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  1. I have another situation regarding node limit. There are 3 nodes A, B and C. On A, there are 3 player models, on B, there are 3 Hollow soldiers, on C, there are 2 Hollow soldiers. Enemy activates and one Hollow soldier moves from node C to node A to attack. He pushes one player model to node B. But it now exceeds model limit, so one Hollow soldier model is pushed out of there. It is pushed to node A. But it now exceeds node model limit and one model must be pushed out. So the first Hollow soldier, that started all of this and is supposed to attack is pushed out to node C. Now all node limits are solved and Hollow soldier should attack, but he can't because there is nothing to attack on node C. Rules state, that you can't push out model that just moved to the node, but does it mean it's model, that moves in during it's activation, or model, that was just moved from one node to another?