. Not a terrible model but also doesn't bring any excitement at all which is the biggest failing. Feels like a missed opportunity and a mechanic with VPs for takeouts would have been cooler than MPs. The model just doesn't seem to stand out within its own team, let alone versus other veterans.